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CHIPS: Are the Homeless Next in Line?

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posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 12:12 PM
"CHIP" resources are listed as: Corporations, Faith Communities, Hospitals, and Schools.

Have you ever stopped to realize how many schools in this country are owned by the corporate entities of religion? And many of the higher education facilities are sponsored by corporations. (When corporations give scholarship, that students discovery or inventions belong to the corporation who sponsored his schooling. They still own you.)

Have you noticed how failing churches are now banding together and regrouping under new corporate umbrellas as 'faith based' operations. They appear benevolent but they still have a dominionist agenda.

Guess who started the very first hospitals? And these wizards also hold the stock portfolios of Big Pharma.

Have you noticed how the word "CHIP" is constantly in your face? Is this to program your mind to the inevitability and the 'protective powers' of this 'good thing'?

Ask your bank about CHIPS....

Religions promoting 'natural solutions' ....are they playing both sides of the fence?

Childrens Health Inititiave Program (C-CHIP)

CHild Identification Program (CHIP)

Coalition for Homeless Intervention and Prevention (CHIP)

It is not by accident that these ancronyms have been developed around these letters.

I think it clearly shows their target market.

First they came for the pets.
(They played on your fear of lost pets.)

Then they came for the children.
(They played on your fear of child abductions and increased media attention on missing children to motivate you to believe that tagging them is a good thing.)

Then they came for the disabled, elderly.
(Used lost alzheimers patients as prototype needs; made you fear medication mix-ups, or accidents where you cannot speak for yourself where chip would have all necessary info. Oh yes, its such a good thing.)

They were already implanting foreign exchange students who conduct their banking through chip scan. But unless you saw this in the admissions payment line, you probably wouldn't know about it.

The homeless are next. Unless you help them to see what is coming and can offer some solutions to help them be independent and self sustaining, they will succumb to these dictates.

TPTB will pit the haves and the have-nots against each other. The have-nots must be chipped in order to be approved for their bread line rations. The haves will go along with these slaves being chipped in order to protect themselves from all the crimes committed by the 'have-nots.'

Many of these people are finding themselves homeless for the first time ever. They do not know what to do. We have bred a dependent society. They need people who can teach them survival skills. We need to be giving information from what we have learned.

It is the evil corporations and the lying religions that have a big part in what has happened to these people. Now, these same evil entities are regrouping to present a new "benevolent" face on the pretense of helping them.

It's Stockholm syndrome in action.

Control them, abuse them, comfort them. It continues the cycle of dependency. The solution offered to these people will give TPTB not only mind control but physical control of their bodies. When they are finally chipped, I imagine frequencies will be used interactively to punish.

[edit on 5-10-2009 by Alethea]

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