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Cong. Rogers, Mich. - points to catch 22 Health Care

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posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 07:53 AM

I'm not sure what I am looking at with this health care... the issue is too
muddy to judge the correct coarse... but, I say no way - until after we
get rid of the criminals that are guiding this American Nightmare.

what else is there to say - turn off their cash flow - is about the only power we have... and it appears they have turned off the cash flow on us, in America - no jobs, no savings and plenty of credit cards.... all adds up to no Mortgage Payments, electricity bills go unpaid, tax bills and now the police are enforcing any infractions of the law so the courts can rape you...

what in the hell is going on.... I'm shocked bullets have not started flying yet, if you want to know my honest opinion...

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