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Promise Kept Rulings on the Obameter

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posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 02:46 PM

Here Politifact tracks the campaign promises kept by Obama thus far in his presidency. While they are just a fraction of the promises made, and there are many more to go, I don't think anybody can say he "hasn't done anything" as president.

No. 15: Create a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners
Create a $10 billion fund to help homeowners refinance or sell their homes. "The Fund will not help speculators, people who bought vacation homes or people who falsely represented their incomes.">>More

No. 33: Establish a credit card bill of rights
The credit card bill of rights would "ban unilateral changes ... apply interest rate increases only to future debt ... prohibit interest on fees ... prohibit 'universal defaults' (whereby a credit card raises its rates because the consumer was late paying a different creditor ... require prompt and fair crediting of cardholder payments.">>More

No. 36: Expand loan programs for small businesses
Expand "the Small Business Administration's loan and micro-loan programs which provide start-up and long-term financing that small firms cannot receive through normal channels.">>More

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

And these are just a fraction. See link for more.

Obameter Main Page:

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 03:13 PM
I am confused how is that Breaking Political news. Ofcourse Obama has done lott of things for the country and has kept 47 promises till now, breaking only 7 with 117 or 122 in works. Everyone knows about this, but few people still live in self denial...those can't be helped.

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 03:20 PM
There are two things that bother me the most about Obama. His sudden turnaround on NAFTA and his continuation of Bush foreign policy.

There have been some good things..yes...the first time home buyer credit makes sense and gets people buying homes again..that's a good thing especially when interest rates are low (AND FIXED).

Even with that...the banks have received far more money than the people of this country...including billions going to foreign banks...we are still financing a war that we cannot afford as well.

Obama receiving MILLIONS in campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs is a major red flag...that and the fact that he's trying to give the Federal Reserve more power over our financial system...the same entity that lowered interest rates too low which started the whole housing crisis in the first place.

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 04:14 PM
Let us look at the flips so far...

He flipped on using public funding for his campaign. He flipped on mandating health coverage. He half flipped on single payer.

He lied about taxing people for not having healthcare by calling it a fine. He lied about other taxes by calling them a "mandate."
He lied about an Illinois man dying because of delayed treatment.
He lied about not wanting to take over industries. The American gov't effectively owns two of our major car manufacturers and several banks.
He lied about insurance company's making "record profits."
He lied about the amount of untouched lands that oil companies have.
He also lied about the time table for ending war in Iraq.
He repeatedly changes the close date for gitmo.
He continues to lie about his previous support for single payer health care.
He has previously lied by saying cap and trade will not effect energy cost.
He has lied about the number of jobs created or saved by th stimulus bill.

He has kept a lot of promise, but he has also told a lot of lies. He has offered up some things like cash for clunkers and first time home buyer's credits. Which seem great untill you look at the increased spending they create. It sucks even worse whenn you see that it is only trying to prop up an old system based on creating debt to float the economy.

If you look at the small business loan "incentives" they were for a limited time only. So does that count as only kinda keeping a promise?

The foreclosure help did help a lot of people. However, since mortgage companies were not required to participate some people were unable to take part. According to the AP; " The Obama administration's effort to help homeowners avoid foreclosure may not achieve its goal of helping 3 million to 4 million borrowers and may simply delay mortgage defaults for many, a government watchdog group says." The plan so far has helped roughly 500,000 or about 12.5% of those the revised numbers expected to help. He kept his promise, but how well did he keep it? It seems like the 9 million he claimed it would help originally was a bit of an overestimate.

As far as I can tell he kept his word on the credit card bill of rights. I do think that it will help millions of people. He should be applauded for that.

I will look through this list more and add more of my own research as time passes.


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