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Saddam The Suicide Bomber?

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posted on Feb, 18 2003 @ 03:40 PM
Saddam could end up in the history books as the biggest suicide bomber ever!

Accordingly, reliable news and intelligence sources indicate that first he plans to employ all kinds of catastrophic delaying tactics in order to slow down the advancing U.S. troops.

Then next, he intends to position his elite military forces, armed to defend him to the death with chemical and biological weapons and missiles, in the second ring of defenses around Baghdad.

Then finally, if necessary, he will resort to very dangerous and bloody urban warfare, fighting desperately from street to street, and from house to house, down to the last man of his elite forces who have almost as much to lose as he does.

But, the most important thing to consider is that, apparently, he plans to unleash weapons of mass destruction everywhere possible once he is certain he has nothing to lose: on U.S. troops, on Israel, on the oil fields in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere throughout the Middle East, and even on his own citizens.

As far as Saddam is concerned, if he is going down, he wants to wreak as much death and destruction possible as he goes.

Furthermore, sometime after hostilities commence in Iraq, the suicide bombers and terrorist fanatics could unleash a devastating series of massive chemical and biological attacks on American, European and Israeli targets throughout the Middle East, Europe and even in the United States.

Also, intelligence sources indicate that Al-Qaeda managed to purchase twenty Russian nuclear suitcase bombs for thirty million dollars from former KGB agents after the Soviet Union collapsed. However, it may even be worse than that because there are actually a total of forty such weapons listed, officially, as missing for unknown reasons.

Likewise, the Hizbullah terrorists in southern Lebanon probably will carry through with their plans to bombard Israel with thousands of rockets and bomb attacks, further inflaming the chaos and destruction that would be sweeping across the whole region.

Then presumably, the radical fanatics in Lebanon and Syria and Iran would launch the bio-chemical weapons that Saddam reportedly hid there, recently, with assistance from the Syrian and Iranian governments.

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