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I was born into the "bloodlines" and went rogue

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 06:35 PM
reply to post by Donkey_Dean

Hemp could be made legal easily, if the folks making all the billions from the M crop started lobbying in Washington for its legalization. $300-$400 million per year would do the trick guaranteed! It would be legal within weeks. Of course then we would have an M lobby with truly despicable roots.

Hemp is not the M crop. It was promoted by the USDA during world war II because of its usefulness. GOVERNMENT PROMOTES HEMP: USDA "Hemp For Victory" WWII Film

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 06:36 PM

Originally posted by clandestiny
I’m gonna to keep this introduction short and simple.

Blah, blah, blah... epic fail.

Look, at least you can get down to brass tacks, and just post the information.

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 06:40 PM
From an article I wrote a while back -

What MTBE was really designed for

You see it’s no accident that MTBE causes weather pattern changes that lead to catastrophic drought, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes, nor that it’s bad for your health. But you better make sure you’re sitting down to read the rest of this article.

What do droughts, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes spell? Think about it. Here’s a clue – What does 666.666 x 3 = ? It’s 1999.999. What happened in the year 1999.999? That’s right, the millennium changed. And what was everyone worried about at midnight on December 31, 1999? Bingo – the Y2K virus.

Let’s back up a little. What do you think the human race would have thought if in the early winter months of 1999, there were droughts, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes which was all followed by the Y2K virus disrupting the world’s banks, corporations, governments, militaries, utility infrastructures, everything tied to computers? Without a doubt we would have thought it was the end of the world right?

Check this out – Look at Enron, MTBE’s grand central headquarters. Ken Lay, old man George Bush, Phil Gramm and his wife Wendy, Dick Cheney and Halliburton, were all key players in getting MTBE programs legislated through Washington using the first Iraq war as cover for mandating it be added to gasoline. Enron’s energy and derivatives trader controlled the flow of chemicals used to produce MTBE before they headed to the refineries and then convened the sale of the MTBE itself to the gasoline refineries to be blended with gasoline.

Enron and Weather Derivatives

The same trading unit that did this also invented something called weather derivatives. These are contracts that companies can buy as insurance against unseasonable weather patterns that can ruin their business year. So a heating oil company might buy a weather derivative in case we have a warm winter while a gold course might want to use them to hedge against excessively cold or rainy weather. If it’s overly warm and dry, Enron makes money from the sale of its golf derivative. But then they have to pay off on the heating oil contract. Since they were controlling the flow of MTBE nationwide, they were also the ones causing the changes in weather patterns.

When MTBE first started to be used in 1992-93, it caused unseasonably mild weather. Back then it was only being used at 11% during winter months in metropolitan regions. This caused smog to dissolve around big cities making everyone think MTBE was a miracle gasoline additive. This happens because MTBE emits high levels of formaldehyde that mix with nitrogen oxide in smog turning it into low level ozone that although is less visible than smog, it’s more dangerous to breath. It also causes atmospheric water vapor that the MTBE and smog mixed with to rise into the upper troposphere where it would be carried east and dropped as rain.

Most of the states east of California suffered from flooding for a couple years after MTBE use started. It caused California to have an extreme drought while suffering epic wildfires. At the same time the Midwest endured endless flooding, just like they’ve been having ever since ethanol started to be used in May of 2006, only these storm systems are much more violent because ethanol refineries in the Midwest contribute the same kinds of pollutants that cause these kinds of problems along with billions of tons more water vapor from the distilleries. It happened because there are no cities west of California with pollution mixing with regional water vapor that later falls in California. So they have floods instead of drought and wildfires because all of California’s water vapor from the drought is falling on them.

In 1995, they started using MTBE at 15% year round instead of 11 percent just in the winter. So the flooding gave way to nationwide drought patterns because water vapor mixed with MTBE pollution became gaseous enough to float high enough in the atmosphere to stay there until the MTBE supply was cut off. When that happened, it condensed into rain that dumped back into the lower atmosphere as if it had come out of a giant bucket. The rains before they use it at 15% were like Noah’s flood of forty days and forty nights, just endless rain. But after they used it at 15% and then cut of the supply, especially if it was cold, the rain came down like a water main in heaven had burst trouncing us with rain, ice, or snow as if a celestial size hammer fallen out of the sky.

I knew about MTBE before I got sick

This part gets a little complicated. I knew about MTBE before I got sick drinking it in polluted well water. I read about it in 1989 and then again in 1990, in the only newspaper that covered the story, The Washington Times. That was when it was being debated through congress under the cover of the Iraq war. The Washington Times is owned by the Moonies cult. It isn’t connected to Wall Street the way most major news sources are. But the cult doesn’t get involved in its publishing so it’s still a respected news source.

With Wall Street not wanting the story talked about, none of the other papers covered it. But The Washington Times wasn’t included in the kinds of backroom meetings that lay out the kinds of plans our financial leaders to use to rip us off. So The Washington Times told the story but no one else did. I followed it because I lived under a bridge next to a highway and wanted to see exhaust fumes from cars cleaned up so it didn’t give me cancer. I know this clashes with the other statements I’ve made so far but bare with me. Both are true.

I was living under a bridge waiting for these kinds of stories to come out to see if the intelligence I’d gathered about a plan to fake the end of the world were real. I didn’t know exactly how it was going to happen so I was really just following this story because I wanted better air quality. I knew automobile fuel was the likely source of a delivery system for a chemical that would cause weather patterns to mimic the end of the world like stories in the bible told about but I honestly didn’t believe it would ever actually happen, I just knew for a fact that it would. I know, it was even stranger being me thinking this at the time than it is now for you to read about it.

The first article I read about gasoline additives was about one that would cause cars to emit a chemical that mixed with smog causing it to rise into the clouds and dissolve in the sun. Then it would follow the jet stream and be dumped in the Atlantic Ocean. It was brought up on Capitol Hill but quickly dismissed as a really bad idea. The next thing that came up was an additive to gasoline that would give 20% more mileage with 70 percent less pollution. Everyone liked the idea except the oil companies. When the Clean Air Act debate was about to come apart because no one could agree on what was to be done, the oil companies said they’d agree to use MTBE which was said to be almost as good as the other additive, polyisobutylene, while MTBE had polyisobutylene in it.

Of course just about everything made from crude oil has polyisbutylene in it, even bubble gum. But there was so much confusion and corruption in Washington back then, just like there is now, that our leaders voted in nearly a 100 percent agreement to force us to use MTBE, which incidentally gets rid of smog by causing it to rise up into the sky and bake in the sun where it’s later dumped in the Atlantic Ocean. So we got the additive that everyone turned down, they just lied about what it was to get it back in the debate. Then a trillion dollars was invested in producing it so there was no turning back from using it. And I found out earlier this year that polyisobutylene is being used by the state of Texas to bring their air quality into compliance with EPA standards.

That’s incredible isn’t it, they let themselves use an additive that works while they sell us poison for over 4 dollar a gallon. And ethanol doesn’t work. Not only does it make air more dangerous to breath but it doesn’t burn in most ignition systems. We’re actually importing more oil since we started using ethanol because it costs so much lost mileage. In fact the value of the dollar started crashing when the ethanol program started in May of 2006. The loss it caused the economy drove up the price of gasoline even more than us having to import more of it. This is the sole cause of why our economy is collapsing now.

Granted, it was a house of cards built by rich people that sooner or later was going to come down. But it was still able to hold itself together until ethanol ripped its foundation out from underneath it. And the thing is, ethanol can be used so that it doesn’t cause a loss of mileage or more pollution. In fact it is cheaper to do it that way and requires less corn. But if they do it using hydrous ethanol instead of anhydrous ethanol, smog will come back and weather patterns will return to normal.

Right now the changes in weather pattern are being attributed to global warming caused by carbon dioxide (CO2). With the world’s populations believing this is true, there are plans to create taxes for everything that causes CO2, which is everything we use, called “cap & trade”. It’ll raise trillions of dollars a year for rich people to use to solve a problem that doesn’t exist while we won’t be able to afford many of the things we buy anymore. So there is a struggle going on in Washington and on Wall Street to keep from fixing the ethanol equation.

Poison a nation to own its government

The point is that Enron knew MTBE caused weather pattern changes before it was ever brought up in Washington DC. MTBE was designed to screw up the atmosphere supposedly to get rid of smog. Then they came up with weather derivatives to make money off their insider knowledge. They also knew it would pollute groundwater nationwide. Although the oil companies pretend that they didn’t know how bad it polluted groundwater until the late 1990’s, court records from lawsuits show they knew as far back as 1979 how bad it was. In fact in the articles I read in The Washington Times in 1990, it was made very clear to our leadership in the Clean Air Act debate so they all knew as well.

At the time Enron collapsed, they were in the midst of setting up a new trading unit that dealt with clean water rights. That’s right, they were going around the country buying up water sources that weren’t polluted with MTBE. In fact they were very close to closing a deal that would have given them sole water rights to the Everglades, the largest source of clean water on the planet.

I’m telling you all this because it is important for you to know. You know the world is corrupt, that’s why you rebel against it. But you don’t know how really corrupt it actually is where you’re a pawn on their game board with your rebellion being created and controlled to benefit them.

This is how it works

Look at how Halliburton sold the US government contracts to put asbestos insulation in government buildings nationwide that later had to be taken out because it causes Mesothelioma, a form of cancer. Look at how tetraethyl lead (TEL) was used as an additive to gasoline from 1922 until it was phased out beginning in 1976. Just like with MTBE and ethanol where it was supposed to be good for engines, the truth is it was bad for them while also making people sick. And just like with asbestos and MTBE, the government knew how bad TEL was for our health before they started forcing them on the market. In fact that’s why companies go to the government, to get defective products forced on us that we otherwise would never buy.

Do you know what the most profitable industry is in the world is? Did you get it right? It ought to obvious to a street wise business man or woman like yourself. Medical related products and services are by far the best way on this planet to make money. And look what happens when you get a government to support the poisoning of a country by giving them lots of money to overlook what should have lead to a products obvious downfall.

Look at Halliburton. They should have been shut down for what they did with asbestos. But since they got the government to support what they did, the government needed their help to cover up its mistakes. So now Halliburton, one of the biggest corporations in the world, is the largest government services contractor we have. In fact they are the US government.

Look at how testing on groundwater polluted with MTBE, that’s required by federal law, that should have been done before MTBE was ever put on the market, still hasn’t come about even after thousands of lawsuits and million of people alleging it causes them great illness have come forward. Until I started beating up on the EPA over what they were doing, they said MTBE was safe in drinking water even though they had never tested it. And it’s made from carcinogens that cause a wide array of extreme illnesses including cancer.

In 1999, the EPA came out saying MTBE was a potential carcinogen but that drinking water that contained it was still safe, again basing their claims on an opinion with no testing done to support it. At the time, they also recommended testing to find out what a safe level was. It still hasn’t been done even though they are who would provide the contract to get the testing done, if they ever intended on doing it.

E for Eville

Do you see how the system works? Enron spreads a lot of money around Washington to get everyone to support adding poison to gasoline making everyone think it will be good for air quality and therefore good for our health. The EPA is then ordered to enforce the MTBE mandate on oil companies. Then they find out how bad it actually is where the EPA steps up to defend the MTBE industry so the American people don’t find out that they did the exact opposite of what we hire them to do, make sure big corporations don’t pollute our lives making us sick killing us.

Look at the Enron logo of a big “E” that stood outside their headquarters in Houston before the company collapsed. It had green, red, and blue neon lights running around its borders. The first time I saw it, I thought it looked like a tilted cityscape. After I learned how MTBE causes earthquakes, I saw it from different perspective, like buildings falling over. Look at the word Enron, how it resembles end-run.

Look at Dell computers logo, how the “E” is cocked on it’s side the same way the Enron E is.

Dell produced most of the computers that would have crashed if the Y2K virus had its way with us. Look at how the E could be a logo symbol for the letters V and E, which could be interpreted to spell DEVLL. Look what happens when I use a small L for the first L in DELL – it spells DEVlL. If this means anything to you, then you can’t overlook the fact that both companies opened at the same time in the same state of Texas using the same cocked E. I don’t know of any other company that uses it this same way. I don’t think there are any. If there are, I would be curious how they fit into this E-vil game.

Consequences or sequences

This could all be written off as a lot of coincidences if it weren’t for all the lies mixed in with them. The lies make it look like whoever is behind all this is an idiot if they don’t have master plan to go with it. I personally think the master plan is pretty damn ridiculous but at least it’s there. But what would be their motive for making all these idiotic seeming coincidental mistakes and then having to lie to support them if all they are is innocent stupidity? What’s the motive for screwing up everything? You could say to make money but all these companies are already making money, in fact they would own the world except they’re risk getting caught with in all these flim-flam con games that could all blow up in their face, that are falling apart on them now.

Why would the United Bank of Switzerland secure a trillion dollar loan to build MTBE refineries when all it would take would be the truth to come out about how bad it is to cause the whole industry to cave in on itself? Do you know how hard it is to get a business loan, how much work has to be done to show that an investment will be lucrative without a lot of fallout coming from lawsuits. And that’s just in order to get to get a 100,000 or million dollar loan. This was a trillion dollar loan, a thousand-million dollars, that was lent after it was published in The Washington’s Times how it would pollute groundwater wherever it was used.

Do you think the cigarette industry could get a loan to build a worldwide infrastructure to sell cigarettes containing tobacco laced with poisonous additives to make smokers more addicted if smoking wasn’t already an age old tradition? No way. But MTBE was known to have worse consequences than cigarettes before the loan was taken out. And that’s just from what I read in The Washington Times. Think about what we could find out if we sent Erin Brockovich in to check out what was in the files that UBS was looking at when it authorized the loan. I would have to say there would have obviously been something there that insured it never made its way onto a loan officers desk, unless of course there was more to its design for use than meets the eye that would bring back heavier returns on their investment than they could have gotten anywhere else.

UBS trillion dollar loan and economy collapsing now

Look at where the money came from. It was stolen from the fallen Soviet Unions treasury at the end of the cold war by the KGB. It was the Russian Mafia’s start up capitol, its buy in to our corrupt capitalist system. In fact it was basically worthless money at the time because their ruble wasn’t worth anything anymore. And it didn’t go towards building MTBE refineries. They didn’t need a trillion dollars to get the industry started, they just needed an excuse to flush that money through Wall Street to make it worth something. In fact it’s the same money that created the bubble that’s bursting now and screwing up the economy.

Banks need real money to lend money. They can lend ten dollars for every real dollar they have in their vault, or that’s all they are supposed to lend. That trillion dollars was turned into ten trillion dollars and then to over 30 trillion dollars as it kept being lent out through a system that anyone who was an insider on this MTBE/fake end of the world plan had access to. That trillion dollars was used to prop up a free money cash flow machine that tens of trillions of dollars to flowed through that was never supposed be paid back because the Y2K virus was going to wipe the slate clean. But since their plan was ambushed, it’s all crashing in on them, and us to.

Where would the world be without me?

What would’ve happened if I hadn’t figured out that MTBE was causing the drought in 1999 and called a reporter from The Washington Times about it? I guess there’s no way to know without forcing the truth out of the people behind it all. But I know what could have happened. When MTBE, or ethanol, use is stopped in the summer, the long hot days allow for the warm clouds of gas and water vapor to settle slowing back to earth. This without a doubt causes a lot of problems.

But when the days are short and cold, it comes crashing back to earth with blizzards and ice storms added to the list of cataclysmic events it causes, and it all happens very fast. It acts like a hot air balloon that all of a sudden gets cold, it drops like hammer made of ice. And of course the Y2K virus would have followed. This would have caused the human race to erupt into chaos which only could have been solved by creating a one world government, military, and bank. And if enough people believed the end of the world had come, a one world church also.

But with Bill Clinton flinching in July of 1999 when I got a reporter to start asking questions around Washington about MTBE causing the drought, when MTBE was taken out of gasoline, there wasn’t enough time to put it back in fuel supplies to get enough water vapor back up into the atmosphere to cause any problems by the time they were supposed to stop using it as winter set in so they could make us think the end of the world had arrived. That left them with only the Y2K virus.

Without the blizzards and ice storms, floods, drought, tornadoes, and earthquakes, it wouldn’t have looked like the end of the world no matter how bad things got. We would have seen it as manmade and eventually figured out what they had done. I mean the Y2K virus was supposed to have been caused by programmers having forgotten to set up the original “Microsoft Disk Operating System” (MS-DOS) to accommodate the year 2000. They were supposed to have forgotten to put a rollover for the 1 and the 9 so they could change to a 2 and an 0. I never bought that it was real, even outside of the fact that I knew it wasn’t. It would mean they made the 1 and 9 symbols instead of numbers on a counter. It doesn’t make any sense that anyone would do that.

Look at the Microsoft logo. It looks like the E’s from DELL and Enron only having fallen over. It’s a flag in the wind, or is it the earth’s plates with cities on top of them rolling like tsunami waves.

MTBE and the bible

This is serious business. Look at what the bible says in The Book of Revelation’s chapter 13 about 666, how everyone will get it tattooed on their foreheads or right hand. Look at the hard drive of a computer, it has heads. Most of the ones I have laying around here have 16 heads. 16 is 4 times 4. Although they say they have 16 heads on the stickers on the hard drives, in truth they only have four, two sets on each side of the hard drive disk, two to read with, like you read with your eyes in your forehead, and two to write with, like you do with your hand, your write hand.

The point is that the mark of the beast is 666. 666.666 times 3 is the year 1999.9999, midnight at the millennium change when the Y2K virus was supposed to strike. But Y2K passed without one computer glitch. You could attribute it to work done to prevent anything from happening before the last stroke of the clock in the 20th century. But reports before it came and went were that no one knew what was going to happen or if Y2K was ever a threat in the first place. Of course they had to be able to say this in case they were forced to stand down, like they were, so they had a way out.

If however I hadn’t done what I did to prevent the apocalyptic MTBE layup to the Y2K end of the world from taking place, by the time December 31, 1999 got here, there already would’ve been a lot of people thinking it was the end of the world. Y2 K would have simply boosted their fears so they busted out into the streets. Since MTBE caused the disasters, it could be controlled just like Y2K related problems where the social chaos they caused could have been directed towards areas that threatened a future New World Order. Since Americans would have been the biggest obstacle to a one world government, there would’ve already be in place social instruments that would have insured we would have ravaged ourselves out of existence.

Gnashing of Teeth

By the night of the millennium change, thousands of heavily armed factions from differing beliefs systems and races would have been primed to give their future masters just what they wanted. The right wing militias would have gone to war with Black gangsters. They were all well armed with military assault weapons and been itching for an excuse to throw down on each other for many years. Hispanics with their heavy Catholic belief system would have gotten drawn into the fray taking a stand for God and Jesus. Riots would have been set off around the world. A one-world-military would’ve been formed to stop what would’ve been so confusing it couldn’t have been defined as a war.

Bye then, there wouldn’t have been much left of the US. But everyone who would’ve been a threat to the future of the new world order would have killed themselves off. Peace would have been lead by a prophet who deciphered the meaning of what happened as God unleashing His anger against the human race for not obeying the Laws of Moses and recognizing Jews as his chosen people. Since Jews already run most of the governments if the world and the banking systems that support their economies, they would have stayed where they were while the rest of us learned to conform to mandates to rebuild the world by their design.

I don’t mean that last statement as an indictment against Jews. The whole story is evidence that everyone including the Jews got sucked into a plan that dates back to hundreds, maybe even thousands of years ago.

Look at this: Check out how the Book of Revelations in the Bible talks about Angels poisoning the planet to cause earthquakes, floods, and drought. Read about MTBE lighting the skies on fire, about dragons rising from the ocean. It’s all there.

It’s hard to read the Bible because it’s written hard to read. But if you read it a few times, you’ll find it’s telling an ancient version of the same story that I am. I know because the first time I read it, when I was in an isolation cell in the Fairfax County jail for kicking a food tray on a guard, I figured it out. This was in 1982. No one had heard of MTBE back then.

All they let me have while being punished was a Bible. So I read it over and over. As I did, the words started forming a realistic picture. Later when I was returned to population, one night when sitting up with the hall guard in the middle of the night debating politics, I told him what I thought, that leading up to the year 2000, a gasoline additive would come out that was made from ether and natural gas, the ether to weaken Americans will to fight for freedom, and the methane to cause what seemed like apocalyptic natural disasters.

My friend the Sheriff

He wasn’t happy being part of a corrupt justice system. He was going to quite working for the sheriffs department. But I taught him how to fight back. He’s now the sheriff and tries whenever he can to use his office to help prisoners better themselves while standing up to crooked judges and prosecutors who try to overcrowd the jails so they qualify for federal relief money that translate into millions of dollars a year.

He remembers the story I told him. He acknowledged to me when MTBE came out that I had been right. Then he used the plan I gave him to get into a respectable position of authority. One day when the world finally takes stock in my story, he will tell his story. It’s important because it validates how I figured this all out and used what I learned to stop it, that it wasn’t an accident or a sequence of coincidences but deliberative, not only on my part but on those who set it up.

Look at chapter 9 of the Book of Revelations where an Angel opens a bottomless pit where smoke comes out to darken the sun and air. Then locusts come out of the smoke who have power like scorpions. But they don’t hurt grass or anything green, only men who don’t have a mark on their forehead who are tormented for five days. They make men want to die but they aren’t be able to. It makes me wonder if some insane banker read the bible and came up with this fake end of the world plan.

The locusts are said to be like horses with crowns of gold and faces like men. Sounds like a car with an engine driven by horsepower and someone driving it. It says they’ll have breastplates of iron with the sound of their wings beating like chariots being pulled by many horses. Finally the author, who wrote this from inside a Roman prison a hundred years after Jesus had been murdered, while sounding like he’s referring to exhaust pipes pumping MTBE into the air says “And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months.”

In chapter 16, Angels pour many different versions of vials full of terror and death on us, all of which sound in one way or another like the problems that MTBE cause. Chapter 9 finishes with four Angels being “prepared for an hour, a day, a month, and a year”, which interests me because an hour has sixty minutes, then sixty seconds in each minute, and sixty moments in every second, like three 6’s, but also like a countdown to 1999.999. It goes on to talk about an army of two hundred thousand-thousand horsemen with riders who have breastplates of fire and “jacinth, and brimstone.” Brimstone is another word for sulfur.

Gasoline with high sulfur contents cause catalytic converters to produce high amounts of nitrous oxide. MTBE and ethanol both cause high emissions of sulfur. Nitrous oxide is a worse greenhouse gas than CO2 exceeding its dangers by 300 times. No testing has been done by the EPA to show how anhydrous ethanol and MTBE increase emissions of nitrous oxide, which is laughing gas, a neurotoxin, while we’re made to think CO2 is causing climate changes that are going to lead to a global meltdown. Drew Sindell of NASA who was awarded as one of the top scientists in the world in 2004 for his work as a climatologist says CO2 has nothing to do with changing weather patterns, in fact I have email from him that directly spells it out. Even Al Gore’s lead climate adviser James Hansen says the same thing, or course he only does this when the truth about it looks like it’s going to come out. When it doesn’t, he goes back to talking about CO2.

“Jacinth” refers to one of twelve stones in a Jewish Rabbi’s breastplate, the last one. It’s orange/red in color like the glow that comes from a catalytic converter on an exhaust system. The twelve stones are like twelve hours on a clock with this one being last so it would be the 12 for high noon and midnight. Then there’s the meaning of “the number of the army of the horsemen (who wore the breastplates) were two hundred thousand-thousand.” Is “two hundred thousand-thousand” referring to years? Is the year 2000 somehow being referred to here? It sure seems to be part of the equation interpreted by someone looking for it to mean what they wanted it to mean when putting together this plan to take over the world.

It goes on to say “and the heads of the horses (like heads on top of an engine) were as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brimstone”. The meaning could be self evident with lions being referred to as the Lions of Judah, or Zionist Jews. The bible fixates around Jews so if their prophecies were going to be the center of a worldwide church after a fake end of the world, it has to lead back to them somehow. But that doesn’t mean they are behind it, not all of them. In fact a recent study came out that shows how the Jews who run the state of Israel now are not at all related to the Jews who once ruled the Holy Land, the Palestinians are.

It shows how after Jewish royalty was run out of Jerusalem by the Roams in AD 70, they took their cult wherever they could find populations to follow them. But the orthodox Jews who farmed the land stayed. Later they become Muslims when the new religion swept through the land. The founders of Israel claim to be related by blood to the Jews exiled by the Romans that once lived there. But the truth is the Palestinians they took the land from to found the state of Israel on in 1947, who they keep in prison camps, are the true inheritors of the land of Israel that God gave to them. Those ones running it are simply Europeans who think they are Jews claiming a royal blood connection like Jesus had to king Solomon.

Orthodox Jews do not believe in a king, they only serve God. This issue has always divided Jews where whenever there is a king of the Jews, the orthodox Jews don’t accept him. So they are banished to serve the kingdom from positions of poverty. The state of Israel now is simply a restatement of how royal Jews have always treated those who follow God as their only ruler.

Ethanol and the Mayans

In chapter 14 of The Book of Revelations, 144,000 Christians have their fathers name written on their foreheads. I never paid much attention to this number until a couple of years ago when researching correlation’s between ancient South American cultures like the Mayans and where our civilization grew out of, Iraq, or what was then Mesopotamia.

The Mayan calendar begins in 3113 BC, around the same time our civilization’s origins began in the region later called Babylon, which is now around Baghdad. The Mayan calendar ends in 2012 on December 21, in just a few years. This period of 5125 years between 3113 BC and 2012 AD is a complete Mayan solar calendar and is actually relevant to how long we cycle through the Milky Way. It’s similar to the way the earth travels around the sun once a year.

On December 21, 2012, our solar system will be parallel with the rest of the universe. So what right? But how did these Ancient people know this? I mean South America is not conducive to stargazing like in the Middle East.

The Mayans had many calendars, some lunar and some solar. In a lunar calendar, there are 13 evenly divided months with 28 days between each new moon with one day left over in every year. To the Mayans, 13 was a big number. 5125 years, which is called a Great Cycle, breaks down like this – There are 13 baktuns in a Great Cycle. A baktun contains 144,000 days. There are thirteen days in a Mayan week so there are 144,000 weeks in a great cycle.

The stories from the bible originated from Mesopotamia where Abraham was from, which is also where the story of Noah comes from. In the bible, Noah is Abraham’s father or grandfather, depending on who you’re talking to. But the origins of the story of Noah go back to the “Epic of Gilgamesh” which is amongst the earliest supposed fictional writings in human history. Also among those earliest writings is a story about what’s referred to as the Tablets of Destiny owned by the God Enlil, who is El, the first God of the Hebrews, the God of Abraham, the God from the Bible. A raven God ,who is also Tiamat, a python or dragon Goddess, steals the tablets,.

The tablets themselves were basically manuals on how to build an empire with instructions for how to do everything from how to weave baskets to how to produce arms, fortresses, how to establish and running a military force, how to manage society through religion, and even how to run brothels. They were written in wet clay that was red on the outside and white on the inside. Bones were used to press out the spelling of words. The bone went through the outside layer of red clay to the white clay so when it dried, it could be easily read. Then the tablets were dried. No one was allowed to see them but the king, or God.

This is where the story of Adam and Eve comes from with the apple being the Tablets of Destiny that were stolen from God. So Tiamat, or Eve, or Evil, or dEVIL, used the tablets to build a civilization to rival the one that was already there, which her kingdom was Babylon. A God named Marduk destroyed Babylon taking back the Tablets of Destiny. An ancient Sumerian king Marduk from the same time period had a lunar calendar that was the same as the Mayans based in time segments of the number 13.

The Mayans used corn for everything, they even worshiped it as their most honored God. I can’t imagine they didn’t know how to make liquor from it. So they must have figured out that it burns. In the regions around Iraq, it’s well known that since the dawn of time, oil and natural gas have been used for many purposes. It had to have been because it’s everywhere bubbling up out of the sands even burning naturally for thousands, even hundreds of thousands of years.

So here we are at the end of the world with two of the same kinds of calendars and two gasoline additives being used to simulate a prophetic apocalypse, one made from fossil fuels and the other made from corn. We had one failed end of the world that was planned around a calendar that appears to be illegitimate. And we have a prophesied war between 144,000 followers of a rightful God against the heresy of Babylon like The Book of Revelations says in chapter 14 “And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father's name written in their foreheads”.

Black Africans from the Land of Punt

If you take a really hard look back at ancient history, when you come across the part about people from the Land of Punt, or Land of God, who taught the Egyptians everything they knew about how to build an empire, who then the Egyptians inspired the Greeks, after which Rome took over lead from the Greeks, and later gave birth to Christianity whose influence pushed its way across Europe until we found the Americas creating something we as commoners had never experienced before, freedom, something Jesus seemed to have first talked about, you have to admit that our civilizations roots grew out of African, not the Mediterranean.

Of course when you come across accounts of a 70,000 year old giant python carving in a cave in the Kalahari Desert that has a cut out for a priest to hide in to be the voice of the snake, you’ll quickly realize that the western version of history that claims organized religion was invented 40,000 ago is a bit slanted to make it look like human intelligence was a white man’s invention. It’s the kind of things that really brings home something a lot of white people simply may never accept, that we are all African Americans.

No matter how your belief system allows you to think God made Adam people from dirt, like a clay tablet, and Eve from Adam’s rib, like the bone used to write the words of God in clay to create the world, or was it word, in seven days, the truth is we all evolved from Black Africans. White people are Africans with skin that has grown pale when migrating to other parts of the world. When a white person looks at a Black person, they’re looking at their forefathers.

But then the same balance can be said for Blacks who want to forever see white people as evil slave owners. Slavery started in Africa as did these cultural religious beliefs that lead to this fake end of the world. In fact slavery still exists in Africa with the industry being run by Blacks the same way it was when white people started buying them and dragging them all over the planet to do their work for them. Whites had only ever made slaves of each other before that. All peoples have been slaves of their own race. Until this country began the pretense that there was something called freedom that all people had a right to have a stake in, it only ever existed for royalty. Now that we’ve had a taste of what it is supposed to taste like, I say we try sampling the real deal and keep it for ourselves. Read on and find out how.


Mary Magdalene is said to have been a Black African from Ethiopian royalty, which the Land of Punt is in Ethiopia. In fact Puntland separated from Ethiopia in 1998, just before the end of the millennium when this New World Order plan began to seriously unfold. In the Ethiopian Christian Coptic calendar, one of the first Christian churches which is said to have been formed when Mary Magdalene lived there after Jesus was crucified before she fled to Europe, the new millennium, unlike ours which came in the year 2000, which is supposed to be 2000 years after Jesus was born, didn’t start until last year, on September 11, 2007, 7 years after the tribulation was to begin. Tribulations is supposed to be seven years of extreme chaos that follow after the end of the world begins, a battle between dark and white forces that ends with a thousands years of peace after Satan is cast in chains into a bottomless pit.

Look at what happened on September 11, 1990 as the Clean Air Act was being passed requiring MTBE be added to gasoline while we got ready to invade Kuwait to chase Saddam Hussien back to Iraq. On 9/11/1990 the first George Bush president gave a speech where he first talked about a coming “New World Order” and a program he called “Thousand Points of Light” that was going to usher in a new age. He’s still never explained what he meant when he talked about his “New World Order” and “Thousand Points of Light” programs.

Look at how the bible says that the end of the world will come with seven years of tribulations which is said to begin with earthquakes and great floods which is then followed by a thousand year of peace. The Ethiopian Coptic calendar which dates back to a the earliest Christian traditions founded by Marry Magdalene who is said to have been Jesus wife who bore him children. She is supposed to have returned to her native Ethiopia before she migrated to France to marry her children into royal families beginning a secret royal bloodline of Jesus ancestors. The new millennium for Coptic Ethiopians started on September 11, 2007. This would have been seven years after the tribulation that was supposed to start on January 1, 2000.

“Holy Blood, Holy Grail” documents the story of Jesus’ royal heritage, the first one of many books on the topic written throughout history but the first one to receive enough attention to make the issue of Jesus marriage a serious topic of debate. The book came out at the same time DELL computers and Enron were being formed in Texas. It ends documenting evidence of a French secret society called the Priore de Sion that still exists today who follow a tradition that’s supposed to end in the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon to fulfill ancient Jewish Biblical prophecy called the End of Days. Under this scenario, Jerusalem is to become the capitol of the world.

The Templar’s

The Priore de Sion is known to have been behind the creation of a group of knights called the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar are the founding fathers of the worlds capitalists banking system. They are believed to have gotten the wealth that they capitalized their banking system with by digging up a treasure under the Temple of Solomon. They are supposed to have known it was there after having passed its whereabouts down from generation to generation through secret story telling traditions of the kabala using Tarot cards as a guide. This art came to France with Mary Magdalene.

When they were chased underground by the king of France and pope Innocent II for heresy, they emerged as Freemasons, a secret society that George Washington and most of our other founding father were members of along with much of the British army who we fought to gain independence from Britain. In fact Christopher Columbus worked for the head of the Priore de Sion attacking Spanish ships before he partnered with the queen of Spain, Isabella, to later discover the Americas using maps that were buried with the treasure that the Templar’s dug up at the Temple of Solomon ruins hundreds of years earlier.

This whole story ties together centered around an ancient worldwide empire that was technically sophisticated enough to cause the first global warming, the flood of Noah. We’re simply being used as pawns in a plan rebuild it and put the families that used to rule it back in power. But now the plan has come apart with its coordinators having run out of options for how to get it back on track while those who designed it have been dead for too long to consider them as opponents or alleys by anyone alive. We’re simply all stuck in their broken machine while I try to figure out how to push this story out in the open so those who want to keep it secret are forced to make a move.

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Jesus.. well at least if this doesnt work out you'd make a hell of a speed typist!

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Please move any response this person says to fit after their long intro spiel. I, personally, am not inclined to wade through several pages similar to the first page of responses. It just ain't worth it.

And don't bother running this response. Delete, if possible, with my permission.

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Ok, you have added a lot since we have requested it from you. I thank
you for that.

Now, could you please, explain, without the copy and paste, how every seeming conspiracy since the birth of Christ, or before, ties into you being a rogue from a certain bloodline?

When you stub your toe, do you attribute it to your bloodline?

I don't mean to be difficult, but your loooooooooooong posts aren't adding to your credibility in my view, as they seem to be ramblings.

How about a cliff notes version?

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link;_ylu=X3o'___'BybnZlZnRlBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkAw--/SIG=14ejjmq2n/EXP=1254959358/**http %3a//

Where are you cutting and pasting from OP? Just give us the link and save us time you fraud.

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There is more, much more. If I think anyone is keeping up with me by the time I get back from eating, I'll see if I can let any more cats out of the bag. I need to hear from my supporters so I know you are still out there. Many of my detractors wouldnt be convinced if I road down from heaven on a cloud to tell this story, which neither would I if I were them. In fact I wouldn't believe me if I were on that other side of this story either. And I would have turned out to be wrong about not having done so.

None of us have to believe this for it to be true. Facts just don't work that way. The truth of the matter for me is that I would have no problem getting proved wrong because I could sell it as fiction very easily. Actually that is one of my alternatives for drawing attention to the story, which I have written the it into a fiction novel, and a non fiction one as well. But no one will touch this story unless their is a public outcry for it. So I am creating one if possible. Otherwise I will take the longer route, or both simultaneously.

As far my wanting attention goes, it is nice to finally get some so thanks to all for that. This has been a long and lonely road. It's nice to get noticed this way. I have to go eat. I only eat once a day so I am very hungry from working my fingers on this keyboard so hard.

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Originally posted by clandestiny

The Mayan calendar begins in 3113 BC, around the same time our civilization’s origins began in the region later called Babylon, which is now around Baghdad. The Mayan calendar ends in 2012 on December 21, in just a few years. This period of 5125 years between 3113 BC and 2012 AD is a complete Mayan solar calendar and is actually relevant to how long we cycle through the Milky Way. It’s similar to the way the earth travels around the sun once a year.

On December 21, 2012, our solar system will be parallel with the rest of the universe. So what right? But how did these Ancient people know this? I mean South America is not conducive to stargazing like in the Middle East.

So after reading everything that you have have me totally intrigued, what do you think will happen during this change? Most people think it's the end, but will be a huge change in the way we live on this planet. Makes me wonder if these so-called secret underworld beings exist? and if they are really guiding us in a direction for the NWO?

It's like how do you know that the Bible is real? But lots of people believe it word for word. For all we know that the Conspiracy theorists are the ones who are right as information is slowly leaked out to the public to handle and to learn from in small doses.

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no cutting and pasting - on, that is all me, and doing some damn good debating if I don't say so myself

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To boot....if everyone grew their own food, which is 100 percent possible by planting gardens in your back yard, or if you don't have land, growing crops hydroponically, food prices would be a moot point.

Not if you are so heavily regulated the paperwork becomes worse than filing taxes, the Feds can walk in and grab your paper work without a warrant and fine you up to a $1,000,000/day with no judicial review (jury trial) if you screwed it up! Lots of links listed here

The "commerce clause" included in bill HR 875 means homegrown effects interstate commerce because you are not BUYING the food. It was a sneaky way to include home gardens without actually stating it in print.

That is what the "food Safety bills in Congress are going to do to us. Hope Ya'll love franken food.

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Originally posted by clandestiny
no cutting and pasting - on, that is all me, and doing some damn good debating if I don't say so myself

So you're Bobby Fontaine?

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Originally posted by crimvelvet
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To boot....if everyone grew their own food, which is 100 percent possible by planting gardens in your back yard, or if you don't have land, growing crops hydroponically, food prices would be a moot point.

Not if you are so heavily regulated the paperwork becomes worse than filing taxes, the Feds can walk in and grab your paper work without a warrant and fine you up to a $1,000,000/day with no judicial review (jury trial) if you screwed it up! Lots of links listed here

The "commerce clause" included in bill HR 875 means homegrown effects interstate commerce because you are not BUYING the food. It was a sneaky way to include home gardens without actually stating it in print.

That is what the "food Safety bills in Congress are going to do to us. Hope Ya'll love franken food.

What are they going to do...kill millions of us? Oh wait....

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You are able to type so fast
as I can source the posts copied and pasted from here:
bobby fonatines post

and here

shall i keep going?

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Originally posted by clandestiny
no cutting and pasting - on, that is all me, and doing some damn good debating if I don't say so myself

Wow, the about section of this website completely describes this thread

Eventually this will include a full description of what this site is all about. Please give us a few more years to figure that one out.

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Okey, I think I am ready to her the truth. But i do not think I will be able to read all of that text or information you provided us. Do you think, or someone else, can provide me and others with some sort of summarize that points out the most important things. And also what we can/should do to either change or protect ourself. Or is it just you and your team that is capable of it?

May seem lazy, but there is just so many stories and information that it feels unnecessary to read and understand them all.

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Yes, I am a very hungry Bobby Fontaine and am going to eat right now, I hope. This is cool though, whether you beleive me or not. It's all true and my objective is to get this all the way out in the open. Buit for now, just putting out part of the way out where I have so many people willing to comment on it is different and welcomed.

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I knew Enron´s online energy and derivatives trading unit was at the center of controlling the logistics of the MTBE market while also central to managing the payments on the trillion dollar loan that was supposed to have been used to build MTBE refineries. So the principle on that loan had to be paid through Enron with money made from MTBE sales, or pretended sales, or the whole scheme would collapse. I knew there was no way that the head lawyer for this branch of Enron, which after it collapsed became after a federal judge gave it, the only remaining profitable vestige of the Enron empire away for free to the United Bank of Switzerland at Warburg (UBSW), who just happened to have facilitated the trillion dollar loan to build MTBE refineries from money stolen by the KGB from the Soviets Union´s treasury at the end of the cold war, who then became the Russian Mafia in the US. But I knew that the head lawyer for UBSWenergy didn´t know the truth about the whole MTBE story.

So I knew I could threaten his life without being charged for a crime, that is until it got close enough to the time that the president would invade Iraq, which I figured would be the same time the labiality waiver for MTBE would start its arduous journey through congressional committees to be voted on in the House and Senate, then landing on the presidents desk as the war came to a quick end with his popularity at all time highs where no one would question liability if everyone was keeping quiet about it. With my being a threat to the success their plan, perhaps then the risk of arresting and dragging me into a federal courtroom where I had access to a court record to tell my whole story through would seem lesser obstacle than allowing me to stay on the streets with access to the internet or killing me.

To lessen their fears that I might be listened to by the courts, I gave them every bit of confidence that although I had figured out the details of their MTBE scandal, I was also insane. This was to help them believe that I could be whisked through the federal justice system without ever entering a courtroom, that is only if they sent me to one particular judge in Houston where I sent the threatening letters, Ewing Werlein.

I´d read a story in The Washington Times just after MTBE had been put on the market. It Werlein was appointed by Bush 41 just as MTBE at the same time in what was thought a contentious move on his part. The appointment being made in Houston, Bush´s home district, which was seen as a possible conflict of interest almost spurring an investigation before the senate approved him. It was Bush´s second appointment to Houston´s federal court where traditionally it is looked at as a conflict of interest for a president to do this without outside input into the decision making process. But it´s also custom to not contest a presidents outgoing appointment while it is expected that he or she don´t make it controversial. Democrats almost challenged it but decided not to because they didn´t want to start a big debate over an issue like that in an election.

I saw it as an appointment made to oversee MTBE´s future success. So I started digging to find out if that was the case. Sure enough, it turned out that he worked for the law firm Vincent and Elkins when he was appointed, the same firm that Alberto Gonzales worked for at the same time where they both helped set up the same branch of Enron I sent the threatening emails too. My sense was that those who would act against me would rather arrest me than kill me, and would trust they could contain me if they sent me to Ewing Werlein´s courtroom. Little could they have known that although they monitored my work clandestinely making them think they would have known whether I was aware of Werlein´s background or not, they would have had no way of knowing that I knew about him since 1993, long before I started campaigning against MTBE which first drew their attention towards me.

I sent the first threatening letters in December of 2002. On March 5 of 2003, the FBI broke down my front door and took my computers. They were going to arrest me but I told them the threatening letters were a ploy, that if they were there, it meant MTBE was getting ready to be debated in committee hearings in Capitol Hill and the war in Iraq was getting ready to start. The hearings actually started about the same time they left my home. The war came a couple weeks later. I´d been expecting them because I had started getting sick a few days before they arrived. I didn´t fight the process until the House of Representatives passed its version of the energy bill with the liability waiver in it.

With the war raging as the senate tried to get its end of the plan completed, I started campaigning against them. My efforts shut down their debate with the war quickly seeming to come to an end while energy bill sat idle with a vote scheduled that no one was willing to stand up and support or deny because every time they did, I blasted their home town with emails telling the story of what they were trying to do.

As the senate floor sat quiet with C_SPAN prompters explaining that MTBE was being debated while later to be voted on whether to include the liability waiver in the energy bill, I received a call from a Capitol Hill police officer about a letter I sent to senator George Allen some months earlier. She told me to have no further contact with his office or I would be arrested for harassment. But she fully admitted there was nothing wrong with the letter I sent him, just that if I contacted his office again, she would send the FBI back to my house. She was obviously baiting me trying very hard to get me to lose my temper and attack her personally. If she´d succeeded, I could´ve been arrested for something that had nothing to do with MTBE where there would´ve been no threat of a court record including the sensitive details of the MTBE scandal compromising their cover up.

When she failed, a few days later the FBI showed up and arrested me for the emails I sent the Enron lawyer five months earlier. This came at the same time the debate over the liability waiver resumed. But being the Friday before a three day weekend where I wouldn´t be brought before a federal magistrate to be arraigned until Tuesday, I had plenty of time to write a letter to the courts explaining in great detail why I did what I did and what the governments response had been. On Tuesday, I fought very hard to get the letter admitted into the courts record, which meant it could be reported on without fear of lawsuits from the oil industry, even the aspects of how MTBE was affecting weather patterns and how the ending of adding it to gasoline in 1999 while pretending it was still being used had caused deadly hurricanes to form, extended droughts to end that MTBE had been causing, and how all this had lead to causing earthquakes in other countries that killed tens of thousands of innocent people, the same way this pardon request is public record where I have more than a few media news sources reporting on it as you are receiving it.

The story about the liability waiver broke in the newspapers for the first time the next day as the head of the EPA resigned. For the next few months, until sent enough letters from my prison cell to continue being a threat to their MTBE game, MTBE was left in gasoline causing a great deal of flooding was followed by deadly hurricanes when I was finally able to force them to stop using it. But when they removed in from our national gasoline supplies this time, Europe, where we buy most of our refined gasoline from, who had huge stores of MTBE produced mostly in Saudi Arabia, the second largest producer of MTBE in the world outside of Houston, and also gasoline with it already added to it that could no longer be delivered here.

This left Europe with millions of gallons of MTBE they had no use for since they only use it as an octane enhancer at 2 and 3%, not as an oxygenate at 15% like we were doing. But their laws allows them to add it at up to 15 percent ratios so they had to use it in their own fuel supplies. It resulted in a heat wave and drought that killed many elderly Europeans, which was followed by an earthquake in Bam, Iran on December 26, 2003 that destroyed and ancient citadel and killed over 25,000 people when they finally ran out of MTBE allowing cool weather and rain to come back to lands made dry by its use.

When the Iran quake was not followed with another earthquake of sizable proportions 9 to 12 days later around the equator, as had usually happened in the past after a major earthquake that resulted from a drought ending, I made a prediction that it would come a year to the day later because I´d seen it happen once before. It has to do with a hair-trigger on a fault line that fails to snap when it should have but reawakens when the same gravitational forces from the sun and moon return a year later. It has to do with when the earth´s solid inner iron core that floats in an ocean of molten iron is pulled towards a weakness in the outer crust by gravity causing it to move.

I documented my prediction and had friends in the Bureau of Prisons do the same on their home computers along with a few other prisoners who sent letters home about it to be saved for a later date. Exactly one year and one hour later, a 9.3 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Sumatra in Indonesia causing a tsunami that killed over 220,000 people.

Like I said before, you don´t have to believe this for it to be true. And although you might think no one would believe me even after I prove it is true, that really doesn´t matter does it? I mean they only have to believe what I can prove your courts did to deserve to be pardoned. That will draw enough attention to the rest of the story creating enough of a demand for answers to whether this is true or not where we can all find out just what happened. And there´s no reasonable motive for me to add this story to this report if it is not true.

You can feel free to have your doubts because I have no doubt that the end of this story will attract Barack Obama´s attention whether you want to accept my good graces having allowed you a chance to pardon me first. And although you may think that it would be a cold day in hell before you give a pardon to someone who speaks to you on such a direct level, feel free to deny it to me because I will not bow to you. You owe me the respect of looking up to me asking for forgiveness, not I to you. Besides, I hold all the cards so why should I have to pretend you´re winning this game by prostrating myself before you, no way brother, not me, not today anyway. If you want my respect, you have to earn it by standing up and taking responsibility for your shortcomings.

I was sent to Houston and given over to the courtroom of Ewing Werlein just as I expected would happen. Then my public defender got a motion signed by Werlein, just as I expected, to have me removed to a federal mental hospital. This was without ever even having entered his courtroom, which I further expected to happen before I ever sent the threatening letters because he would have to be able to later say he was just doing what was asked of him by my lawyer which wasn´t objected to by the prosecutor.

Little did they know I´d been waiting for all this to happen where I´d invested my time turning the typewriters in the United States BOP into swords that expressed the abuse being heaped upon me sending letters to federal judges and prosecutors in California who were overseeing cases against Enron for what they did to their energy markets causing rolling blackouts while ripping of their energy industry. Then I filed motions of my own to have my layer removed from representing me and for the judge to recuse himself from the case over conflicts of interest for his having been appointed by George HW Bush as MTBE was just coming on the markets as mandated by the Clean Air Act of 1990.

I never told Werlein that I knew he worked for the same people I sent the threatening letters to because he would´ve had to send me to another courtroom. But this way, I allowed him the option lying in the court record by refusing to recuse himself, which he did stating emphatically that there was no possibility of the appearance of a conflict of interest with his presiding over my case. When I threatened to ask the appeals court for their opinion on whether a writ of mandamus could be issued to order him off my case, he stepped in referring the matter to the chief judge of the Houston court, Judge Head. Head reviewed and denied my motion sighting my pro se legal representation, which came after I fired two lawyers for following the prosecutors and judge Werlein´s lead in keeping me from taking my case to a jury where they claimed my defense of necessity and duress was really an attempt at jury nullification, and a third lawyer who happened to be Exxon/Mobiles MTBE lawyer, Michael Essmeyer, who judge Werlein appointed to represent me after I threatened to have him put in prison if his friends in the oil industry didn´t cut a deal with me that included ending MTBE use while replacing it with PIB.

Essmeyer approached me dismayed he´d been chosen to represent a criminal case in the federal courts, that is until I told him the whole story. He went back to his clients at Exxon/Mobile and told them what I told him. They instructed him to remove himself from my case. It was a damn shame too because his plan was to call in a forensic toxicologist to settle the issue of whether I was delusional or not because if I was proven to be sensitive to MTBE like I claimed, it would have shown my story about an MTBE a cover up was real as there would be no way I could have not been getting sick when MTBE wasn´t being added to gasoline if I was truly sensitive to it and it was really being used like it was supposed to be.

Judge Head also sighted how I had just come from a mental evaluation in a federal mental hospital, that had been ordered by Werlein, as another reason why he would not support my argument that Werlein should recuse himself from my case. Although I was diagnosed as being delusional, it was based on my belief that MTBE causes changes weather patterns and that I thought I was enough sensitive to it to be able to tell when it was being used and when it wasn´t at a time when the EPA claimed it was being used all the time.

I fought to get a toxicological examination included with the mental evaluation and won where it was written up in the order. But when I was removed from access to the courts, a motion was filed to renege on following through with that part of the order which my lawyer never told me about nor did she argue to reinstall it. The reason given was that there was no toxicologist available who could do it. But Michael Essmeyer later told me he knew of two toxicologists in Houston who could have come to the Houston detention center and taken care of it easily. Of course if the examination had been done, there would have been no way to find me delusional and block me from going to trial.

It wasn´t enough that I figured out the Iraq war was being started in order to get a liability waver for MTBE producers passed the American people without their knowing what was being done just like had been done with the Clean Air Act of 1990. Nor would it close the books on this long chapter of my life with the fact that the FBI showed up months after the threatening letters were sent to take my computers on the day the MTBE debate in congress began just as the war was just getting ready to start, or that as it neared an end without them passing their energy bill though the senate, I was finally arrested and sent to the one judge who I expected would use his authority to destroy me as a threat to his friends conspiracy.

But with the honorable Ewing Werlein´s refusal to step down from my case while his justification for lying about it in a federal court record being supported by the chief judge of the Houston court, especially when they both knew full well that he used to work for the people I was charged with sending threatening letters, that is enough to prove that everything that´s been done to me was just as it appeared, simply to remove me as a threat to their plan to get their friends off the hook with using MTBE to dissolve smog instead of giving the American people fossils fuel that don´t create smog while also providing a lot more mileage using PIB, or clean up the coal industry.

When there was nothing left that could be done to stop me from going to trial while I had exhausted my chances of getting Werlein to step down from my case, we reached a stalemate. They didn´t want to see me tell my story to a jury and likely win while I didn´t see my having a snowballs chance in hell with Werlein´s presiding over the trial. When the Michael Shultz, the prosecutor, sat down to negotiate with me how we would proceed with a trail with my representing myself calling witnesses that we both knew would have to lie to even have a chance at making their case stick, his head was hanging low to his belt. I had proven up to that point to be a more than cable adversary and he wasn´t looking forward to going up against me. In fact I think he acquired a certain amount of respect for me and my cause by then to the point where he didn´t want to beat me but certainly didn´t want tpo lose to me either. When I said "plea bargain," he rose out of his seat as if he had just woke up from a winter slumber to a beautiful spring day saying "Whatever you want, you got it." He gave me my computers back, the three years probation I asked for over his want to just wash his hands of me altogether. I wanted to case file to stay open as a threat to the courts in the future and to have a federal probation officer I could groom with the details of my case so if I was ever killed by anything less than totally innocent circumstances, there would be an officer of the federal courts to speak up for me. Also included was his being ordered by the court to review my accusations about an MTBE industry and refer my story to the proper investigatory agencies if warranted. He refused to follow up on that promise.

You can parse most of my story out trying to equate it all to a long seemingly strange string of coincidences in a failed effort to make what is obvious look innocent. But the refusal of Judge Werlein to recuse himself from my case even though he work for Vincent and Elkins helping set up the same branch of Enron, in fact working directly with the same people I was accused of threatening, seals the fate of this story in my favor.

Checkmate dude. Awesome game though. I bet in hindsight you wish you read my book on chess rather than Carl Rove´s huh? It´s on you how you want to walk away from the board. You can be a sore loser where this game may come back to haunt you for the rest of your life after Barack Obama sees you turned me down. Or you can be a winner by taking responsibility for this and I will support the posterity of you presidency where I see it is fit, which there is much you could be praised for that the world may never take notice of without my help, not in light of there not being much I can do to help you if you let this chance pass and it later comes out that you did. Under that scenario, your presidency will always be remembered as grotesque.


Bobby Fontaine

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 07:04 PM

Originally posted by zazzafrazz
You are able to type so fast
as I can source the posts copied and pasted from here:
bobby fonatines post

and here

shall i keep going?

And here is Bobby Fontaines blog spot.
Either you are cutting pasting work not your own, or you are this blogger, and means that this goes to hoax

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