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Gaza holocaust - War 2006

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posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 04:12 AM
Before Gaza holocaust:

When arch-angel (Devil (Evil, Demon) messenger) asked messiah:
Q: Dose there a judgment day?
A: sure
Q: Dose there a hill?
A: All of this and there is no hill!!?
Q: but the demon says: will complete his plan, maybe he will win?

For this reason they planed to build their (swine's temple cult) and started burning Palestinians in Gaza to execute them very fast.

Mars was in the plan for after!!

Hamas will recognize by Israel without any conditions or negotiation, they now had foreknowledge about the next plan.

War 2006

Treacherous commanders in Israeli are who granted the important moves to make the Israeli's tanks in very clear places and easy targets.
The tanks were commanded by Judases and who inside the tanks was Judaist.

Children Massacre
Majority Children massacres in Lebanon war are planed in advance
The Majority of Children are under sleeping tablet (medicine) effect to dead without pain.
All sect of Iran ran away to Syria and France.

But at the Gaza massacres the Palestinian was not hade any medicines to make their death without pain and burned by uranium and buried alive.

The sleeping tablet (medicine) will be use now and after.

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