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sup new here

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posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 12:38 AM
hello all love this site.. I was trying to make a October UFO sighting thread in UFO's but cant theres alot of sightings coming in from everywhere would be nice if we could start a OCT thread for it.. I have a lot of material to post for review from different sources

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posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 01:10 AM
reply to post by OpTiMuS_PrImE

Hi OpTiMuS_PrImE, nice to have you apart of the crew

In 20 post time, you will be able to post threads to the fullest extent
, (20 Post go by pretty quickly).

Looking forward to many future UFO discussions. Any Q's feel free to ask

~ The Doo ... Vol 1.3.4 (12 Speed)~

posted on Oct, 12 2009 @ 12:33 PM
Welcome. Did you have any sighting recently? It appears you have something to share on UFOs. I had a UFO sighting once around 1993. We were on a pretty rural beach in Cape Town after dark and a I saw a very inticrate diamond-shaped object over Table Mountain's Signal Hill. The wierdest thing is that it seemed to know it had been spotted, and it flashed a whole lot of colors and was gone in seconds. I wasn't going to say anything, not believing my own eyes, until the guy next to me said: "What the .... was that?" Well that's my two cents. Enjoy the threads!

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 02:48 PM
i did around the same time period in one of our local small towns it was covered by the media and have had other experiences as well nothing lately though

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