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Abbas faces more anger over UN war crimes report

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posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 05:16 PM

RAMALLAH, West Bank — In five turbulent years in office, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has never faced as much outrage as over his decision to suspend efforts to get Israeli officials put on trial for war crimes in Gaza.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

In the short term, the U.S. is pushing for a quick resumption of Mideast peace talks, but gaps remain wide on what it takes to get back to the table. A weakened Abbas may not be in a position to make concessions when President Barack Obama's special Mideast envoy, George Mitchell, returns to the region this week.

"This is the worst position that Abbas has found himself in since he was elected president," said Hani al-Masri, a West Bank commentator.

At the center of the uproar is a 575-page U.N. report about Israel's three-week war in Gaza last winter, which alleges that both Israel and Hamas committed war crimes, something both sides deny.

A Palestinian protester tosses a shoe at a poster of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas The Arabic writing on the poster reads: "To the trash heap of history, you traitor, Mahmoud Abbas."

Israel’s war against the Gazan people in December and January devastated the tiny Strip, killing over 1,400 people, a majority of whom were civilians. The Western powers, backed Israel’s battle against Hamas and shared its belief that destruction of the Islamist group would benefit their interests.

Israel is still regularly launching military strikes against “terrorist” targets.

The recent UN released report on Gaza, investigated by distinguished South African Justice Richard Goldstone, found overwhelming evidence that both Israel and Hamas committed war crimes during the conflict and should be held to account in an international tribunal. Goldstone stressed that the culture of impunity endemic in the Middle East must end the targeting of civilians and their infrastructure and the lack of international will to fully investigate the atrocities carried out in the name of “defeating terrorism.”

I found this very interesting

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 05:33 PM
Fatah official accuses Israelis of making troubles in Jerusalem

RAMALLAH, Oct. 6 (Xinhua) -- A senior Fatah official Tuesday accused Israelis of making troubles in Jerusalem to avoid the resumption of peace talks with the Palestinians.

Mohammed Dahlan, who was recently appointed as a member of Fatah's Central Committee, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "tries to blow up the situation in Jerusalem to evade negotiations with Palestinians."

Israel deployed thousands of police at sensitive holy places in the Old City in Jerusalem following two days of clashes between Palestinian Muslim worshipers and Jews.

The Palestinians want East Jerusalem, which Israel has captured in the 1967 war, as the capital of their future statehood which would also include Gaza and the West Bank.

"Israel tries to impose a de facto situation in Jerusalem by these aggressions in a continued plan to isolate the city from the West Bank," Dahlan said.

Peace talks between the two sides have been stalled since the beginning of this year and the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) says the talks can not be resumed until Israel stops Jewish settlement in the West Bank.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 07:22 PM

A World Bank report last year found that as much as 45 per cent of the Palestinian mobile phone market may be in the hands of the Israeli companies. In violation of the Oslo Accords, these firms do not pay taxes to the PA for their commercial activity, losing the Palestinian treasury revenues of up to $60m a year.

Israeli companies also rake off additional surcharges on connections made by Palestinians using Jawwal, including calls between mobile phones and landlines, between the West Bank and Gaza and many within Area C, and international calls.

Israeli and international corporations are directly involved in the occupation: in the construction of Israeli colonies and infrastructure in the occupied territories, in the settlements’ economy, in building walls and checkpoints, in the supply of specific equipment used in the control and repression of the civilian population under occupation.
An interesting site exposing companies setting up operations on occupied land.even Veolia the french company has a interest in the CityPass cosortium, for light rail construction and is designed to connect the city of Jerusalem with the illegal settlements around it.


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posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 06:56 AM
The UN has brought forward a regular Security Council meeting on the Middle East after Libya demanded an urgent debate on alleged war crimes in Gaza.

Arab states say the 14 October debate must tackle a report which criticised Israel, after the US argued against a emergency session dedicated to it.

The UN Human Rights Council delayed its debate on the findings of the Goldstone report following a Palestinian request.

Libya's envoy to the Security Council said its aim was to "keep momentum".

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has come under sharp criticism at home for requesting the UNHRC delay, which followed intense pressure from the US.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

looks like he is getting the boot

seems now with the protests the wheels are once again in motion and 574-page Goldstone report seems to be getting the media it deserves.


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posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 07:15 AM
Well put together thread, star and flag.

I'm glad to see people are finally starting to see what's happening.
I have no doubt that both are probably guilty of war crimes, but Israel of all places should know better, and all the while beating the war drums for Iran.

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by ocker

Thanks Ocker. The propaganda is becoming rampant. I've noticed a great deal of current event articles disappearing from the Net. 404 errors are now coming up.

The time is quickly upon us that We will need to take pictures of the pages; as otherwise it would have never existed.

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