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We need strong mandate - Cameron

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posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 04:29 PM
Well, as a small business partner, I can tell you that we're currently only breaking even because we've put our 2 admin staff on part-time hours, which we've guaranteed them until March, when the lease on our premises comes up for renewal. As it stands, we've got no substantial contracts for the new year &, if that doesn't change, chances are, all they'll be administrating is the sale of capital assets my partners & I cannot store in our homes.
The Tories would give us an incentive to employ them? We already get 1 through on the job training & releasing them to college. There's no incentive in the world & especially not just their NI contributions, that could make us employ people to do nothing @our own expense. As I said, we'll be likely signing on ourselves in March.
This is more Tory pandering to Daily Mail readers. I am old enough to remember the complete mess they made of this country last time. Not just the economy, but the underinvestment in healthcare & education, the promises to reduce red-tape etc when all that happened was a whole raft of new "quangos" adding even more expense for less expertise to the bureaucracy. Oh, & who were getting paid to sit on these quangos? The spouses & friends of Tory MPs.
If they really want to save this country a substantial amount of money, they should tighten up the tax loopholes that big business uses, many of which are so complex that they're an open invitation to corruption. How do I know? Because we use our tax allowances to the max ourselves, its just that our business is too small to qualify for many of the racket-style cream offs.

Yeah, & we're still paying the price in terms of disorder & violence for the social divisions the Tories caused too. It'll be a cold day in Moss Side before I vote for them.

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 05:39 AM
It doesn't matter who you vote for, Tory or Labour, really it does not matter to any significant degree.

Of course there is nothing wrong with tightening up benefit payments- I know a lad who hasn't worked in his life, took too many pills as a teenager, and now gets his dosh because of some stress issues (yet still manages to get through the stress of hittting the local social club all day on a saturday)- begs the question, what would happen to a lad like that if no money was given to him, would he literally starve to death, I doubt it.......

We need a party who can actually deal with the social/cultural problems of our time........

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 12:46 PM
If you stopped giving a lad like that money i can bet that instead of getting a job for some twat employer he'd rather do some "crime" instead. Stealing minor things, selling drugs, lorry robbing - very profitable if correctly. And what are the prison sentences for this? obviously not enough to deter people. Your either paying for the dole, or your paying to keep someone locked up, take your pick.

posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 04:58 PM
I don't like to put personal information on here, but today it seem warrented! I am "older" I have worked most of my life, while suffering from an mental health illness that causes most to become addicts, end up in prison, loose their children to the care system etc.

For over 10 years, until two years ago, I employed 10 staff, most of whom had lived on benefits as single parents, until I offered them working hours to suit school hours. I earnt copious amounts of money, enjoyed a high standard of living working few hours. I paid more tax than many pay in a life time.

I have had to go through the stress of the atos medical, (I was lucky and assessed by a fantastic lady). I learnt today I now have to attend appointments with a4e, my current problems include agrophobia and panic attacks, caused by the meds my doctor gave me last year. snri's! How can I attend this?

Believe me, I would rather spend a year setting something up and be back on my 100k pa! But, as yet, although I am getting things together, planning arranging etc, I am not ready, mainly due the lastin effects of the meds prescribed. Even though I have been off them since october.

I even choose to rent from a friend at a low rent, to ensure I could pay my way as long as possible, so gave up my long term home.

The time will come, when I am again employing, paying large amounts of tax, employers ni, etc. But the more stress they put on me, the longer this will take.

read this, then google then info! Guess fraud by the welfare providers is to be expected, our mps seem to encourage it! Big back handers

posted on Jul, 18 2011 @ 06:11 PM
reply to post by eccentriclady

I know how you feel.

Although I never had a high paying job, I have worked more jobs in my life than many others my age yet still never managed to get beyond the breadline.

I was made unemployed by my previous employer in 2008 and despite countless interviews was still left looking for employment and my mental health deteriorated more than it had in the years I was working for my last employer. Ended up having to get the disability assessment for that and agoraphobia related to stress, anxiety etc but the assessment went well with an unexpected outcome.

The "doctor" at the assessment claimed in his report that I had very good eye contact (I couldn't even tell you what his skin colour was because I never once looked at him throughout), that I dressed well (anyone who's been through serious mental health issues knows what it's like and in my case, I hadn't cut my hair or shaved in weeks but had made an effort elsewhere out of self respect for myself in public) amongst other lies.

I'm now awaiting a tribunal in October which I know I'll fail and be made to seek work even though I can barely look after myself as it is without that stress on top of it which I know I'll fail because that's what always happens. Especially because in my form I stated I didn't wish to attend due to the agoraphobia.

Now what makes me mad is that drug addicts and alcoholics get the disability benefit without question and spend it on more drugs and alcohol as well as other things while people like myself and you too by the sound of it genuinely need the money to get by and yet are cast aside as fit to work.

Is it because they seem to think that because our illness can't be seen as well as others (sometimes self inflicted as with the case of drug addicts) that we're ok?

I'm tempted to write a letter to the PM and have my doctor do the same because otherwise, the only option I have if the tribunal says I'm "fit and well" is suicide. It's just frankly ridiculous how these people sit in their ivory towers like if they don't have issues with mental health or money problems that nobody else do.

posted on Jul, 19 2011 @ 06:35 AM
reply to post by curious7

Contact mind or rethink, they should be able to point you in the direction of the correct support for the appeal. There are various local charities who have specialist trained workers that will attend on your behalf. If you have the support, the outcome is usually positive.

I empathise with you totally. Some of us have problems due to either our life experiences, or dna make up. In my case, I have been told by a psychatrist, that I was probably born "sensitive" my upbringing then set me up for severe problems, which then affected my life choices, causing the issues I have. In my case, there is no cure, Some of my symptoms can be controlled by meds, but as I originally stated, the side effects are horrendous and have for me, been long lasting. Yes big pharma made money from me, then caused symptoms I have never before suffered in my 40 years on this planet!

I have "half" a degree in psychology, (even though I can't spell lol) I have also worked for social services as a support worker, along with various relevant bits and pieces, so if you want any more indepth information, pm me, I will do all I can to help!

I would give everything I own in this world to be "normal" as I know, that if I healed, I could create more than most in a new life. Thats desperate!!!!!!!!!

Take care, your a person, with personal worth, even though our goverment doesn't publicly acknowledge that at this point :-)

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