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Blood sacrifices

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posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 06:40 AM
So we hear that missing people including children have been sacrificed for evil purposes. While I am willing to believe that, I'd like to know if anybody has any sources for the reality of dark occult groups such as Satanic ones sacrificing humans in return for increases in power etc or what they see are increases in power etc.

I'd also like to know if anybody heard of the blood sacrifices supposedly made by popular entertainers such as Jay Z and Michael Jordan (yes he was an entertainer in essence). I've seen the youtube videos which feature Professor Griff who was in Public Enemy until he got forced out because the powerful in the music industry said he was anti Semitic (actually anti Jewish because to use the term Semitic is an historical/cultural misrepresentation). I

know Proff Griff could say things that could be taken as anti Jewish and he certainly said some things that were used against him because they were open to being labelled in that way.

However, fundamentally when he talked about the entertainment industry he was talking about the powerful Jewish people such as those who run the entertainment industry, warping our view of reality with stereotypes, misinformation, and the wielding of power for the benefit of the few. Note here I am talking about individuals who happen to be Jewish and their involvement in the entertainment industry. I do not subscribe to the numerous conspiracy theories on Jewish people throughout history which is why I don't like although it has a lot of useful stuff. It also has an anti Jewish bent although it always proclaims it is anti Zionist.

To get back to Griff - he holds that Michael Jordan's father's murder was the price Jordan paid to be the most successful (monetarily and competitively) and famous basketball player of all time. He says Damon Dash (the business partner Jay Z screwed over) sacrificed the R and B singer Aliyah who was his fiancee in order to gain the success that the music label Rocafella became.

He says Suge Knight (VEO of Death Row Records) sacrificed Tupac Shakur for money and fame. He says J Prince (Rap A Lot Records) sacrificed rapper Pimp C who died last year.

Griff holds that Jennifer Hudson's family were killed ritually as the result of the demand that she make a blood sacrifice to become one of the elite in the entertainment world. I am sure he has mentioned more but I have only heard of these people (plus names of people like hiphop producer Irv Gotti who supposedly was going to sacrifice Ashanti but she removed herself from him and her old music label).

As a rational person who needs evidence before subscribing to such theories I nevertheless find them interesting though disturbing. Jay Z's nephew and one of his close friends died last year (nephew in an accident, friend murdered). Kanye West's mother died last year after cosmetic surgery and it came out that a nephew who was supposed to be looking after the mother post op neglected her.

Lisa Left Eye Lopez formerly of TLC (female hiphop group) died in South America in a car accident after joining Death Row records. No doubt there are other deceased people associated with these famous people.

Did anybody hear about this before Professor Griff was on youtube? What do you think? It's such a controversial theory. However, the emphasis in Jay Z's and Beyonce's circles on dark occultic symbols such as the head of Baphomet and the push to promote the occult and such symbols in videos from theirs to Omarion's points to an agenda.

Bull# from over active imagination and resentment? Or freaky stuff that nevertheless points to truth being stranger than fiction?

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posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 07:24 AM
I don't know about the cases you mentioned but I am 99% sure that human sacrifce does go on in the world, and in fact may never have stopped since the last ice age. I can't find it anymore, but a year or two ago I came across a very interesting study of contemporary human sacrifice published by an academic forensic scientist of some sort who was an expert in this area. He discussed the pathology of human sacrifice: what groups were know to do it, possible motivations, methods, etc. I wish I could find it; it seems to have vanished and I no longer know how to access it. The first part of the essay defined it and gave some info on its history. First you have the historical cases, which prety much happend all over the world, from the Aztecs to the ancient Japanese to the mesopotamians, perhaps other groups of indo-Euoropeans, and so on. In more modern times, there were the "serious" satanic groups of the 1970s. There are religions that still do it; he mentioned Mexican black magic made by "dark brujos" connected with and supported by drug smugglers, for example. Then there was the Process Church in California, which may have sacrificed some people. The Order of the Nine Angles advocated human sacrifice openly and even published guildelines for it. These latter two groups have been disbanded or gone underground.

The next "level down," so to speak, are loosely formed groups of lunatics who think they are a religion or cult, but are disorganized and newly associated. They are not driven by the grand theories and tradions that the others are -- they are more driven by thrill-chasing or perhaps bloodlust. Then finally at the "bottom" you have the lone nutcase, who performs sacrifice for this or that deranged reason...a pathology can be like a twisted religion of one in some senses. Very interesting stuff.

Sacrifice is connected with power. The power can be offered to a God or "vampirized" for one's own personal spiritual power. This latter, darker way may go back to hunting eating the heart of a dead animal (or enemy) to become stronger. Sacrifice can also be a power offer to a higher power like a God or Gods, and perhaps this aspect emerged when argiculture started. The king of earliest sumeria may have been regularly sacrificed so the earth would be fertile; later, only when the earth failed to produce. Still later, most religions substiututed animal sacrifice for human sacrifice, and even this stopped. Even the rice offerings on today's Buddhist altars may be a dim echo of this primordial belief. Or, you could say the Christ story is a sort of "sacrifice to end all sacrifices" that totally evaporates the perceived need for ritual, which perhaps had always had disturbing connotations for some.

And yet sacrifice lived -- and lives-- on. Blood mysticism is very powerful and that's a whole other angle of things. Blood is connected to the act of CREATION and it was seen by early man to me a female power. Females bled from the genitals and produced babies, neither of which man could do. Females were seen as having an awesome power of creation. Circumscision in different nations may have been an attempt to create a ritual whereby man could partake in this blood-power. Again, there are rather obsessive "blood of Christ" imagery and ideas that some worshippers carry to an extreme, perhaps another dim echo of this ancient idea. Sexual uniion and Tantra also entered the picture and somehow got bound up with the idea of blood as well. Its complex.

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posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 07:36 AM
Honestly. It's impossible to treat those clowns seriously with their ridiculous names and mannerisms except for His Royal Airness of course.

posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 07:40 AM
reply to post by dontbelievehype

Since I am not up on the Hip Hop stuff, I will only comment on the Michael Jordan thing. His father was killed by some dumb ass thugs. they tried to do a carjacking and screwed it up. It happened about 40 miles from where I live. It is sad that he died, and I am sure Michael Jordan misses his dad. But I fail to see anything beyond what was reported with regard to that incident.

posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 07:58 AM
Thanks for all the replies. Silentthunder - an incredibly informative and rational post. It certainly gave me new food for thought.

Irrespective of the exaggerations and maybe baseless theory of Griff, in one of the videos on youtube that deals with his notions another person (also African American) gives a hard hitting rundown of all the murders of people around the Hollywood area from around the time of Manson and beyond.

The toll is frightening. Those are the murders that seem to have heavy occult overtones and made headlines, as well the murders that also occurred around the area and were not publicised but definitely happened and had the same weird features.

I can't remember the name of the video but it was connected to Griff's notions - there are a few versions of the same material and some are longer.

About Jordan's father - yep, networkdude, in view of the normalcy of violent crimes in some cities in the US and other occurrences in cities that seem safe, he was probably unlucky. Jay Z's nephew was unlucky or recklessly driving in the car Uncle gave him, Jay Z's friend Bob Allah may have been caught up in some usual street # that goes on, Left Eye was driving in Honduras I think and South American countries aren't noted for the safety of their roads in the city or countryside and the accident could have happened anywhere, likewise Aliyah's airplane crash.

Jennifer Hudson's family case is less cut and dried. One Black hiphop blogger found on a hiphop mag site has a habit of writing blogs that cut through bull# and give some interesting information or speculation that often turns out to be true.

He thought the death of her family may have been gang related. This was denied by reps of Chicago's various gangs but come on, since when do gangs play fair? The theory was they tried to extort her just as Kanye West's car accident back when he was a producer at Def Jam and just beginning to get into rapping was rumored to be an extortion attempt/warning. His mother's death by usual explanations was plain unlucky and helped along by a dirtbag of a nephew who didn't give a damn about her.

But if somebody who is in the music biz or has close links to rappers knows of some information it would be great to hear from you, too. As well as from those who can give information on blood sacrifices in general.

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posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 08:00 AM
Although not very articulate she isa student of this stuff and knows
the history of this one such cult out of Matamoros Mexico and Brownsville Texas

also read this
above top secret
especially the part about abortion.

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posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 08:02 AM
Thanks! I will be viewing it soon. Too often people who deal with such stuff are dismissed as nutjobs but there is more to this than meets the eye (not saying that there aren't a number of nutjobs who are convinced they are on to something when they are not).

posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 08:17 AM
I am 100 percent sure there are blood sacrifices; I read a lot of true crime books, and have read several of the autobiographies of profilers and they come across crime scenes all the time which were sacrifices where human blood is left.

Most people think this is left field, but I believe a lot of celebrities have literally sold their soul to the devil for fame. There are people who will do anything to gain power or whatever their desires are. Here is a little video of oprah and denzel, talking about how they achieved their "power." Don't kid yourselves, this stuff has been going on for a long time.

posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 08:37 AM
TRUE Satanism goes on within Norwegian Black Metal aswell as branching out into Eastern European and the French Black Metal scene now, thats the area you'd want to base your theology on and not rap music which is tied up on gang-warfare such as East-West Coast Assasination attempts and conflicts.

The 2nd wave Black Metal scene is largely gone thanks to the following stagnating the music, however some of the underground followers such as the Beasts of Satan, Order of the Nine Angles are still followers of the old traditions. Only Gaahl would be considered true of the origional music movement that came out of the Norwegian scene (yes some would say Venom created the genre but the music was always there, it just needed defining.)

Satanic rituals, self-sacrifice, murders, arson, church burnings, torture, rape, and none of this was done for publicity although the Satanism aspect was "sex'd up" by the media to make it more appealing, this was actually happening and the fact of the matter is no matter what you read in Lords of Chaos or what Peter Beste tells you, Varg Vikernes, Gaahl or any of the others convicted of the crimes didnt do it for the publicity as back then they werent even intrested in it, they were against being known.

posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 12:13 PM
You might find the Svali testimony interesting. She is allegedly an Illuminati member who is speaking out. Among other things she talks about ritual child sacrifice in the Vatican.

Whether she is credible or not is up for debate as always with these types of whistleblowers, but I personally wouldn't be surprised if much of it were true in one form or another. The Vatican has a long history of atrocities & secrecy and the current Pope radiates evil more than anyone I can think of. He makes those Black Metal guys look like puppies.

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 12:03 PM

Originally posted by network dude
reply to post by dontbelievehype

Since I am not up on the Hip Hop stuff, I will only comment on the Michael Jordan thing. His father was killed by some dumb ass thugs. they tried to do a carjacking and screwed it up. It happened about 40 miles from where I live. It is sad that he died, and I am sure Michael Jordan misses his dad. But I fail to see anything beyond what was reported with regard to that incident.

i've just begun researching this and it would seem that "TPTB" are perfectly capable of making any horrific crime either look like an accident or be completely forgotten or unheard of in the first place.

i was watching The Devil's Advocate and noticed how the lawyer that was killed in the park was killed by bums...according to news reports. i know its "just a movie..." but being on ATS i think its safe to bet that many, many people on here know that movies are often anything but simply entertainment, no?

to the OP, i never even considered Jennifer Hudson and Lisa Left-Eye Lopez or Aaliyah...but now that i think of it it makes so much sense. same with michael jordan.

apparently around the time this thread was originally posted there was a thread going on at godlikeproductions that you may be interested in if you haven't seen for "jessica simpson calabasas house" at
its a LOOOONG thread...took at least a full day to get through...but it was really full of information (not like many threads with naysayers and derailers..though there is that too..its quite amazing, actually)

and yes, any celebs or otherwise who know about the Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice that goes on in hollywood (and beyond) please speak up...speak least anyone know why they would be doing this? its not money...*maybe* its power (like blackmail) but it seems like much more than that...

posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 10:09 AM
reply to post by dontbelievehype

IN some cases artists in the music industry are worth more dead than alive e.g Tupac,Elvis and michael jackson made some amount of money after they died. I would say it has more to do with artist leaving for other labels and ifthey die the money stays where it is!

posted on Aug, 10 2010 @ 05:13 PM
just thought id point this out.

has anyone seen kany wests new promo video for his new single Power?

if not you should...then make your own opinions

posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 12:14 PM
The one thing that doesn't make sense is why would these "CEO's" sacrifice their biggest star/money makers? (To make more money from their death than they would in life?) I'm totally there with what you're saying as I was pondering Jordan's father death and Googled it (and found your post here).

As for Beyonce, I seen her newest commercial and immediately thought is was BS because she says "illuminate your eyelashes" and the commercial was filled with "eyes". Sure, it's an eyelash commercial so what else would they use? But illuminate?

I Googled it and thankfully i wasn't the only one that got this message:

posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 06:39 PM
I've heard theories on this related to R&B Singer Houston

They make a connection due to the whole eye thing, the Bushwick Bill quote at the end is interesting to.

Remember when Dave Chappelle disappeared? Everyone was saying he went crazy, fact is he just wanted out of the industry. But I find it interesting they put the idea that he is crazy out there, because IF it really did have something to do with TPTB and he spoke out that would be something people reference to discredit him.

The thing about Tupac that has always confused me, is would Suge Knight take that big of a risk? And I don't mean getting caught, I mean getting shot himself, and possibly dying. He was sitting right next to Tupac on the night of his murder, not only that but he's a big guy A REALLY BIG GUY. Which also puts him at risk, if he takes a shot in the thigh? Likely he has a heart attack and dies due to the blood clotting. I don't doubt that Tupac was murdered by his label, but I have my doubts about Suge knight knowing. At the very least I don't think he knew it was going down that night, or he wouldn't have put himself in such a position.

Michael Jackson was def killed, but I don't think it was sacrafice. It was to prevent him having control. Someone actually posted a video on ATS not long after his death, it was him speaking at a concert, which apparently is quite rare according to him in the video and people commenting. It was about 15 minutes long an he was speaking about his plans for the future, contract was coming to an end and he was working out a majority share holder deal that would have (finally) given him control of his music.

Well that didn't happen and he's dead. I feel certain he was murdered because of this.

Aaliyah I always found interesting, I don't know if everyone knows this but their are reports that the pilot didn't want to take off. Her representatives (apparently) pressured them to fly anyway despite the dangers in the amount of weight the plane was carrying. Wheter it was planned or not I'm not sure, but she was murdered in my eyes anyway because they refused to listen and put her at risk.

I believe Left Eye just died in a typical accident, I don't even think she had her license to drive, so its not surprising to me.

Kanye's mother just seemed like a typical accident, didn't she vomit because of vicodin and choke on it because no one was there to look after her?

I don't really want to get into Michael Jordan, but their is quite a bit of controversy surrounding the trial of the 2 men arrested. Not enough to suggest he was killed in a sacrifice, but enough to suggest it isn't nearly as clear cut as it seemed.

I had never heard about Jay Z's nephew before, I'll have to watch this video I'm a big fan of Griff and Public Enemy. Who by the way, was never really forced out of Public Enemy, I mean that was the general consensus but Chuck D himself has said before Griff was always with Public Enemy, he got forced from the label and for the good of the mainstream success didn't work with the group but he was always with PE.

posted on Jun, 26 2013 @ 02:40 AM

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