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A great list of lies

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 02:57 AM
Your told - The western governments (US, UK, Australia, Canada, most of Europe, Japan etc) are democracies, fairly elected members govern these countries in the best interests of their citizens.

Evidence Indicates - Governments are dictated to by a powerful group that control media and intelligence organizations, some of which are ostensibly 'government' agencies, such as the CIA. Elections are from candidates selected by this organization, media bias discredits true patriots and those who would govern for the people.

Your told - The US is surrounded by enemies who wish to harm the people or nation of the US. Such as Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China etc.

Evidence Indicates - Countries which do not allow themselves to be directly controlled by the powerful cartel are targeted by biased media in order to gain public support for action against them, whether political, or military. Agents infiltrating these countries foment unrest, and they actively incite internal violence, which is used by media sources to skew public opinion against those countries.

Your told - The attacks on the World Trade Center were conducted by foreign terrorists.

Evidence Indicates - The attacks were conducted as a false flag operation in a joint operation by the CIA and Mossad. The international cartel planned and authorized the attacks.

Your told - Government agencies such as the FDA are independent, and are effective watchdogs for public health.

Evidence Indicates - The FDA and many supposedly independent organizations are literally in the pay of large corporations. Senior staff in these agencies are often drawn from, or migrate into large corporations in whose interests they work while in these agencies.

Your told - Treatment of cancer is expensive and has a low success rate. There are no really effective and easily affordable drugs.

Evidence Indicates - A cheap and easily obtainable drug called DCA is available and has a high success rate. It cannot be patented, so there is reason to suppress this drug by pharma companies. There are other methods to control and eliminate cancer, including diet and supplements that pharma cannot profit from, they are ridiculed and discredited.

Your told - Paper and electronic money are necessary evils. They are fair and equitable methods for the average person to control their lives.

Evidence Indicates - All paper money in western 'democracies' is issued by a cartel of private banks, who charge interest on all money ever issued. Because it is issued as debt with interest attached, it can never be fully paid back, more and more debt must be accumulated in an exponential fashion, with the interest (through government channels) ultimately going to private individuals who control the wealth of the western world. It is a form of slavery.

Your told - High school educations cover useful topics, are fairly created in order to instill vital information in the minds of young people.

Evidence Indicates - School and college education is biased, leaving out critically important information regarding history, money and politics. The purpose is reinforce the 'generally accepted' view of reality that keeps the real world out of sight.

Your told - Universities are unbiased institutions, who pursue scientific thought in a balanced and independent way.

Evidence Indicates - A great deal of science is forbidden. Methods to control the course of science include discrediting individuals, use of funding to direct and control research, use of peer review to bury breakthroughs.

Your told - Oil and its derivatives are the cheapest commonly available form of energy known.

Evidence Indicates - Alternative energy in the form of water burning combustion engines, which use high frequency field oscillation to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen gas are known but suppressed. Electrons and their fields are infinite sources of energy, electrons never stop moving, they never run out of energy and disappear. The fields both electric and magnetic can be tapped for free energy, and the technology is already known but suppressed.

Your told - Oil is a non renewable resource that is derived from rotting ancient organic materials.

Evidence Indicates - Nuclear and chemical reactions are constantly occurring within the planet, new material is always being created. This includes all kinds of material, including oil, coal and gas. Whether the rate of generation is equal to or below current consumption doesn't appear to be known.

Your told - Carbon dioxide and other products of combustion are causing global warming.

Evidence Indicates - While these gasses are contributing to the current warming of the climate, their is no evidence whatsoever that they are the primary cause. All planets are warming, and indeed the sun itself is moving into a period of high activity. The primary reasons for focus on global warming seems to be to implement global carbon taxes, a kind of tax on breathing and another tool of slavery. While global warming is an issue, it is important to observe the issue impartially, rather than buying into an agenda based conclusion. The earths long term climactic patterns are ill understood, and often discarded by proponents of a CO2 based answer.

Your told - A nations wealth is related to its natural resources, infrastructure and availability of skilled labor.

Evidence Indicates - Oil and fiat money are the primary sources of international wealth. The control of a countries political and legal system through the use of military force, infiltration, propaganda, sanctions and bribes determines who benefits. Through the use of loans institutions such as the World Bank and the IMF have managed to tap the entire wealth of nations, where they are only able to repay the interest on the loans. Israel was created by the cartel to create a western presence in the middle east, for purposes of enforcing control on the trade of oil. A nations people and infrastructure are irrelevant, only political and legal control is important. Nations who's people should benefit from their resources are managed into poverty, and the wealth is siphoned away.

Your told - Swine flu is deadly and dangerous and a level 6 pandemic alert is warranted, along with global immunization.

Evidence Indicates - The first wave of the flu was fairly harmless. The pandemic alert was declared without real justification, to create an environment of fear to facilitate vaccinations and allow certain emergency powers to be handed over to the WHO. It seems possible that further vaccines might be harmful, if not deadly.

Your told - The global economy is recovering, the worst is over.

Evidence Indicates - The global financial system is a zombie, the US dollar must eventually suffer devaluation or replacement. Asset deflation and commodity inflation is occurring at the same time, banks are getting handed millions of acres of real estate as they are foreclosed - this is the largest accumulation of property that has ever occurred. Instead of being forced to liquidate it, they are able to keep all this real estate in their own hands through government bailouts - it is grand larceny, the US and UK are being forcibly bought up - in who's hands is all that real estate going to end up in? The US government should and must devalue the US dollar - but it hasn't - why? More foreclosure is coming, more real estate is coming into these 'toxic' funds, and being held and protected - not resold. The defense against reselling is to maintain asset values, but the program of deflation makes that a lie - the real estate is simply being accumulated. The government could fix things internally in several ways, and protect peoples assets - they simply don't want to. They are waiting for something.

I do not include the evidence to which I allude - if you have some links for this stuff, feel free to add - many have appeared before on ATS.

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posted on Aug, 2 2010 @ 01:47 PM
great thread! worth taking a look.. these are some of the obvious lies that any person with a little curiosity should already know!


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