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Help! Telekinesis Resources

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posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 04:10 PM
Disclaimer: Looking for help, not for flame.

Started with the "Everyone is a psychic" thread here:

which was very helpful. I have had a lot of success with the psi wheel, but I am looking to move forward. Along with this I was hoping to find some good telekinesis literature, but to no avail.

It seems to me that not as many people take TK as seriously as I do, mostly because of belief which (IMO) stems from daily social norms, lack of willingness to try, and a lack of self discipline it takes to develop such abilities.

To cut to the chase, anyone have any good website/book suggestions that are good TK reading? Thanks in advance!

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 04:21 PM
first one that comes to my mind is a lot of useful resources for whatever paranormal mind venture you wish to undergo

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 05:40 PM
I've found that about 99.9% of everything I've ever seen in this realm is junk, or based on electromagnetic/body energy/heat, etc rather than true telekinesis.

I'll post what I feel about it. This is from personal experience and I don't get into it much. If you get it cool, if not maybe research in the area I mention.

Also, before I go on Dr. Charles Tart's new book, The End of Materialism, gets into a lot of empirical evidence and peer-reviewed publications in the realm of non-physical/psychic stuff.

After some time meditating I was able to move a small plastic die [1 dice] a few times. I saw the die in my mind's eye and was able to see it in a different dimension made of blue energy lines. Upon getting a strong visual of it on that level I then looked at in "real life" and kept both imagines active in my mind's eye. I drew them closer together until the two images merged. At the time that the two images became one a surge of energy went through me and it all felt sort of surreal. I focused on moving the object that was mostly associated with the blue lines realm and was able to push it about 1 inch three different times causing the die to move in real life.

I held my finger next to the die to mark where it was before moving it the second and third times. The third time it moved I had placed it on a table (rather than the carpet) and heard the die move as well as watched it.

The way I see it is that material things have a basis in the energetic worlds, astral level if you like, or higher. Manipulating the higher levels rather than the material lower levels is the main key to TK. It takes a LOT of will power and focus.

As a side note/warning. I spoke with a Buddhist lama about this and he was entirely understanding. He also make a point to tell me that one of the first rules they teach the monks is "to not do miracles" as they expend a high amount of Karma and are nearly always inappropriate to do.


If people don't believe me just ignore it; let's not flame his thread with all that.

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posted on Oct, 10 2009 @ 05:49 AM
I think those monks are luney tunes because I would rather live in a miraculous world where everyday life consists of what we (the modern public) would call miraculous activities.

I have had experiences so extreme that simple psychokinesis is really moot. I am actually writing a book to tell my story and share my unbelievable experiences of which there are several witnesses. My experiences happen out of the blue usually when my life is in danger but also when there are significant spiritual events occuring.

I always experience some sort of psychic phenemenon every moment of every day but the real powerful stuff resides in my subconscious mind. When its use is required it rises from the subconscious and into my conscious mind. I always automatically know how to use the surfaced ability when it comes conscious and when the event is over it returns back into the subconscious abyss. I also seem to find greatly different abilities that vary according to the event.

I do however work to make this subscious seatment of power more conscious. I am very hyperactive so meditating is very new to me and very hard to sustain for very long. I do however, have the ability to achieve waking R.E.M. after two to three minutes of actual meditating. I begin to see a lot of flashing colors and lights at first, then they begin to organize into a three dimensional immage, usually depicting some place like a busy city street with people walking, street signs changing, cars driving and anything happening in that place.

Other times I visit my coresponding stellar address and take the form of my core which is a supermassive black hole and proceed to eat my dinner of stars that get to close to me. When this happens I actually experience my most powerful state of being and my body at the time feels very wierd like something is touching me or pushing me phyically and I can feel electrical impulses circulating slowly through my body.

I am actually a galactic member not a stellar member meaning at the core, I must eat stars in order to survive. Very wierd but true I tell you this is the only way to interpret my properties. I do have a superior though and that is God who personally keeps me stable enough to function in this stupid (literally) world.

If I ever develop the ability to fly, I will definately be found practicing that miracle all of the time. According to my dreams its not easy even if you have the very ability. Landing is the first issue that would be a problem to deal with. If I ever figure out how to discover true attension span there is no limit to what I could do and would use all of it virtually all of the time in my life. I actually believe that is the way the world should really be and this is why I call the world stupid (literally). We are spiritual beings first and physical beings second, not the other way around.

The only time I believe doing something miraculous is wrong is if it is done for money like a show or something. Jesus never charged anybody money for a healing. But it can be used as a show of faith before witnesses.

To the guy who wrote this thread, there are a few real psychokinesis videos on you tube but many of them are hoaxes. I too am also looking for good reading material on the subject. I have had a little sucess with it during the summer but am now in college and don't have the time to practice much. I can only get a quarter turn when it works in either direction underneath a plastic box. I know that I only need to meditate more often and practice my psi wheel to get better results but time is a factor for me presently.

My most prominent ability is my psychic dreams which tell me the future of my life. I have set many prophecies into words on this site about the near future of the USA.


Angel One

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