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E Gov ... has anyone found a Electronic Government Website..?

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posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 08:22 AM
a few nights ago, we were discussing a Government that was Ran by the People for the people. and before you could get your Email. you had to take care of business first. by watching both Right and Left of an issue and then a Government Controller or Regulator would have input on what the Government Counsel believes would happen if either option was elected...
I thought that was about a Libertarian as a freeman could get.

we also, talked about the immegration issues that are facing the nation.
and our panel was made up of the following Americans.
2 white people (1M-1F), 3 black people (2F - 1M), 1 filipina (f) ...
and you want to know what struck me as odd... we all agreed ... ha ha ha...
"if you come to a country, you should be part of the country... ENGLISH Only"

We also discussed Uncle Sam, and we were unanoumus, Uncle sam is not providing a solution - but is wanting conflict with the population, it is sworn to serve. so again we were unanoumus - we need change and Obama aint it.

thats how my weekend went. thought i would pass it this along for discussion.

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