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Indigo Children Exist

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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 04:51 PM
I would like nothing more than to believe there are magic people that will rid the world of corruption. However, an ATS poster saying they exist is not proof. As far as I can tell, it's a just a new age marketing scheme.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 05:16 PM

Originally posted by Lichter daraus
reply to post by prevenge

That would also apply to people claiming to be anything else extraordinary and has nothing to back up there claims.

That does apply. People claiming to be 'indigo children' are no different from the steady queue of people lining up claiming to be vampires, lycanthropes or whatever is doing the media-entertainment rounds at that point in time. If there's nothing to back-up their claims, that's all it is: a claim, and that's very different truth or reality.


posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 02:53 AM
link html
Overlaying a composite of the characteristics of the authors in this survey with this writer’s experiences in her healing practice and in energy classes with self-identified Indigos, she has formed the following concept of Indigo children and adults.

An Indigo is an individual that may be psychic, telepathic, or intuitive. Their unusual combination of behaviors and characteristics began to be noticed in children in the late 1970’s. They are extremely intelligent but tend to display their intelligence in non-conforming ways. They are intolerant to absolute authority, rituals, institutions that do not function ethically or are cumbersome such as the legal system, government, big business and activities that require conformity (such as waiting in line). They often have a strong self-image and self-confidence that others may construe as arrogance, abrasiveness and feelings of entitlement. They are sensitive both emotionally and environmentally which may manifest as sensitivity to foods, dyes, world events, and other people’s moods. Their sensitivity may extend to either forming deep personal relationships with a limited number of individuals or becoming socially isolated from others. Their sensitivity may also show as a strong affinity for plants, animals and nature in general. They tend to be right-brain dominated in their thinking which may cause them to be creative in art, music, and crafts. This same right-brain dominance may create difficulty with rote or repetitive learning common in education that may cause them to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit, Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Their intelligence, their issues with authority and institutions, and their manner of learning may cause them to be labeled as a behavior problem and with a rebelliousness that could contribute to the perception that they are ADD or ADHD. They are often spiritually advanced and have a strong desire to participate in causes to help or benefit humanity or the environment.

The majority of the Indigo Children are between eight and thirty years of age. Starting as a trickle some thirty-five years ago, the number of Indigos being born peaked at a high percentage of children born in the 1990’s. Some estimates that indicate that more than ninety percent of the children born in the middle 1990’s were Indigos.

As the 20th Century closed, the Crystals began to rise out of the Indigo evolution. Many children born in that period have a blending of characteristics of both Indigos and Crystals. Many people use the term "Cusp Children" to describe these children. One defining physical characteristic is the color of the aura. The Indigos, as their name implies, often have a dark blue aura. The indigo hue of their aura contrasts with the opalescent coloring of the aura of the Crystal Child.

Whether Crystal or Indigo, these children share a strong sensitivity to many impurities in their external and internal environment which can cause allergies and behavior problems. This sensitivity to environmental issues is especially acute in foods. Chemical additives, pesticides, food coloring, hormones and processed foods should be avoided. Organic foods that are as close to the source as possible help to significantly reduce the impact of food on these highly energetic and sensitive children. The highly purified regimen should also extend to the external environment with good Feng Shui principles and a strong awareness to reduction of exposure to EMF pollution.

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 02:54 AM
These gifted children are a treasure and conscious creation of an environment safe from chemicals and other pollutants is paramount. Additionally, a diet free from wheat, corn and dairy, organic or not, may be of great benefit to these children. These gifted children display common traits as defined by some (listed below) that may indicate that the child is an Indigo.

Various authors/therapists have given their opinions; we print a few below:

• Come into the world with a feeling of royalty (and often act like it).
• Have a feeling of "deserving to be here," and are surprised when others don't share that.
• Do not have an issue with self-worth. They often tell the parents "who they are."
• Have difficulty with absolute authority (authority without explanation or choice).
• Simply will not do certain things; for example, waiting in line is difficult for them.
• Get frustrated with systems that are ritually oriented and don't require creative thought.
• Often see better ways of doing things, both at home and in school, which makes them seem like "system busters" (nonconforming to any system).
• Seem antisocial unless they are with their own kind. If there are no others of like consciousness around them, they often turn inward, feeling like no other human understands them. School is often extremely difficult for them socially.
• Will not respond to "guilt" discipline ("Wait till your father gets home and finds out what you did").
• Are not shy in letting you know what they need.

…from "The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived"
by Jan Tober and Lee Carroll.

• Are highly intuitive â€" can be telepathic and show extrasensory capabilities.
• Will often say seemingly ‘profound’ statements and have an strong interest in God â€" they often seem wise beyond their years.
• Are very sensitive to the environment, (can include food & additives), energy fields, electrical currents, as well as emotional sensitivity to what is happening around them.
• Are strong willed â€" have a determination about them, often ‘warrior-like’ in their personality.
• Will often ‘call them as they see them’ and won’t hold back from doing so.
• Can have a fiery temper and demeanor â€" rarely wavers from the one-track mind.
• Can often be confused with having a defiant attitude â€" will often do the exact opposite of what they are told to do.
• Have a strong need to help others, individually or globally.
• Are often introverted and a loner.
• Like to work alone most of the time or in groups where is there is mutual cooperation and respect.
• Are seemingly antisocial until they meet up with others like them.
• Are very technologically oriented â€" usually are whizzes at computers or other gadgetry.
• Deal often with depression, insomnia, or bodily issues such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and in extreme cases â€" energetic mania or freneticness.
• Can be misdiagnosed as ADD or ADHD.

…from Olena Gill,
author of "The Indigo Survival Guide"

Because these extraordinary children have traits that do not fit the paradigms of past generations of children, they have created challenges for parents, schools, culture, medical science and institutions. Many Indigo children have been labeled as behavior problems. Some of the problems that Indigos and their families have encountered are explored in the July 2005 issue of Kansas City Wellness Magazine. The article written by Diane and Brad Masters relates the synchronicity of the appearance of 5th Dimensional healing modalities such as the Healing Connection with the emergence of the Indigos.

Sharing many of the clairvoyant and physic abilities of the Indigos, the Crystal Children have not experienced as many conflicts as the Indigos. They have a more loving and peaceful disposition. Generally born since 1995, the Crystals are quite often speech-delayed up to age four.

This characteristic of late speech often leads Crystals to be misdiagnosed as Autistic. A definition of Autistic is someone who does not communicate or connect with others. Although verbally delayed, these delightful children have no difficulty in communicating in non-verbal ways including telepathy. A dramatic increase in the number of autistic diagnosis is an indicator of the flood of the crystal children that are now arriving on the Earth.

In addition to delayed speech, insomnia is common among Crystals. Because they are sensitive to energy, they respond well to various energy healing modalities including 5th dimensional. The combination of a diet free of caffeine, white sugar, and chemicals plus an energy healing modality can greatly reduce insomnia in Crystals. Many Crystals are attracted to meditation, which can be an effective tool in calming the energies of these higher vibrating children. Using Feng Shui principles to reduce the energy in the children’s bedrooms can also be very helpful in creating a peaceful and harmonious rest space for Crystals. Conscious creation of an external and internal environment is a key to allowing these wonderful children to unfold to their potential.

An article written by Diane and Brad Masters on Crystal Children was published in Kansas City Wellness Magazine, August 2005.

Various authors/therapists have given their opinions; we print a few below:

• Are usually born in 1995 or later.
• Possess large eyes with an intense stare.
• Have magnetic personalities and are highly affectionate.
• Start talking late in childhood (3-4 years old) and are very musically oriented and may sing before talking.
• Use telepathy and self-invented sign language to communicate.
• May be diagnosed with Autism or Asberger's syndrome.
• Are even-tempered, sweet, and loving and are forgiving of others.
• Are highly sensitive and empathetic.
• Are very much connected to nature and animals.
• Exhibit healing qualities.
• Are quite interested in crystals and rocks.
• Often discuss angels, spirit guides and past-life memories.
• Are extremely artistic and creative.
• Prefer vegetarian meals and juices to "regular food".
• May be fearless explorers and climbers with an amazing sense of balance.

…from "The Crystal Children"
by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

· Love lots of colour â€" rainbows, multicoloured in the way they dress or how they see the world around them and will stand out because of it, e.g. will wear red skirt with orange socks, blue shirt with white hat.
· Are very sensitive to the environment, (can include food & additives), energy fields, vaccines, chemicals & pesticides, noise, electrical currents (ie. watches will stop, etc.), as well as emotional sensitivity to what is happening around them.
· Have a fragility or sense of vulnerability around them and yet very strong internally â€" strong will and determination when focused.
·Have an affinity to rocks, crystals and stones.
· Usually possess a sense of fearlessness.
· Are highly artistic and creative with a bountiful imagination · Are usually gifted in one or more areas ie. art, music, math, etc. â€" as a result, subjects in school can be viewed as boring and senseless â€" displays desire to stay focused on the gifted area in their life.
· Are very comfortable being around plants, nature, animals.
· Have an inherent ability to uncover people’s fear â€" they seem to connect and know what is in one’s head and heart.
· Can be misdiagnosed as Autistic.
· Can often be delayed in speech â€" late talkers, impaired speech or hearing.
· Are can very gentle and forgiving â€" very loving and compassionate personality.
· Have natural healing abilities.
· Often have large, clear eyes â€" eyes are prominent in photographs or when looking at you â€" sometimes you can feel as if they are staring right though you.

…from Olena Gill,
author of "The Indigo Survival Guide"
www.mastersi... nstitute. org/indigo. html

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 02:57 AM

Unbelievably, it has taken over 500 million years for Prime Creator to prepare a powerful enough solution to finally eliminate this incredibly strong and spreading source of Darkness within our Fallen Sector of Creation. Over this time He has had to create a separate special new Creation within the outside Great Void totally from scratch, and which has been especially designed to create very powerful Beings with the force within their makeup to successfully battle the Forces of Darkness. At last, these newly created "Warriors of Light" are starting to enter our area of Creation and deploy their superior diamond-hard strength to successfully attack and destroy all our un-reformable Forces of Darkness. They do allow those that are prepared to make a genuine return to the Light to reform themselves under strict supervision, but those that totally refuse to do so will be re-absorbed into the basic matrix of Creation. [more about this in Chapter Ten]

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 04:44 AM
reply to post by ImaginaryReality1984

Well said that man/woman.

There is no proof for any of this. I can say i have a light blue aura with a slight yellow edge to it and half moon purple dots intermixed, but i cant prove it, and it wouldnt mean anything anyway if i could.

i can display any of the 'abilities' that indigos proclaim to have, but they are human attributes. They are not specific to a certain group.

Eg: im a quick learner, noted by every employer i have ever had. Just means that i pay attention when im in training, Nothin special

Have any of these indigo people had any tests done to show what they are claiming is true? (not that i would know what these tests are...i dont claim to be special...)Or is it a cry for help?

Personally i think that its people wanting to stand out from the crowd after realising they they dont have anything going on in their lives of any major interest, or dont feel like they want to be part of the group that everyone else is....thing is, this happens around the globe in various different formats: What about the kid at school who didnt want to play football and instead read a book? classed as different by everyone around him but i bet he never claims to have an aura, just a different level of intellect and different interests.

Indigo people only ever talk about themselves (quite arrogantly) and how they are here to put the world to rights....has anyone ever seen an indigo person make a difference in any way? or do they live their lives according to the area they live in/rules their parents raised them by/financial situation etc etc but chuck in a bit of rebellion to seem different?

Questions: how do you know you have an aura? can you see it? can you see others auras? how come 'non indigos' cant see them? If you can actuallly see a colour surrounding yourself, how do you know it isnt an electrical field that all human bodies generate that you are seeing?

And to the OP: you wrote 'They're making it possible for people to come out and speak their mind!' Exactly how? In what way are indigos doing this?

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 06:29 AM
Well, my aura's black, woolly and has two eye-hole cut out like a bank robber's balaclava. And if anyone says other-wise, they're just 'haters' and 'liars'.

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 08:00 AM
I'll ask again --

If Indigo children have been around since at least the 1970s (when the term was first used), then who are the Indigo Adults? I sure hope they're not the ones running society today.

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 08:11 AM

Originally posted by Soylent Green Is People
I'll ask again --

If Indigo children have been around since at least the 1970s (when the term was first used), then who are the Indigo Adults? I sure hope they're not the ones running society today.

This is something I've asked elsewhere myself. The closest I've got for an answer was that because there wasn't the 'understanding' and 'awareness' that there is today and the support network offered by the internet, that these 'indigo adults' are now either in denial or have had to go underground.

Like everything concerning 'indigo children', no proof was offered and I was labelled a 'hater' because of it.

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 04:45 PM
reply to post by Darkside Agent

You cant say they don't exist and then state in another sentence that they talk about themselves, how does that work, did you meet someone claiming to be one?. The ones i have come across do not talk about them selves. I have never come across one that claims to be better than anyone else, I'm not sayin that some don't, just sayin i haven't come across any that do.

[edit on 07/16/2009 by Lichter daraus]

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 04:50 PM
reply to post by Merriman Weir

I think some people are labled hater because of how they come across to others when they type. People dont have to be dicks when asking questions. You will get dickish answers back if you do that.Im not saying your a dick BTW. Its kind of like when you ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer.

posted on Oct, 15 2009 @ 09:01 PM
I'm not clued up on these indigo peoples . Is this likely to be one ?:

Qur'anic verses appear on Dagestani baby's body

Qur'anic verses have reportedly appeared on the body of a nine-month old boy named Ali from the Russian Republic of Dagestan.

Since his birth, birthmarks in the form of Arabic script have been appearing on Ali's body. First, there were individual letters but then texts began appearing, the Russian-language Vesti news channel quoted his parents as saying on Thursday.

"First, there was a hematoma on his chin. When the bruise went off, we saw the word "Allah," Ali's mother Madina Yakubova said.

Surprisingly, one of the baby's legs has an inscription, "Allah is the creator of all entities."

The TV channel reported that Ali was first diagnosed with "ischemic heart disease of the second degree" and "infantile cerebral paralysis" in the maternity clinic. However, after the inexplicable events began happening, he was examined again and found healthy.

The incident has been drawing hundreds of Dagestani Muslims to Ali's home everyday, prompting local authorities to guard the house round-the-clock.

A Piccy also on the webpage

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 02:50 AM
reply to post by Lichter daraus

At what point in my post did i say they dont exist?

I said there is no proof. That doesnt stop people from claiming to be one, which incorporates your next point about me saying that they talk about themselves. I can concede that i could have worded it slightly better to say 'People claiming to be indigo children only ever talk about themselves....etc etc'.

I have met someone claiming to be one, they couldn't provide any proof of what they were claiming, and came across very arrogant - as if they were special, more special than everyone else. Needless to say, that person isnt in my life anymore. Everyone is human, nothing else.

[edit on 16/10/09 by Darkside Agent]

[edit on 16/10/09 by Darkside Agent]

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 01:23 PM
reply to post by Darkside Agent

Well, so you came across one that was a tool, i haven't. Generally though you wouldn't even know if your talking/associating with one anyway, That is unless they say so. You could be talking/typing to one now but who knows? Sorry i misread your post, i thought you were claiming they don't exist, my bad.

[edit on 07/16/2009 by Lichter daraus]

[edit on 07/16/2009 by Lichter daraus]

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 07:36 PM
I've been told by upwards of a hundred different people that I'm an "indigo child." Doesn't mean much to me, I just go about my day and live how I know to live.

One thing I've long been curious about. Have any of you ever come across any research on if parents of autistic children were '___' users at any point in time. If you've seen anything on it please post links or u2u me!

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 01:59 PM
why do you ask questions about Indigos and then not want to hear answer?

read on the subject before replying you dont BELIEVE or you dont THINK
something is true.
Believe is a word for the ignorant,you believe because you do not know.
If you say,you think indigos do not exist you are telling me you believe they do not. not that you KNOW they do not.
or otherwise you would not be asking questions.

Like using the word ""world"" means a group of entities sharing common enviroment whether it be a tribe, city, continent or planet.
But most use world as the planet earth, not correct planet just refers to the planet. not the entities on it.

That seems to be an epidemic these days.

humans often use words thinking, not knowing what they mean.
This leads to much confusion.
First off... to people who Are Indigo.
not people who think they are.
They are your opponent. not enemy.
Eliminate hate from your thinking process,it Will destroy you.
Study paganism and witchcraft but do not practice.
Paganism and witchcraft is like dealing with middle management we answer
not to the creator. but the WHOLE conscienceness including all beings and matter even rocks and other inanimated objects combined as one.
there is no creator everything just grows with the entire input of everything combined, and that entity would be "god" that grows and learns as we do.
to make it easier . think of how your body works.
all your cells are complete organisms that can and do think and reproduce.
blood cells, everything in your body has a mind of its own. but all of them together make up you.
Now take everythought and feeling from every piece of matter in the universe yourself included, and put it together and you have "god".
Dealing with demons and angels ,would be like your toenail making a dark deal with your hair to manipulate your body.
Practice shamanism, and healing, and teaching.
Thats your job.
Google:"Generation Indigo" that person put together a pretty accurate summary of description of indigo.
I have read many articles and books on the subject.
And to indigos who say they are from some goofy federation.
I guarantee thier leader is a Mason.
Anything organised in general is Masonic founded.
Thats what they do they find a common interest among humans and
be the first to organise it so they can control it.
And when I use the word humans I am not saying I am not, I just feel human is a more specific word. because people or person could be referring to a corporation or other entity. Human describes any being walking on two feet with opposable thumbs and a greater form of intellegence than the other oganisms living on planet earth. and that describes anyone reading this right now.

And for the non believers.(not knowing lol)
please read on the subject, and EVERY HUMAN has ESP.
We are just like bees utilizing a greater cloud of conscience available to us and capable of communicating with animals or any other living entity.
a good book to start is ""Making ESP work for you"
and remember you are two beings your body can live without spirit.
proven during the phillidelphia experiment. and spirit can live without body for a period of time. thats why we have to reincarnate or spirit will eventually disolve, without having an extremely strong energy force.

Turn off the television and pick up a book.
realize thats why they call it television PROGRAMMING.
because they are programming you what to think. check out methods of MK Ultra.
you absorb more subconsciencely not aware of it.
didnt you ever have a dream being in tv show becase thats what was on tv when you were sleeping?
It took me two years to re evaluate every aspect of life from my thought process. removing every belief I had in my head from television.
and from religion.
and from my parents.
and my peers.
and from lawmakers.

And in closing anyone wanting to learn send email to me.
but please pick up a few books before emailing.

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 02:12 PM
also anyone wanting to find out post a picture of yourself..
see what happens..
if you want proof......
sending dreams to people is very easy you just need a picture.

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 02:41 PM

Originally posted by Nuetral
also anyone wanting to find out post a picture of yourself..
see what happens..
if you want proof......
sending dreams to people is very easy you just need a picture.

So, on the biggest conspiracy site in the world, one that regularly contains messages that could be considered radical, anti-government and so on, you want people to post pictures of themselves in order to ascertain evidence of 'indigo children'? Yeah, right!

You must think I bought this tin foil hat yesterday.

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 02:58 PM
remember there is different kinds of people for a reason..

its because the freemason system is extremely flawed.

I cannot see how freemasonry can be considered honerable by any means.
they are like little girls with thier secrets. and when I come across a mason they are scared of me because I can smell them out and they scatter like cockroaches.
there are different humans for different functions.
there are atheletes for just doing.
so when someone tells them to do, they just do. like hunters and people that are geared for that, and its not bad at al,l and those people are very necesary if not hundreds of years ago alot of people would have died from starvation or attack.

thats why some women work and some prefer to stay home with kids.
if they feel they should be doing what they are doing.
then they are in the right place .

thats why capitalism and money needs to go.
because you have inbred idiots as our doctors just sustaining people, when there is very capable healers installing thier carpet for them.
That IS going to change , Indigos job is also to get everyone on the same page. but its hard to when ignorant people ask questions just to bash answers when they dont understand.

Money is not going to be part of our life much longer period.
we will simply just manufacture what we need and use it.
people will work in fields/areas they are designed to do.
not because of it makes them money.
wouldnt you like it if everyone at thier job enjoyed what they are doing.
everyone will be truly equal with no government or organized religion.
religion is belief.
fact will be taught on the ways of the universe.
no-one will go hungry
there will be no-more disease.

And the reason indigos increased in manifestation about 40 years ago is most of them are ET indigos we are teachers of the future teachers.
almost everyone is born indigo now. I have seen few that recently born who
are not and the funny thing is they are avoiding ""royal and elite"" families.
thats why the elite were studying eugenics is ,they are damned,
and are not going to get evolved dna.
and all they got was retarded kids. LOL

you simply cannot control evolution.
you might be able to brute force genetically modify organisms but it usually has seriouse downfalls.

Just remember everyone is here for specific job and you just have to ask yourself non-biasedly what am I supposed to be?

If your not indigo its because you are needed for something other than teaching/healing, thats all.

you are, what you are, for a reason, thats how nature works.

I learned most facts from watching and studying animals...
and animals have indigos too.

its just different energy and if you hang aroung an indigo you will match frequencies and evolve as well.
didnt you ever notice any two humans who hang around each other act like each other, and the longer time spent with them the longer the seperation takes. its because you develop the same frequency connections , and they break slowly like pulling a piece of pizza and the strings snapping one at a time until the connection is broken.

If you need answers just meditate and you will get them.

it is time to start preparing for the change. any indigos interested in getting started. please contact me
I am not a leader, I am a comrad . I want to start on a group level so no one sees me as leader. I just want to turn the key and get started.

(but leave your apron at the lodge)
I dont hate masons its like the saying goes.
"I dont hate the player,I hate the game"

there is no joining, just participating in a true game plan, and I have some very good ideas. But I want to discuss it in a more discrete manner.

posted on Oct, 17 2009 @ 03:00 PM
email me a pic then, you wanted proof.

dont expect tonight Its sweetys day and my wife and I got plans.

happy sweetest day everybody

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