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Whats your thoughts about OBAMA?

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 10:32 AM
As a non-American I would like to give my modest opinion about him too. To start with: Obama played a good role in lowering the hate that exists towards an America that has been arrogantly controlling and messing up international relations - and actually the whole world, for that matter - for years. Bush drove that hate to the ultimate top (Not speaking for myself, for I refuse to hate, but I must say it was hard not to).

Obama is seen (at least in Europe) as a far more sincere, intelligent and morally correct person in comparison to Bush. And I believe that’s not just due to charisma and good speeches – there’s some wisdom and common sense in his words and (some of) his deeds.
I believe he is trying to change things in your country for the good – although you can’t see it yet because basically he was dropped in office while America and the rest of the world were/are a total mess. Judge his efforts in a couple of years…

And true, he isn’t doing enough, far from it – mainly because his powers are limited by dozens of other factors: his entourage, administration, economical powers, international alliances … He should have closed all illegal prisons already, backed out of Afghanistan, stand up against Israel, start constructive dialogue with Iran instead of demonizing them, abolish your so called war on terror, dismantle all nuclear warheads (or at least remove yours out of our country
) … But hey, what can you expect from an American president eh? And he’s in for what, just almost a year now?

As for your fear and misconceptions about socialism: come on! Please please please educate yourself first on what the concept is (and isn’t - Read Marx and Engels first, for a start) before thinking it can’t rhyme with personal freedom or believing America is turning into a socialist country. Far from it, my fellow earthlings, you’re still living in your liberal economy, a better health care and welfaresystem is not gonna take that away from you…

There was a thread here a couple of days ago which gave an international welfare ranking, America dropped to a 17th place, if I’m not mistaking (can’t find the link right now). Most or even all 16 countries who scored better have more socialist aspects in their national policy – and overall more personal freedom (no patriot act, reasonable cops, less restricting laws …). Economic liberty is not the same as personal liberty. On the contrary, economic liberty is personal liberty for the happy few, but screws a majority of the population.

Anyway, for the outside world, America has become a little more of a friendly place since Bush is gone, but that might just be appearance, of course. Good luck y’all, try take an objective look at your president – he ain’t too bad

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 12:28 PM
He's that black, new POTUS isn't he ? Seems like quite the guy if you're
asking me.
I believe he's brought "sensitivity" to the office. Something we haven't had
in a long time because his predecessor didn't give a rat's ass about
struggling Americans.
To come into office with the incredible banking problems we had, with the
automobile industry's mis-management, with torture accusations world-
wide, with health-care costs running rampant, and with a global
dis-respect for the U.S. higher than ever before . . . must have been like
walking into political hell.
Yet he is holding his own.
I like him. He has a sense of humor. He is a family man. He's athletic.
He's generally more appealing than what we're used to.
Nothing comes easy or quickly when you're a new president. But . . .
I get the feeling he really wants to do what's best . . for all of us.

Oh, did I tell you he's black ? Makes a difference to some folks. Not me.

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