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ABOUT ATS: Writer, Fighter And Scholar Specialty Titles

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posted on May, 17 2004 @ 03:41 AM
link is a family of discussion forums covering a wide range and variety of topics. Among them are special-purpose forums for collaborative writing, debates and research.

Access to these special forums is limited to minimize disruption and ensure a high quality of content, and is subject to the discretion of the staff member in charge.

If access is granted, members will be able to post in the corresponding forum and receive a specialty title reflecting this status: Writer, Fighter or Scholar.

More than one of these titles may be held simultaneously.

Members with an interest in joining these forums are welcome to apply by contacting the following staff members via U2U:

Collaborative Writing (Writer): worldwatcher (Send U2U)

Debate Forum (Fighter): The Vagabond (Send U2U)

Research Forum (Scholar): ADVISOR (Send U2U)

If you have any questions about these forums, please feel free to contact the respective staff member directly.

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