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Theory: Could the web-bot "global coastal event" be caused by NASA bombing the moon?

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posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 12:40 AM

Originally posted by Where2Hide2006
The bombing of the moon is a weapons system test. Have you ever heard of "Rods from God" well its a bomb without being a bomb that packs the same punch as a nuke, without the radioactive fallout. Basically its a large metallic rod that falls to earth (or the moon in this case) from space and using kinetic energy becomes like smart asteroid that could wipe out an entire city. Think about it... they expect this 2 ton metal hunk to cause a 5 mile wide crater on the moon, and the moon has only a fraction of the gravitational pull of the earth.

With this weapon the usa can destroy any city on earth without leaving any traces of evidence of who is responsible for the attack.

Heres a link about the "rods from god" weapons system project.

The New York Times...

The Weekly Standard...

Cool theory.

I just responded to your other "rods of God" thread....but I want to add one more thing.....this "rods of God" weapon makes me think of some of the theories that some scientists were tossing about after 9/11 (but everybody ignored them), saying how the WTC and Pentagon were actually hit by some kind of super-weapon of some sort, similar to a nuclear weapon. Everyone said "no way!" and they were basically laughed off the face of the earth, and made to look like morons.

But maybe, if there was a weapon that hit the WTC towers, it was a prototype for "Rods of God."

Could 9/11 have been a "test site" for a mini "rod of God", and now they are testing a bigger one on the moon, that would make a 5 mile crater? If they had tried to make a 5 mile crater in NYC, it would have wiped out all of Manhattan.

Just a thought.

Just a scary thought.

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posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 12:46 AM

Originally posted by srsen
reply to post by nikiano

Wow - i had a bolt hit me today regarding, the moon bombing, recent earthquakes and a potential tsunami in the pacific...

Goes like this and is very similar to your theory....

The moon controls the tides and is explicitly linked to our planet's waters.

An impact on the moon could correlate to a similar event on earth...
(do not forget the sun/earth correlations in regards to solar flares and storms on earth...).

Then we have a very Katrina-esque build up in the Pacific recently with repeated large earthquakes hitting similar areas...
(Katrina-esque in that prior to Katrina, the Gulf of Mexico was hit with hurricane after hurricane until Katrian came... took em a few goes to get it right i say

SO, I think that the moon impact could be a harbinger of water chaos on earth caused not by an impact but by an earthquake in the pacific.

It seems as though they are creating these earthquakes in an attempt to generate a tsunami which, if big enough, would hit Australia, North and South America, Asia and even parts of Africa.

I hate to add La Palma, the island in French Polynesia which is literally breaking apart. If it were to fall apart due to an earthquake, the resulting tsunami would kill billions....

Interesting theory!, are you saying that they can create these earthquakes on earth? How does the moon bomb fit it more like a synchronicitous event?

Or do you think there is a direct relationship....for example, the same people who are bombing the moon are also creating the earthquakes, and then when they bomb the moon, it will also cause massive tide shifts, in addition to the earthquakes and cyclones and tsunamis... therefore bringing total destruction upon the earth?

Sounds like a James Bond novel, in a way, too. Now we just need to find Dr. Evil.

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posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 12:51 AM
Hey, I just thought of something...

Does anybody here have access to tide tables, or does anyone here live right on the ocean, such as in a boat?

It will be interesting to see if any tide changes happen tonight/tomorrow when NASA "bombs" the moon.

posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 03:06 AM
First of all, we know NASA is telling us the complete truth of what they are doing, in wait of losing funding. Then I am also in remembrance of something my grandmother use to say, “ Monkey see, monkey do”. So lets say, India decides to bomb the moon and how about China, etc..

I personally don’t think enough research has been done for us (humanity) to begin to take our weapons of destruction off this planet.

Again, this is one of those moments for me, I hope God is watching and for the sake of just one he will intervene where man fails.

posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 06:19 AM
Like others have written, the moon has obviously been hit before, and by much larger masses than LaCrosse. And actually, if the moon was a geod that is crackable, I think it would have cracked many times over by now. However, I do feel, and have felt, that Nasa hitting the moon is a ruse for two asteroids coming in. They have changed their plans, as far as I have read, twice concerning where they were going to make LaCrosse hit the moon. That just doesn't seem like Nasa, who make plans down to the smallest detail and nuance.

Also, incoming space rocks and debris have been made classified this year. The link to that story, or part of it can be found at Doomdailydot com, searching for classified space rocks.

In Godlikeproductions, an author there, calling himself russian insider says that Russia and the rest of the world, actualy, have known about incoming space rocks and have prepaired for an asteroid hit in the U.S.S.R. in about 3 days, and maybe hitting the Pacific Ocean instead.

I do believe that we are entering the debris field of the Galactic Plane, and the asteroid hits on Venus, Jupiter, and the rings of Saturn all seemingly from their south pole regions, which is where we are headed toward the Galactic plane, though some think it is very far away, or we have already passed through it, is a tell-tale sign that we have not passed through it and are indeed headed straight for it.

You can find an article with pictures of the three hits of the other planets at Doomdaily dot com under, the universe is breaking out in spots.

With the strange behavior at Nasa, the other planets getting hit this summer from the south, the moon being bombed from the south, and Russian forces having declared a bunker event warning this summer, which I believe they are still under, it is likely that we are headed for the debris field, and it would explain why all the seed vaults and other bunkers are only being built in the northern hemisphere, as far as I can tell.

I do hope, though, that I am wrong. But the web bot could be predicting an asteroid hit in the Pacific after all, and in a way, if the moon is hit by space debris that is not man made, then your theory could be partially true.

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 05:13 PM
According to Sheldan Nidle's sources (humans from Sirius B) the moon is not Earth's natural satellite. It is a hollow titanium alloy shell covered in asteroid belt debris. It was made by the reptilians in the Orion constellation
and towed here about a million yrs. ago to do battle with the Galactic Federation of Light. There are bases inside and on the surface. The craters are not from meteors entirely. Some are from bomb and other weapons fire.

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posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 02:21 AM
reply to post by Sargoth

When I was a child of 12, my younger brother and I shared a room. We would often tell each other stories at night. One night, I told the story of space heros who found that their planet's moon was actually a giant computer, nearly hollow.

I'm a Christian, but I know that Adam's kin were here longer than six thousand years. Perhaps there are legends such as this one that have elements of truth in them. Either way, something odd sure happened when Nasa collided a satelite with the moon a few days ago. I wonder if they were trying to confirm whether it was hollow or not? I suppose the moon would have reverbrated if had been hollow.

It does have mountains on it two miles high. Maybe it was a planetoid that was, indeed, dragged into orbit around the Earth. I shall look into your ideas here. Cool.

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