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We've all heard it...

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posted on May, 16 2004 @ 09:42 PM
But I am amazed that it hasn't been posted before... Perhaps it is just an urban legend, started by a friend of a friend, but it is fun speculation none-the-less...

The song In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins is reputed to have been written about Collins' witnessing the drowning/murder of a friend when he was a child.

That much I could see as being possible, but then according to other accounts...

Many years later, Phil Collins had a special guest on stage with him as he sang that song... the murderer. After the song, police carted the criminal away.

Now that sounds a little far fetched.

After having this discussion with a friend of mine at work, I went online to discover the truth... one page talks about an interview with Phil on A&E, which he states that the song was about his divorce. Another site, , had a forum dedicated to this subject, but it just went in circles.

Was there a murder? Or is this all the workings of crazed drug influenced teens?

And then, would this mean that Mic Jagger's mom had taken yellow pills which she called her little helpers? Oh, the implications...


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