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San Francisco "FEMA trains" - a look inside!

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posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 02:12 AM
well duh, they use the underground 2,000mph should have asked them about THAT

S&F for you getting out there and doing some on site research, especially having the guts to talk to them and ask questions!!

Way to be pro-active!

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 02:16 AM
Prove the are FEMA trains.

Richmond is not San Francisco.

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 02:28 AM
YAY FEMA is going to buy us all a new car

Best day ever.

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 02:31 AM
well you may be right; but at the risk of being difficult, i would like to point out that the nazis didnt have trains custom built for the jews either. they just used regular cattle cars and loaded them in. you dont really need shackles in place or toilets. so i guess a dual use could apply to any trains.

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 02:48 AM

Originally posted by harrytuttle
So let's be clear about this.

You FAILED in your mission to locate the FEMA train cars, by driving along one location, asking a few clueless dudes about "FEMA" train cars, and you come to some sort of "rock-solid" conclusion???

He took pictures of railcars that looked IDENTICAL to the "FEMA" ones, that are supposedly equipped with shackles for human imprisonment.

You have produced what? Oh yea.. nothing at all. And HE has failed?

So folks have seen these prison cars, but have been utterly unable to snap a single photo. Including you... who would rather berate someone who has actually taken the time and effort and money to get information, when you yourself had done jack-squat.

And these guys are not "clueless." These supposed FEMA cars would not travel on imaginary invisible tracks. They have to use the same tracks as all the other trains. I'd say these guys who are there every stinking day would have a pretty good chance to spot them. Your basis for calling them clueless is what? Oh yea... I'd guess ruining your gloom and doom, death and despair theories about an evil FEMA agency that wants to herd and kill us all. Wouldn't want to mar that fantasy of yours, would we.

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 03:42 AM
You seem to be under the impression that because you have taken some photos that convey very little evidence, that this means there is no case to be answered and no further research required. I thought we here at ATS were all about denying ignorance, not embracing it. Are you under the impression that because these trains do not contain anything out of the ordinary, all other trains must be the same??? Come off it, you've taken some fairly nice photographs, but that is the total extent of it - it means nothing, as no conclusions can be drawn from it.

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 03:59 AM
Weeelll FEMA did create a contract with AMTRAK immediately after Hurricane Katrina to "help provide mass evacuation"

The contract requires Amtrak to provide support for the evacuation of New Orleans in the event a mandatory evacuation of the city became necessary

What i'm unsure about is if the contract ended after all was settled
or it's a multi-year contract allowing FEMA to take control if deemed "necessary"

just throwing it out there

[edit on 10-10-2009 by mxridr618]

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 04:14 AM
reply to post by mxridr618

Well that's 48 accounted for:

Tennessee Rail Depot using two 24-car trains, each with a 1,500 person capacity.

Now, where's the other 107,152???

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 05:21 AM
Great effort notreallyalive. Reading some conspiracy theories here I got the impression most people in US who actually reads those are 14 year old kids playing world of warcraft, when not proving NWO agenda. While adults can't even be bothered to make their own sandwich let alone travel four hours to debunk some "nut-job conspiracy".

I'm one of those who believe FEMA is made with sinister purpose, but only due to historical reasons, them being so well distributed, organized and well founded.

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 06:06 AM
Considering your title is completely misleading - the picture of a car being loaded is in another type train than the train cars that FEMA purchased.

Oh, btw: it would be Stupid of FEMA to put FEMA on a train car - in fact, no one ever said they were labled such on a train car, and I would never expect them too (Hello - that would be idiotic and cause even more questions) .

I think it is funny, the more truth that comes out, the more it is denied.

Just like the oil/u.s. dollar story - denied.

I am glad you had an excellent day - I have always found investigating things can be lots of fun.

Oh, would I expect to walk up to someone and say "FEMA trains, where are they?" and for them to know?

Of course not.

So, I would say, next time you investigate you might want to ask questions like:

How long have these trains been here, who are the ultimate owners of them?

I can think of 100's of questions that would get more information than the type of questions you asked.

I find it very funny, that you would seem so upset over the thread you referred to in the OP. Then you claim one thing in your title - but don't show it, then you take a picture of a different type train car being loaded.

A little misinformation going on?


[edit on 10-10-2009 by questioningall]

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 06:13 AM
A star and a flag to you from me NotreallyAlive.

Too many things these days are presented as "fact" when, in reality, they are actually opinions and supposition.

Investigative journalism - the old fashioned way - where people went out and looked, took pictures, talked to people and got the real flavour of whats actually out on the ground is most certainly a dying art.

I've seen countless threads put up on ATS where a little more careful scrutiny and digging actually gives a whole different context to the story (and proved in some cases that the "opinion" presented as either deliberately in the wrong context or was misguided) - and that is, most certainly, the ATS I enjoy, because blanket acceptance of opinions isn't truth.

Now I'm not saying that anyone has done anything wrong at all in this case. It is far, far too easy on the 'net to get sucked into a belief system over something. What I am saying is that its nice when people get out and onto the ground, and take a real-world view.

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 06:29 AM
reply to post by neformore

Exactly, if more people would get out and investigate themselves - imagine how much more truth would come out.

Imagine if better questions had been asked in this supposive investigation instead of "Where are trains with FEMA logos" (like FEMA would ever put a logo on their train cars LOL - they aren't that stupid).

I am still laughing very hard at this attempt.

Because as I stated - uhh... title - as other members have mentioned - totally misleading - no pictures of inside! Uh... train car being loaded with a vehicle - totally different train car then what FEMA DID buy!

Considering it was confirmed FEMA purchased over 100000 of the type train cars in the other thread, people sure are trying to make others look the other way, through misleading information.

Oh, I very strongly stand by the other thread.

Oh also - coming in and asking for HOAX to be put on it - OP - don't you think that is a little too much! LOL - considering yours is misleading?

I am Loving it!

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 07:44 AM
You must be a fema agent trying to throow us off the trail.


posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 07:44 AM
OP, thanks for taking the time and making the effort to do a little research of your own. As someone else has already mentioned, imagine if everyone did a little research of their own...

Now, I'm curious, I've seen people mention shackles repeatedly in various posts and apparently it's believed that they're used to secure people. Two points come to mind: A shackle is a piece of equipment used to secure cargo. (It's secured to a pad eye, then a chain runs from it to another shackle, then that shackle is secured to a ratcheting binder, then the binder is secured to the car.)
Also, it'd take much longer to secure people individually, rather than just herd them en masse into a rail car. I realize we have opposable thumbs, but it's almost impossible to get out of a locked rail car without tools.

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 08:19 AM
Your OP will be attacked untill people forget, then after a few weeks, the SF "FEMA trains" stories will reappear with (nonexistent) "proof".

This happened a few moths ago in threads referencing Detroit and Beech Gove Amtrak repair yards that had lain unused for a while.

People again toured the sites (the "security frences" weren't so secure) and took pictures of the facilities.

Today the Beech Grove facility is back in operation, refurbishing Amtrak railcars.

Those debunks were soon forgotten as well, and the "FEMA train" threads re-appeared with renewed vigor after people forgot about the lack of proof and proof to the contrary.

Same for "FEMA camps."

I actually visited one with people living there. Used as Katrina relocation sites that people didn't want to leave.

Good work for actually going there.

Too bad it doesn't really matter here.


posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 08:21 AM
Thanks for the cool post. Was fun to read. You, Inspire me to stop in my local train station, To ask them about these trains. I pass the train station everyday and there is tons of train activity. I have never seen a FEMA sticker on a train car either. As another poster said "They wouldn't post it on the side of any car" Which I believe. I also never spotted any secret, mystery men/women, protecting any of these so called train cars. I will look harder though, from now on.

There are no FEMA trains. None of the workers have a clue about them, Which I believe also. And I don't think the train boss, FEMA or any other Government entity made any new or old employees sign a confidentiality agreement. Pertaining to these um detention cars.

I cant wait till December 22, 2012, When the world is still here.......So many will be disappointed.

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 08:30 AM
It could be similiar to the old orphan trains this went on for what 76 years.

The way the economy is maybe people could get anger and need to be locked up and transported. More people and families continue to lose their homes. If it was done before it could happen again but under different circumstances.

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 08:41 AM
Makes you wonder if all of these people were released from these trains. Why did Fema step in? I never heard about this before.

Did everybody keep quiet or did they all vanish. I could see why they would lock these people up. There would have been some anger people.

Did anybody hear about this? Just wondering.

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 08:47 AM
I doubt seriously FEMA would label their cars or tell any railroad employee they owned them, I also doubt FEMA would purchase any of these car as they would just 'take' them as needed. All cars are registered in a database as to location and type and it wouldn't be any problem at all to re-route them to any location. Who says you need restraints, the Nazi's just herded everyone in the cars. I wouldn't dismiss any possibility by our government in the possibility of civil unrest as they lie and deceive too much, look what they've done to the economy all for re-election, look what they're doing with the all health bills with vague additions, cap and trade and the list goes on and on and they don't even read what they vote on. With this kind of behavior in government it's hard to put confidence in government. My other question is "How many dis-info agents do we have on ATS"???

posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 08:55 AM

Originally posted by questioningall
Considering it was confirmed FEMA purchased over 100000 of the type train cars in the other thread, people sure are trying to make others look the other way, through misleading information.

Where was it confirmed?

I can't see that.

I can see you telling people to look at Liberty for Life to find out more.

When I go to Liberty for Life, I see a single reference under a picture. Their site itself isn't searchable and I don't have time to click through every single page so please - as you have researched this - help me out and link me the details so I can read it?

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