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Ancient Star War - a essay about conspiracy of Freemason

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posted on Mar, 13 2005 @ 08:28 AM
Ancient Star War : Part 1D 2003-4-9

Breaking new : USA finally won the war. The plan will soon be executed.

Back to the issue on the duplication of the city on Mars, you may ask is that really Washington D.C. a duplication of the city on Cydonia region on Mars ? If you remember that I have posted a message on the five-pointed star, the Freemason and Washington D.C, and the images of that message, you may know the similarities between D.C. and Cydonia. But Got have some more information on this issue, and all started when USA established in 1776.

The first governor of USA, George Washington, was a well-known Freemason. He, with the city architect, planned to build the capital city of this new country on Earth. Among the Freemasons there is a group that focused on established the New World Order. (That New World Order is repeatedly claimed by George Bush, his father, and some generals of USA). This New World Order is aimed for controlling all other non-Freemason under one government, one economic system, and one culture. reemasons wanted to create back a world that is similar to the pre-flood states. Only with the New World Order the humans can evolve and develop faster to escape from the coming disaster and reach another state of mind.

When they proclaimed in front of the world that USA was a new country, they used the knowledge acquired from the scrolls brought from the Jerusalem and started to build a city. In order to make the Earth as a duplication of Mars, they insisted to converse some specific parts of land of D.C. to build some significant buildings. The list below is the buildings in D.C. and possible monuments on Mars now.

White House = Face of Mars
Pentagon = D&M Pyramid
Junctions of roads = City Square, Cliff

Have you ever think that why Americans built the military HQ in pentagonal shape, but now hexagonal, or a star shape ? It is because it is a duplication of D&M Pyramid on Mars ! George Washington and the city architect already know what are on Mars in 1776 and kept this knowledge in Freemason Lodges. When the new governor of USA is voted, he will be contacted by Freemasons and asked to join them. Nearly all USA governors were come from Freemasonic families, or became a Freemason when they were the governor of USA. Some rich families also were Freemasons, Like Rock-farer family, Morgan family, etc. Their vast amount of wealth and power controlled the government and executed the plans to rebuild the city on Earth. The reason for this, is still unknown.

Some researchers compared the satellite images taken above the skies of Washington D.C. and Cydonia Region on Mars, and they found that that the mentioned items above superimposed each other exactly ! It is not merely a coincidence, but a detailed planned city planning.

When the satellites sent to Mars for exploration, scientists and Freemasons found that the records are correct when concerning our ancestors. Recently Got studied the images taken by Mars Odyssey and, and found that some landscapes on Mars are similar to buildings. Moreover, individual researcher Richard Hoagland, together with some other researchers, found that there are some astronomical knowledge hidden in the Cydonia Region. When they used lines to connect some significant landmark on Cydonia, they found the angles between
the lines are not in random. Those angles could be divided by a number 19.5 and Pi (3.14). This could also be applied to Washington D.C.

You may ask why they want to build something that can only be seen from the sky, but not from the ground ? Let me use Pyramids in Giza as the example. Many people will know that the alignments of the three great pyramids in Giza are the same as the Orion belt. On the ground we never know that the alignments of those pyramids are similar to Orion belt. But when you look back from the sky, you will immediately recognize this. Why ? Because they are for the people above the sky.

Before I move into the Ancient Star War, I want to share one more thing on the recent war. As I have said that the Americans wanted to conquer Iraq. They wanted to find the Babel Tower and discovered if there are something for them to know about their ancestors. In addition, they wanted to find the scriptures that recorded the mysterious “Tree of Life” in the Babylon myths.

Some scriptures on the walls of the temples in Iraq nowadays were built by a group of people called Sumerians. This kind of people was suspected to be the people who have the knowledge about the pre-flood world. When you can take a look at the so-called “Tree of Life” of Babylon, you will immediately recognize this is a DNA double helix. If the myth says “Life hides in the Tree of Life” and the Tree of Life is similar to DNA, then I suggest that Americans want to claim some hidden knowledge buried under the sands of Iraq. Frankly speaking, Americans wanted to demonstrate its military power, control the supply of oil, establishes its influence in Middle East, and confronts Europe, they also wanted to know more about the Tree of Life and how to build a Babel Tower, also
known as Space Elevator now.

To be continued.

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posted on Mar, 13 2005 @ 04:28 PM
Well its good to know people that do things against our will have our best INTENTIONS in their mind.

This is a giant religious war being played out for the world in a Theatre, they're not called those for nothing!

posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 12:54 AM
You should have kept quiet. Now we have to abduct and reprogram you

posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 04:30 AM
Its definitely the anti-masons trying to get a rise out of people, yep, posting pics of trolls, and funny animations.

Here's a question, do you get awarded the 33 degree for your contribution to society, which is recognized by Freemasonry, or do you get the 33 degree for your contribution to Freemasonry, as recognized by society?

So, is it the most valuable Societal contributions that it gets awarded for? Is it commonly referenced what you receive the honorary degree for, or unimportant?

posted on Mar, 16 2005 @ 10:06 AM
Its a interesting title to this thread

"Ancient Star War"

The words "Star Wars" can be symbolic of war in or of the Heavens, i.e. it means Religious War, what do we have happening in the Middle East?.

Religious War.

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posted on Apr, 3 2005 @ 03:39 AM
Ancient Star War Special Episode - Year 2012 2003-5-11

At last US won the war against Iraq, as expected that US will lead the peace
treaty in Middle East. The most important thing is, the museums in Iraq were
robbed and a lot of things have been stolen from that place. Some reporters
from CNN said that some thieves are well planned and they have keys to open
locks for expensive and valuable items of the Ancient Iraq, also known as
Sumerians in that museum. I already predicted before this event that US will,
and should find places under the sands of Iraq to search back the Babel Tower,
Tree of Life, and connection between Mars and Earth.

US, controlled by Freemasons, now are closer to its total control over the
world. They soon will establish the New World Order as planned by the old
Bush. But what is the connection between the Mars and Earth, and possibly the
Ancient Star War ?

But before I tell you about this story, I want to share something that may
happen very soon, a great event that we may experience later. That is recorded
in the Mayan calendar “The Sun Disc”. This is also been predicted by
scientists nowadays, as well as the scholars in Babylon.

Year 2012 – The date of destruction, or the date of transcending ?

These days, a lot of people claimed that 2012 will be the end of the world.
Some are scientists and some are merely people practicing New Age
mediations. I thought that 2012 will not be the end of the world, but rather,
something great will happen during that year.

If you study the Mayan calendar, you will know that the Mayan divided our
world into six stages, and each stage with 27600 years. Why the Mayan
marked 27600 years as a stage ? It is because our solar system will be at the
same pane as our galaxy arm. (That is, our sun is at the same level as the core
of the galaxy) Archaeologists discovered that our world had passed five stages
on the Mayan calendar, and during the transition period between each stage,
the world will have terrible disaster that would wipe out lots of living things on

By calculating the calendar’s date, archaeologists discovered that the next
transition stage will be on 2012. Strangely enough, the calendar recorded what
will happen after each transition stage, but archaeologists found that after the
sixth stage, that is, 2012, the calendar is blank and the prediction stopped.
There is nothing left after 2012 and the Mayan stopped calculating what will
happen after 2012. They predicted that :

1. Maybe the end of the world will happen in 2012, and there is no need to
record anymore. All humans will die in that year.
2. Gods from the sky will take away all humans from Earth.
3. Humans will transcend into another being that we can control time, so there
is no need to predict anything
4. Humans will have new thoughts of mind, and they will merge into the nature
and become part of the universe. At this moment, we are connected to a higher
level of consciences. (Maybe it is the discovery of the Hyperdimensional Physics
that we finally can escape from this dimension and enter the space-time

This discovery was only treated as a myth, a legend and perhaps,
misinterpretation of words on this Mayan calendar. However, our scientists
discovered something very terrible that prove these predictions, maybe true.

Recently a film called “Core” was mentioning the similar thing. Scientists used
the satellite that was sent to Earth orbit to test the magnetic field of our planet,
and discovered that the magnetic field is diminishing. They thought that if the
readings from the satellite are wrong and the calibrations of the sensors are
wrong. But after a series of tests, they confirmed that the magnetic field is not
only diminishing, but our planet is undergoing a very special transition that
matches the Mayan calendar transition, and that transition is called Pole Shift.

Every 27600 years, our Earth will undergo a Pole Shift. What is Pole Shift ? Pole
Shift means the interchange between the North Pole and the South Pole. The
magnetic field of South Pole will change to North Pole and visa versa. That
means, when we use a compass to test the magnetic field after the Pole Shift,
the needle that originally points to North will now point to South. The last
transition was appeared in 27600 years ago.

Based on the Pole Shift, scientists finally got an idea why the whales and
dolphins will rush to the beaches for no reasons. Many countries found that a
lot of whales and dolphins died on the beach. What’s wrong with them is a
mystery to the biologists, but now they started to think that the decrease in the
magnitude of the magnetic field distort the navigation system inside those
whales and dolphins. This situation will become more severe when the real Pole
Shift is near. Sooner or later, birds and other animals that will migrate from
one place to another place will be affected.

What is the relationship between this Pole Shift and the Freemasons ? It related
to the Hyperdimensional Physics and conquers against Iraq. Anyone ever ask
this question, why there is a six-pointed star on the flag of Israel ? This symbol
is, in fact, to unlock the secret to another dimension and contact with the
higher consciences. This secret is what Freemasons need to find. They believe
that only discover what left from the ancestors can save us from the total
destruction in the coming years. But before that, they should prepare all the
people on Earth to accept this secret, and where are we come from, and where
will we go. Part of the answers are heavily related to the Ancient Star Wars.

To Be Continued.

posted on Apr, 3 2005 @ 03:42 AM
Ancient Star Wars – Part 2

News before Ancient Star Wars. Euro Mars Express was launched to Mars
successfully, and USA will launch two rovers to Mars this year. One will be launched
on 10 June 2003, if the weather is good, and the other one will be launched on July.
Why our governments launch so many satellites to Mars ? Got think that they should
reclaim the ancient legacy under the soil of Mars and cracked the pattern on Cydonia.
If you take a look at the choice of landing places, you can see the Rovers will land
near Viking 2. That place was suspected to have something under it. (I do not believe
it is only bacteria) What kind of things ? Got thinks that it may be some remains of
artificial materials. Ok, we back to the Ancient Star Wars. Got will try to introduce the
possible beginning of our human. If you have any religious beliefs, I can say that
something in this document may discomfort you. I am sorry but I have no choice, as
many of the important facts must relate to some gods in our world.

Got reminder : I have re-write the Ancient Star Wars with more information and
corrections. This version is better than the old ones I posted in
perhaps. If you have more to say, please discuss. I will start to write something about
transmigration (of the soul) (of Buddhism)in my point of view.

Very beginning

Many gods in this world, like Maya, Egypt, Babylon, etc, claimed themselves were
come from the stars. The most famous ones were the Egyptian Gods. When you look
at the pyramids in Giza, you will know that those pyramids are arranged as Orion
belt. I have mentioned a connection between NASA, Orion, Egyptian gods and
Pyramids before, so I will not mention this again here. But if you want to know more
on this, I can re-write something on that.

Long ago, our solar system was not as same as now. There was no asteroid belt
between Mars and Jupiter, and there was no Mars in its presence orbit. There is a fifth
planet existed in the orbit of what now we called asteroid belt. What is the cause of
the asteroid belt ? Scientists could not find a reasonable answer to this question.

Scientists found that the rings of the Saturn are composed of many stones and
asteroids. It cannot form a satellite, or moon of Saturn is because of the tidal forces
separate the stones apart. So, the stones move around Saturn and we have the
Saturn ring now. But what about the asteroid belt ? Scientists found that the tidal
force of the sun could not separate the stones apart during the formation of the solar
system. Scientists even could not understand why the holes impacted by asteroids on
Mars are only concentrated on the Southern hemisphere. The possible water crystal
also only concentrated on the same region of Mars. The pole axis and other features,
like the moons of Mars, Phoebe and Deimos’ superimpose orbits. (About Phoebe,
someone suggested that it is a listening post produced by aliens or gods from the
stars to guard Mars. There is also another story concerning a Russian satellite which
lost near Phoebe with a strange reason, I can write if you want to read)

Mars was only a satellite of this fifth planet.

Gods from the stars first settled on the fifth planet and also Mars. They developed
colonies and cities in Cydonia, Elysium region of Mars (All lies within 39’ N and S,
which is 19.5’ x 2) They built pyramids and face of Mars as markings of their
visitation, also to tap the energies from the hyperdimensions. (Pyramids are of no
usual structures. All settings of Giza Pyramids are well defined) In addition, the
Cydonia city map is the plan of gods to unlock the energies and mathematical
formulae to higher consciences. After the settlement of Mars, gods visited Earth. The
leaders of the gods settled in two places on Earth. One was near the Greek now, and
Plato called it Atlantis. Another place was near the Red Sea today, and we called Garden of Eden in Bible.

When they reached Earth, they found that it is a special planet that is better than
Mars. The atmosphere is thick with water and be a special protection against
universal rays. (This is also mentioned in Hebrew – the water of heaven. Scientists
claimed that the atmosphere of the early age of Earth is entirely different from now)
So, they settled, and after some years, they tried to join their genes with the
primitive race on Earth to create a new species. This new species can be slaves to
them, and also can study how to enhance their genes. By series of experiments,
humans were created. These gods also discovered that by joining the two species, the
lifespan is very long (Bible recorded that the humans before the Great Flood can live
at least 900 years. It is not only because of the special atmosphere, but also the
genes) They also discovered the secret of immortality by joining two species into one.
Their records are kept in Babylon (So you can see the Tree of Life in Babylon is like a
DNA double helix, and Bible said “Immortality hides in the Tree of Life)

The gods and humans started to build the same structures, pyramids and other cities
within 19.5' belt on Earth to tap the energies of the hyperdimensions and other
knowledge they kept with them. They choose Giza, the central point of Earth's
gravity, to be the center of their structures.

Time passes, the group who settled in Garden of Eden and Atlantis started to
struggle. Some of the gods even mated with those created humans to form another
new species (In Bible, it called Heroes in Genesis) The polluted genes and species
were formed and humans were now capable of having their own ideas and
consciousness. One group of god who lived in Atlantis, insisted to destroyed all
humans by altering the atmosphere, while the group in the Garden of Eden insisted to
keep them on Earth. They should all went back to the space and observe how the
humans develop. After much debate and without reasons, two groups started to fight
against each other. One of the leaders of Atlantis was called Lucifer, while the other
group who stayed in the Garden of Eden, was called Jehovah.

Wars begin......

To be continued.

posted on Apr, 3 2005 @ 07:39 AM

Originally posted by akilles
Here's a question, do you get awarded the 33 degree for your contribution to society, which is recognized by Freemasonry, or do you get the 33 degree for your contribution to Freemasonry, as recognized by society?

Either one.

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