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Gaza Siege, The Movie

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 11:17 AM
Based on the success of movies focusing on international Humanitarian events like Blood Diamond, Black Hawk Down, Tears of the Sun and Hotel Rwanda, we shall now have the courage to rise up against the status quo and procude a mainstream blockbuster about the Gaza ghetto and the suffering of their people at the hand of a neighboring imperial and sadistic regime as well as the leaders of the occupied terroritory who refuse to concede even slightly for the sake of their own people.

The move can assist regular people who dont even kno whats going on in the world see the humiliation and oppression faced by a people who are collectively punished by an entity financed and subsidized by our own government.

Lets start with numbers. The following movie accounting information is provided by
Blood Diamond:
production budget 100,000,000
Total US Gross $57,377,916
International Gross $114,000,000
Worldwide Gross $171,377,916
Home Market Performance
US DVD Sales: $62,421,598

Black Hawk Down:
Production Budget $95,000,000
Total US Gross $108,638,745
International Gross $65,000,000
Worldwide Gross $173,638,745
Home Market Performance
US DVD Sales: $970,318

Hotel Rwanda
Production Budget $17,500,000
Total US Gross $23,519,128
International Gross $10,400,000
Worldwide Gross $33,919,128

Now produuction budget does not reveal the actual cost. Most of the time they dont use the entire budget. And then of course we still gotta market it appropriately.

Filming can be done in one of our friendly Arab states as I am sure they would be glad to host such a production. We cant use the real Gaza for obvious reasons.

I think the story can progress throughout the years, maybe three part starting a few years before the election victory of Hamas. The timeline immediatelly followng and then the brief military campaign in early spring 2008.

Key points to stress are Hamas's refusal to concede to ANYTHING for he sake of their people, but as welll the racist oppression and degradation by the IDF and regular Israeli ctizens which have been witnissed in videos like the following against their WEst Bank Neighbors.

and many other situations.

Obviously a movie wont fix the problem, but it could raise awareness, increase activism, and make some money at the same time. So what studio you think willa take this on?

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 06:32 PM
I was unaware of the existence of a documentry already covering the plight of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza strip under Israeli military occupation.

Occupation 101 has some extensive coverage of the daily struggle just to live under such harsh conditions including some rare footage and testimony from people living in Gaza, an open prison camp which is quite similar if not worse than the NAZI ghettos of WW2. I said the ghettos, not prison camps. Two different things.

There is also some recent footage on youtube of Israeli armored bulldozers and tanks moving into Palestinian land and simply just destroying and uprooting their farmland and crops. That is a war crime even under open warfare, let alone a military occupation.

FYI, if you want to watch the documentry before buying it to support them I am seeding it on my torrent client.

So anyways, it is about time for that blockbuster hit. We can easily find popular actors to play oppressive IDF soldiers/officers and some new up and comings to play the part of the oppressed and humiliated arab population.

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 06:36 PM
reply to post by DYepes

Um... You forgot that Hollywood is ran by Jews.

Instead, they make all movies demonizing Palestinians as terrorists:

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