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Indigo Children Exist

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posted on Oct, 21 2009 @ 10:09 AM
I consider myself to be Interdimensional Indigo. Laugh all you want but its my belief that everything is spiritual, only that most people on Earth shouldnt be here as there from other systems in the Universe and thus cant interract with our realm of spirituality.

Christians have murdered millions over the years because they believe their cause of a deity over heathenism is true, this starting 2000 years ago when the first of the Spiritual Awakenings began. Unfortunately the new race being sent to Earth as salvation couldnt cope with our dimensional beliefs and thus started the crusade of mass-exterminations to take over Earth. "Indigo's" (another word for psychic/spiritualist/wiccan/whatever) are the true race on Earth who were here since their creation. We discovered the connections between Earth and Space, Energy and Ley Lines and how Astrological events matched in with key dates in the Calendar.

I believe I myself am Indigo in the fact I have no deity belief, the idea of a creator is beyond my comprehension but the fact that creation exists around me as Nature is more preconcievable as its fact. I have seen things many people would dismiss if they'd never see it for themselves, I feel energy and see Aura's..I have no connection socially with other people other than those who are also like myself and I consider friends.

Im happy as I am, I am not conforming to Christianity in the same way people similar people to myself were tortured to death for refusing to believe in God. I have a great life, a good family and great friends.

posted on Oct, 22 2009 @ 11:21 AM

"Indigo's" (another word for psychic/spiritualist/wiccan/whatever) are the true race on Earth who were here since their creation.

Wiccans are not Indigo's honestly. I am Wiccan and it is a matter of spirituality not aura color.

Now onto the rest...

Indigo's to me are just a fancy term made my a woman trying to sell a book and make people feel special. The fact is (IMO of course) everybody has talents and some have rare abilities. I have met several indigo's that claim some incredible thing and I can tell you honestly that not a single one passed the oooh test. All people are good at some thing and not so good at others.

For example I have a great talent for reading people. I can see people's emotions before they tell me. In a way I can literally feel their emotional state. I think this talent will help me greatly when I become a psychologist. Now if that makes me an empath because someone wants to put a fancy label on it then have it. If you ask me I am just a guy who reads emotions well...nothing special because as sure as I am great at reading I am an utter failure at holding my own emotions in.

I think the folks here are perfectly in their right to ask for proof. If I say I can move the bottle next to me with my mind I guarantee most if not all here would call BS. If I can prove it then hey great...if not then I don't think I really have such an ability

(PS...I can NOT move it...just tried)

The issue that alot are taking with this is that Indigo folk seem to be very happy they are Indigo. That's fine and perfectly in their right to display it but you cannot honestly think people are going to take and accept the face value of being an Indigo just because you say it can you? The turth is alot of Indigo parents and kids find it fascinating to tell people they are Indigo. This in no way helps their cause because it is horrifically arrogant and silly.

The problem I have with the test is that if you are reasonably liberal with your answers I can make anyone here an Indigo. It asks questions like "Do you ever feel estranged from this world?"

Well of course! Alot of people have period in time when they truly feel they don't belong. It's cold-reading at it's finest.

Now with that said...I am a Wiccan and have seen a few fascinating things before and I welcome your right to be an Indigo but just because a test said you are doesn't make it real.

Know how I know? I scored high on Indigo...and I can guarantee you that outside of reading people well there is nothing special about me...and I hate to say it...even if you DO have aren't special either. I truly don't mean that out of anger. I only wish to convey that people need to stop touting and make real differences.

A miracle to me isn't's the guy that helps the world through his own natural gifts.

Just my opinion...

So..from one Indigo to another...relax...just be you because you are good enough without any fancy labels


posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 11:10 AM
I have been doing some research on indigo children and like you some on said they are only called indigo because of the aura that surrounds them BUT... if you take a look at charkras the purple/indigo charkra is the crown charkra which explains the royal behaviour of some. The purple/indigo charkra is found above the head and represents connectedness and honours spirtual which may exsplain the enhanced powers and the link with god some discribe.

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 04:06 PM
There is no evidence to confirm the existance of the Indigo Children's phenomena. I think God will just give you the ability you need and it's up to you to make it special and unique.
I think there are lots of families which are in need of something like money, respect and simple popularity that they will make people think their children are Indigos.
But if they are so special and so intelligent, why, for example, they don't call the attention on african people who really need food to live and a peaceul life? Life isn't just showing what you are able to do to earn something by it.
Life is also taking other people into consideration and being helpful.

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 10:53 PM
reply to post by LordBucket
Amen , You couldnt have said it better.......

posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 12:29 AM
Me, personally, I'm an indigo and an otherkin fairy - with the soul of an alien that crashed here on Earth.

Which means I don't have to actually DO anything. No other indigo children do. Honestly, anyone can declare that they are speshul. It doesn't mean anything.

You aren't actually doing anything to help the world. You just like to believe that you are speshul and better than everyone else.

posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 12:43 AM
you guys could believe whatever you guys want i know indigo children are real.

posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 10:58 AM
Interesting thread, a topic I have thought about a lot since the day a fellow medium called me a crystal child. I do not tend to think that labels are important and I know that people with spiritual abilities have been sought and used for centuries-not a new concept at all. Here's how I see things. Or at least just a theory to mess around with.

People have lives on Earth to learn and progress the soul to a higher level of energy and awareness. Those that are finished their learning may choose to not return or join a different dimension or planet that is more spiritual-with less lessons. Those who are not progressed may as well go to these places, in fact most souls did not venture to Earth at all because of its level of difficulty. All of a sudden we have souls who are intrigued by the idea of growing faster and the way to do that would be going to th ebest, difficult school there is-Earth. Has there been population rises at all within the lat 100 years? So although harm , pain, negativity always had existed (some souls may not change -Like the murderers. But in this case I speak of negativity in a lesser form-throwing your garbage onto the roads, or thinking it is okay to drink an drive, negligence..etc..from souls who are new to being in this physical world where emotions and desires ona negative point of view is increased). we start to have this foolish behaviour in greater masses and not as many great thinkers or healers to outweigh them.
The Earth starts to suffer consequences, people(ppl in large amounts-bussiness, coorpertaion, governments..etc) making bad choices for the world and making animals and humans alike suffer the consequences-We see the Earth start to have symptoms-global warming? natural disasters, water lowering, etc..

Soooo, some souls realize that although they've already been able to say "I came, I saw, i conquered" know that they must return and balance things out. Be born and show the Earth compassion. All are different, none follow any specific traits because they come with their own individually unique abilities or passions. Some may be great thinkers-philosophers coming up with new ideas, some may be animal rights, some may paint the world as it should be, while others may be speakers and want to yell at our world to smarten up, teachers, healers, and yes, gifts of the spiritual kind. Their auras may glow a high vibrational colour-but there are no labels needed nor is the aura ever constant-it's ever changing.

I believe psychics have it right, that some people are ready to help move the world forward, but this could be any one of us. Any person with insight, wisdom, or a passion to do good is spiritual in my eyes and on eof the souls who may have been here a while.

just my two cents

posted on Mar, 31 2011 @ 03:14 PM
Indigo children, lol sounds like a savier cult.. Indigo is a brand name for the evolving of human race. They arnt gods children unless you have a religiouse take on things, Just the next step of contiousness. They have no place in this world as they are free thinking beings and to those who arnt they are labbeled crazy. Why? because a text book as told that person they are. They are not easily conditioned, unfortunatly to those pria.. Sory just a little dig to all those sheep out there. They do have special traits like heeling pain and minor illnesses. See danger and able to protect outhers and self because of this. They are very disapointed people who are ashamed to be human. But on the outher hand they live in a deep meaningfull happy excistance. Evolution has started. x

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