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The secrets of the Universe

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posted on Nov, 17 2010 @ 04:45 PM
reply to post by oozyism


I absolutely LOVE the correlation you articulated between Angels (Messengers made of Light) and man-made transfer of information/energy using light and fiber optics. Truly something to ponder and look at in a different [light].

Have you any similar ideas about Jinn of smokeless fire?

posted on Nov, 17 2010 @ 06:58 PM
reply to post by Thadeous

You are free to think what ever you like. We call it free will.......

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 11:44 AM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

im new to ats i like to see people not getting angry when ideas are tossed around
what doors do think will be opened when we totally figure out the soul?
and do think we ever will totally understand it?

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 02:09 PM
reply to post by Thadeous

I am not expecting anyone at all to believe, so I am merely attempting to answer your questions.
I’m Not out to prove anything but merely trying to motivate others to look into this subject themselves.

what doors do think will be opened when we totally figure out the soul?

So far I understand the Soul is machine a bit like a computer terminal in a huge network. It is used to access "Program Books", Decode them and Present your present experience which is Manifested inside the Soul or Machine, and Not outside it as assumed by many today.

It's a bit like discovering a new Computer we know nothing about, trying to back engineer it to see what it actually does and how. We have found many of its instruction sets, and got a very basic understanding of what it is and how it works.

The applications it could be used for is purely for technical based tasks.
Such as in manufacturing, Transport Control systems, Editing the "Running Programs" which produce the Earth Universe and Species..

The question you ask is a bit like asking what a Computer can be used for?

It has absolutely nothing to do with religions, apart from religions splashing the "Geometric Components" all over their Floors, Ceilings, and windows in total ignorance of what is being displayed.

Its as though the human Species was/is trying to worship a Computer (the Soul) in ignorance....

Reminds me of that old movie "Planet of the Apes" ?

and do think we ever will totally understand it?

That’s the million $$$ question, like everything else possibly not but then again who am I to predict the future?
I personally think there is no end to it, as the system is being added to at a higher rate than what we can discover about it.

So all I am doing is reporting on some of the findings to see what peoples reactions are, and if there are any others who have come across this anywhere else, as there is so much evidence retained in the décor of Government Buildings, Public Buildings, Palaces, Shrines, Temples, Monasteries, Mosques, Cathedrals, churches, arcades etc. in most Countries on Earth.

Much can be found in Ancient writings as well if you know what to look for.

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 07:49 PM
One thing which still fascinates me regarding this topic, is the fact that we would be complete ignorant of GOD's message, if we didn't have knowledge and understanding of GOD's creation.

When GOD says Angels are messengers, and they are created from light, how can that make sense without science? Science is the explanation of creation. How can that make sense to a those living thousands of years ago, who didn't have any knowledge of current forms of communication?

GOD explains its creation, and it wouldn't make sense without knowledge.

Since we have knowledge of his creation we understand his message.

Our knowledge has to be complete regarding the creation, in order for us to understand certain parts of GOD's message because GOD's message is regarding the creation.

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 09:22 PM
reply to post by oozyism

The ancient Christian writings were about the “Metamorphoses of the Soul”.

“The Metamorphoses of the Soul” is the return of “The Son of MAN”, or The MAN Child as written in the Revelation of Jesus Christ and Not a human as they are the offspring of A’DAM.
The Return of The Son of Man is in the Soul and has nothing at all to do with the flesh.

Note; It is written as “The Son of MAN
Not the son of the descendants of A’Dam.

The history of the “Metamorphoses” Past and Future.

The Construct given in the Genesis regarding the formation of "The Heaven" between the Faces of the Deep before the Earth and heavens were created.

The Construct regarding the access to God.... in Ezekiel Ch. 40
And in The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

The language of The Soul that is “The New Song of Moses” noted in The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Regarding the Angels, there are different types and are indeed messengers in the form of I/O ports within the Soul.

A Blue Angel

A Yellow Archangel.

So the "Message" was to do with the salvation of the Soul and nothing at all to do with the flesh.

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 09:35 PM
reply to post by oozyism

So you think that because its possible to send information via fiber optics somehow means you've proved God's existence "rigorously".

I'm not sure whether to call it an argument from ignorance or not but its definitely absurd. Simply because we've discovered, after at least 200,000 years as a species, how to send messages using light doesn't mean there is a God. I might as well claim the invention of apple sauce or the lightbulb means there is one.


all of them I believe came from the same source

Every secular historian and 99.9% of religious historians would disagree with you. To suggest that the Bible (which itself has MANY sources), the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita and all other myths have the same source is utterly stupid and ignorant of history (and that's being generous). Of course cultural mixing did occur and some myths were incorporated into others, but to suggest they came from some "Source" whether it be God or some original book containing all myths ever is just ridiculous unless you have some archeological evidence to back up this claim. You could go into every religious text in the world and pick out the common elements you can find but that still wouldn't prove they all came from the same source, it might suggest cultural mixing of mythologies (such as happened with the Bible stories that were taken from earlier myths) and it would help solidify what we already know - that human beings think alike. It wouldn't prove God either but then again you already think you've proven God "rigorously"

Congratulations you win my Face Palm Award:

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posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 09:44 PM
reply to post by Titen-Sxull

If you read the title of the thread, it says secrets of the Universe.

This thread is in the light of religious textures, this has nothing to do with whether GOD exists or not. If you believe in the textures, then your obviously believe GOD exists.

If you want to debate the existence of GOD, we can do it in another thread.

This focuses on the messengers of GOD, as described in the scriptures. If you read, you would have seen the reference to angels, and the reference to "what angels are created from".

Re-read the OP, I was gonna almost explain everything again

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 10:32 PM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

what do you think of the holy trinity as in
father son holy spirit
past present future
anu enki enlil
mind body soul
i guess the symbolism of the three has influnced me
i think looking at it in either way is good
because we are at least looking past the distractions

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 12:16 AM
reply to post by oozyism

I'm well aware of your intent to show that religious texts all have the same "source", in fact I talked more about that in my response than I did about the existence or non-existence of god(s). To suggest that all religious texts stem from the same source is a claim that can only be made by someone entirely ignorant of history, there isn't a scholar in the world who would support such a claim. I'm honestly not sure why you brought up angels, fiber optics and wormholes in the same post either considering the complete lack of correlation. I may as well say Santa uses wormholes to deliver the presents on Christmas (clearly, how else would he visit every house in one night), it will have the same level of evidence backing it up (none).

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 12:19 AM
reply to post by Titen-Sxull

It is a Muslim belief that all religious scriptures came from the same source, hence GOD.

That includes Quran, Bible, the Old Testament etc.

Do you disagree?

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 12:36 AM
reply to post by Thadeous

Your first question;

what do you think of the holy trinity as in
father son holy spirit

There appears to be a "trinity" in all things whether regarded religiously or not.

A simple equation for example…
1 + 1 = 2

Even in the Algorithm of the Paradox it is constructed from three Glyphs.

I N Z which was displayed on the cover of ancient bibles and hymn books etc.

Where the “I” represents the First Conceptual Movement of “To & Fro”. (in the Toward and Away or z axis).
The “N” Represents the “To & Fro” in 2D i.e. Across or Vision as though on a Plane or Face.
(if the “To & Fro” is simultaneous in the X & Y axis, it produces an “N”)

And The “Z” is a Rotation of the “N” which is the second Conceptual movement.

With regards to The Father Son & Holy Spirit I would Identify them in this way....

The Father and our Father and my Father are different Fathers.

Father is the Contents of the "Outer"
That is why the one taking through the carpenter Jesus said, "I go to my Father".

Go means move away from.
In this case from the Centre to the "Outer" or Father (Perhaps Farther away? that is from the centre.)

The Mother of God is the "Vessel" which contains the "Outer" Contents referred to as the Father.

The Holy Spirit is the Collective Nature, Character or Entity of The All.

A bit like when we say.... in the Spirit of the Game theme etc.

If we read "The Gospel According to John" in the first Chapter the writing describes God as being primarily of 2 Components.

1/. The WORD…. i.e. Communication.
2/. The LIGHT of MAN which is The LIFE of GOD.

The Soul is formed of LIGHT…. Hence the LIGHT of MAN Not A’DAM

The SON of GOD is the only Begotten or "First Born SOUL" from/or of LIGHT.

The LIGHT comes from the First Conceptual Movement “To & Fro” dividing the Darkness into its 2 Components Black & White.

The writings within the bible have been altered due to many different factors, some intentionally and some not, but through the ignorance of the Scribes.

Biblically MAN an A’DAM have been mixed as though they are one and the Same but…

A’DAM was the Primate whose breath is air.
MAN is the Soul whose LIGHT is The LIFE of GOD.

Your Second Question;

past present future

They are one and Time is an illusion.
We could look at it like being in the case of a DVD where the Data is Static on the Disc and it is only when the Disc is Rotated in a player that this Data becomes Dynamic.
Past and Future are static on the Disc existing together as one.
When the Disc is played the Present (Gift) is experienced even though the future and past exist together on the Disc.

Your 3rd Question;

anu enki enlil

Sorry I am ignorant in the area regarding Sumerian texts but I would suspect if the true understanding of these writings were known today they would show an abundance of what I am talking about. If and when I get time I want to look into the Sumerian texts as they I understand are pre-biblical.

Your 4th Question;

mind body soul

My interpretation of Mind is/was known as the True Mind re. an Ancient Christian text called “The Thunder Perfect Mind” which can be found on the net.
So The True Mind I understand Refers to the LIFE or "Awareness".

Body, well that is self explanatory…. The Primate or Descendants of A’Dam.

Soul, this is another body which the True Mind dwells in.
It is a 2D Plane which is integral with the First Born Soul in other words my Soul is one of the Partitions of The First Born Soul known as The Christ.
This Soul has a base Partition Map that is used in the Processing System of the Soul which looks like this….

At one stage of the Metamorphoses of the Soul it existed as a 3D body which looked like this…

At the completion of the "Metamorphoses", having the Son of Man returned which is “The MAN Child” mentioned in The Revelation of Jesus Christ looks like this…

And The Man Child in the Centre Looks like this…..

i guess the symbolism of the three has influnced me
i think looking at it in either way is good
because we are at least looking past the distractions

I don’t treat these things as symbols but rather the components of the All.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 12:37 AM
reply to post by oozyism

Absolutely. For one thing the Koran was written sometime after 600 AD correct? And I'm guessing not everything in the Koran, or Quran (whichever you prefer) agrees with what is in the Bible, I'm guessing they have even less in common with Greek myths, tribal religions from South America, etc. While the Bible, Koran and Torah (and other Hebrew Scriptures) originate from the same region (more or less) and do carry some similar threads that doesn't mean they came from the same source. Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings might have some similar story elements but that doesn't mean they came from the same author, the same could be said for Dracula and Twilight. Similarities does not mean they have the same source just as differences wouldn't necessarily dictate different sources. That isn't to say they don't come from the same source but I have yet to see a single scholar, religious or secular, claim that they all come from the same author or source material.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 12:45 AM
reply to post by Titen-Sxull

Ok, let's move on.

1. Muslims believe all scriptures are from GOD.

2. The past scriptures have been corrupted, read the Bible, even GOD talks about the corruption thy words will suffer through corrupt men.

Christian scholars agree that the Bible is not as it was, and has changed much, due to many reasons, for examples.

GOD is the author of these scriptures, all scriptures came from thy, it doesn't matter who the messenger was, whether human messenger or angel messenger, the source is GOD.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 12:57 AM
reply to post by oozyism

No. It does matter who the "messenger" was. These books were written by men, not god. These men may have, at various times, CLAIMED to be in contact with a deity but that doesn't mean they were telling the truth. Also, how poor of a communicator is this God if his word was so easily corrupted by man? And why bother telling primitive nomads in the desert when he could have sent a message today. After all if you're linking his method of communication to modern day fiber optics it sure sounds like a smart idea for this Source to start feeding us information now. If its a God it should be easy for him to start a website and automatically redirect us all there. And if he starts his own website he can guard against people corrupting his words and therefore cut out the middle man. I'm still not sure why a powerful supernatural being needs a middle-man or messenger to begin with though.

It sounds to me like the Muslims are pulling the same thing Christians do about Mormons: "Oh they believe in the same God they just read the wrong book" or "they're just interpreting it wrong". What it is is a back-handed compliment, claiming that someone believes in the same God but has the wrong religion.

Plus you are excluding non-Abrahamic religions aren't you? So Muslims Christians and Jews got messages ... what about the Hindus, what about the Native Americans, what about ancient druids, what about the Norse? What about Joseph Smith? Which religious texts came from this "Source" which did not and how can you tell the difference?

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 01:03 AM
reply to post by Titen-Sxull

Now you are trying to argue whether GOD exists or not..

I believe these scriptures came from GOD, if you disagree, make a thread, and we will discuss or debate the issue.

How about this topic:

Quran Author - GOD or MAN

I don't mind..

This topic is related to communication using light, I don't think you can argue whether light can be used to send messages, but whether Black Holes are gateways to send these messages in to far distances, can be debated in universe.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 01:15 AM
reply to post by oozyism

You are the one who asserted that the source was God, you've mentioned God several times so don't pretend its outside the purview of this discussion to bring that up. I never made any arguments claiming that God doesn't exist, in fact all I did was ask some questions about why this Source decided to communicate with ancient peoples especially if it communicates via something similar to fiber optics.

GOD is the author of these scriptures, all scriptures came from thy, it doesn't matter who the messenger was, whether human messenger or angel messenger, the source is GOD.

You said that, I merely questioned it and disagreed.

So there's Source which you claim is God who helped inspire these religious texts... care to provide any evidence for any of that?

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 01:24 AM
reply to post by Titen-Sxull

Evidence for GOD?


Evidence for the relations between the scriptures?

If the first, then I will wait for your thread, this is not about whether GOD exists or not.

If the second, then I was simply answering to those who think Quran is copied from the Bible, there are many who make such claims.

now you are trying to take this thread away from its original intent, to find the secrets of the Universe, to find out more about angels.

Once again, I will wait for your thread, give me a U2U once you make it.

I wonder if the debate section is still open.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 09:39 AM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

i like the dvd metaphor but it kinda scares me
it seems like it would destroy free will and make free will the illusion
by the information being burned to the disc by the creator
and us only reading information

and us as humans are bad information readers think all the information hidden from view
in one second of our life
the electromagnetic spectrum is the way all information is carried
little roatating things that vibrate and cause other things to rotate or cancel out their rotation
we can only read a small amount of the electomagnetic spectrum
hearing as one example and our range is within 20-20000 hertz
if things are moving really slow or really fast we cannot percieve them
but we can detect these thing if we measure them
and we have to use time as a scale in which to measure
hertz= the number of cycles per second
year= 365 days
day=24 hours
alot of things could not be seen without time
but i do think our time scale is a little off
on the nasa page it says a year=365 days 6 hours 9 min 9.45sec
divide that down
365 days 6 hours 9 min 9.45sec = 31558149.45 sec
1.000702354452= 1 second
that error could hide alot of information it is like the universe is using one ruler and we are using another
the only illusion i think about time is we have been given the wrong scale

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 12:42 PM
reply to post by oozyism

I'm waiting for you to provide evidence for any of those. So far you've reiterated the claim that the Koran, Bible and Jewish scriptures are all related and just asserted that as something that people believe. That's fine that people believe that but if YOU believe that and want others to do the same you ought to provide some evidence.

If this is about angels please elaborate, what evidence are basing your belief in angels on? I think you're trying to relate angels with fiber optics, is this so?

Let me see if I'm getting this right:

Fiber optics use light to transmit information

Angels, according to some mythologies, are made of light

Therefore angels operate on a similar principle as fiber optics

There's a few problems with this idea but the most glaring is that angels are described as thinking living beings. While it is true that light can transmit information I highly doubt that information could be a sentient being. The Bible, and other texts, have angels carrying swords, falling from grace and the Book of Enoch even has them bear children with the help of human wives. These hardly seem in harmony with the idea I think you're trying to support.

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