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Our children are now guinea pigs. H1N1 tests have begun.

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posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 02:49 PM

About 1,000 children are taking part in a study testing two swine flu vaccines ahead of a UK vaccination programme. Information about their use in children is limited and the study will allow experts to monitor immune reactions and any side effects.

Excuse me>? But what the hell is this supposed to mean?
"Information about their use in children is limited.."

I mean come on! You test something on children and you want to keep info "limited?" Shouldn't it be unlimited if our best interest is involved here?

Do these children "know" the risk? Do these children "understand" the risk?

The article continues....

Scientists have enough older children taking part in the study but have appealed for more children under the age of three to take part over the weekend.

Now the argument is going to be made. That what else can we do, we have to see what it does to children to protect our children. However, if this is the case I repeat....Why is their "limited info" on this?

Enter Human Radiation Experiments

Some of the classified government experiments included:

* Exposing more than 100 Alaskan villagers to radioactive iodine during the 1960s.

* Feeding 49 retarded and institutionalised teenagers radioactive iron and calcium in their cereal during the years 1946-1954.

* Exposing about 800 pregnant women in the late 1940s to radioactive iron to determine the effect on the fetus.

* Injecting 7 newborns (six were Black) with radioactive iodine.

* Exposing the testicles of more than 100 prisoners to cancer-causing doses of radiation. This experimentation continued into the early 1970s.

* Exposing almost 200 cancer patients to high levels of radiation from cesium and cobalt. The AEC finally stopped this experiment in 1974.

* Administering radioactive material to psychiatric patients in San Francisco and to prisoners in San Quentin.

* Administering massive doses of full body radiation to cancer patients hospitalised at the General Hospital in Cincinnati, Baylor College in Houston, Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York City, and the US Naval Hospital in Bethesda, during the 1950s and 1960s. The experiment provided data to the military concerning how a nuclear attack might affect its troops.

* Exposing 29 patients, some with rheumatoid arthritis, to total body irradiation (100-300 rad dose) to obtain data for the military. This was conducted at the University of California Hospital in San Francisco.

Evil committed by many "prestigious" universities and medical centers...

Amazingly, these clandestine studies were conducted at the most prestigious medical institutions and colleges, including the University of Chicago, the University of Washington, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Vanderbilt University in Nashville, and the previously mentioned universities.

Do you see why people might be nervous? Do I give my son a vaccine? He is 3 years old? But then I look to the past (unless we look back we will repeat the same mistakes)

I look to the past and what do I see? Do I see our best interest being kept?

Now could all of this *modern* talk of H1N1 have anything to do with by chance all those deaths of microbiologists?

Then, more biologists started to die under suspicious circumstances.

The Very Mysterious Deaths of Five Microbiologists.

The body count of infections disease experts continued to climb. Connections to weapons research began to surface.

As many as 14 world-class microbiologists died between 9/11/1 and 3/2/2, and on 6/24/2 yet another microbiologist was added to the list.

I am still undecided on this, but what has got me concerned is this "limited information" business and the deaths of many who would be in a position of knowledge or at least possible knowledge of such viruses.

posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 03:01 PM
I can't imagine ever enrolling my children to testing this vaccine. EVER.

What goes through a parent's mind that allows them to make the decision that it is OK to subject their flesh and blood, totally dependent on them, innocent child to a drug that has not been tested????

posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 03:46 PM
reply to post by Iamonlyhuman

There's a lot of parent out there that have been duped into thinking this is in their best interests. It's sad, but if a child's life might be in danger due to disease a parent will do almost anything to make sure the child is going to be ok. Such scenarios turn parents into zombies.


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