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Working on a New System

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posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 03:49 PM
Let me start with an introduction. Here on ATS we have A LOT of threads that talk about Past, Present and Future events that involve TPTB and such. What I propose in this thread is instead of complaining about how things in the world are going bad we design a system to strive for in the future. I have already started to think of a system and would love constructive input and many suggestions. What I would also hope when you read this thread is to not instantly classify the system as Communistic, Anarchy, Capitalism,..... There are traits from all aspects so if you don't like something specific I challenge you to provide a better way of doing it. Again the following is not set in stone. I hope that it grow as a collective thought process. I wish I could have put it in the Collaborative Writing section but I hope the mods can move it there. Without further ado:

Rethinking Hierarchy

The individual should be at the top. Each and every individual is no great or no less than another. One individual might have more accomplishments, assets + property and/or responsibilities but in no way does it mean he/she is “better” another. The individual should be as independent of others as possible.

Each individual would form a family. A family is equivalent of a household. A “family” could be one person living alone or a group of friends. It should not be limited to the thought of Mother/Father, Son/Daughter. In turn each family would form a Community. Community would be defined as a grouping of families who know each other well and in one way shape or form have something in common to share. In turn communities would form cities, cities form provinces/states, which form countries. At this point one might think well what’s so different than it is now. The difference is in government and citizenship. Right now we think along the lines of my name is ______ and I’m an (American, Canadian, ...). The way that is proposed is to turn this on its head and say my name is _____ and I LIVE in Canada, the US, etc. The city state and country are but geographic description and no longer an identity or a governing body. Point taken is that we need to return to the idea that the government works for us but to also drop the sense of national identity as it divides us.


This topic encompasses a vast array of topics. I will try to subdivide them as much as possible.


The concept of work, play and general living currently is that we go to work to pay for the roof over our heads, our food and clothing. When we are not working in between time we’re suppose to enjoy the little time we have. We do this until we are older and no longer physically fit like we once were in our primes and then we get to “enjoy” our retirement. This is essentially a form of slavery. What if we had food, shelter and clothing? We would no longer be slaves to a job and we could do what we want instead of what we must. That childhood dream of doing _____ could be strived for. People would (and should) be now driven by a sense of accomplishment. They’ll want to do that something. A similar analogy would be a hobby, let’s say building a model car. Force somebody to do it and it will be only done to a certain degree of quality, but give the model to someone who enjoys that hobby and not only will they enjoy the time spent but the results would be better.

(*Again before jumping to conclusion I ask you read the whole post before passing judgement and if you still don’t agree by the end I’m open to constructive criticism and suggestions)

posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 03:50 PM
Money and Assistance

As mentioned above, what if we had the necessities of life provided. Food, shelter, clothing. Technically one would not need to work, but if one did it would be to further him/herself or out of pure love of doing so. The extremes of this are the lazy people who are parasite to our current society and those who are over greedy. In the new system the goal should be to entitle those who work to 100% of their earnings. I believe the cap on this should be when the profit of an individual is no longer physically beneficial to society. Bankers and investor are getting rich off of interest and imaginary money while others toil in shops. At the same time I do not believe we should help the lazy asses. There are those who fall on hard times, which they should be entitled to help, but there are too many outstretched hands demanding food stamps and assistance when they are perfectly good for a work force. People who don’t help themselves shouldn’t be helped at all. Now who does the burden fall on. Well going back to the hierarchy section it would fall upon the neighboring denomination of equal size. So let’s say there’s a fire at a family’s house. The members of that family have a duty to recuperate and rebuild but inside the community people should have the moral obligation to help out. This does not mean monetary donations; it could be as simple as an hour of your time helping clean up. If a hurricane hit a state then the surrounding states should help. I would emphasize that there should be no such thing as taxation. A community should be open enough within itself to actively discuss its own upkeep. Upkeep all the small communities and the country is essentially taken care of.

Trade and Resources

We would need to trade commodities amongst ourselves as each individual location does not have everything to offer but we need to learn how to utilize our resources. This planet has enough for all but our problem is consumption. We waste way too much. Like in places where water is abundant it seems like it is wasted beyond believe. And I would like to point out indulging vs wasting. Indulging is enjoy the finer things in excess of what is required however waste is taking that something , indulging and then being selfish and using even more which goes to nobody. Indulging should be fine and accepted within reason but waste should be something frowned upon. It comes down to moral responsibility.

Diversity and Acceptance of Others

I believe that everybody should be entitled to believe what they want within the bounds that it does affect others negatively. I think any religion should be accepted but not forced. People like Jehovah’s witnesses should be outlawed (in some regards). It should be acceptable for them to practice their belief but it should be illegal for them to go door to door and force their views on others. If you exist and somebody really believes in your cause they will do their own research and join accordingly. This also extends to traditions and customs.

An example would be the angelical church that goes around hating gays. One should respect another’s choice for being gay and vice versa for being straight without having believing it yourself. So the solution would be: You believe that gay will go to hell but don't go around ruining their lives.

As it came up in another thread, one should be tolerant and flexible. If both parties are so they’ll probably be able to meet on a common ground and co-exist however if one group is not tolerant of others, no tolerance should be shown towards them.

posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 03:50 PM

So this is a very limited scope IMO. There are only so many things I can conceptualize and think of. This is why I hope to put this out and get feedback, idea and additions.

My goal in doing this is I want to build a better tomorrow. I’m 21 years old and it looks like my generations future is not a nice one. We will be slaves to the world debt and we will continue this path to destroying our world. We constantly complain about what is going on but what do we do about it. It seems we continue to take it in the butt and accept it as our destiny. The second part in change is defining where we want to go. This thread is just that.

I believe that everyone is entitled to the same thing but at the same time people we need to realise that we are all responsible for ourselves. Whether you like Obama or not his “Yes We Can” campaign has shown something. When it comes down to it most people are lazy and ready to put their power in others hands so they don’t have to make any decision for themselves. WE must first change this ideology if we can even start to change other aspects.

posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 04:36 PM
Excellent thinking!

Sounds a lot like The Venus Project

posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 04:43 PM
reply to post by Pr0t0

Never heard of them/it but i'll look into it.

Edit: Your right, it is very similar to the Venus project. Although i skimmed through the "what it is" it seems what is put out is simple and doesn't get down to the gritty. I'm going to continue reading into it, it would still be interesting to see what ATS thinks and can come up with in my opinion.

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posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 11:38 AM

And in my world I'd like free beer and virgins.

I wouldn't recommend a career in politics to you, but good luck.

posted on Oct, 5 2009 @ 10:35 PM
reply to post by butch_uk

Well considering you can make your own booze and woo some virgins I don't see what your problem is right now.

My problem is more with the system than enslaves us, giving us no time to enjoy our beer and tells us it's morally wrong to "play" with virgins (of legal age).

So I take it I wouldn't have your vote, eh?

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 11:04 AM

So I take it I wouldn't have your vote, eh?

Maybe post-armageddon. Capitalism will do me fine for now thanks.

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