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Awakening to Your Source takes Real Work

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posted on Oct, 22 2009 @ 02:11 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I am so fortunate to have children that aspire to the more spiritual part of life. The only television is in my home... and I think that needs to go.

I have listened to all of the music that you have provided here and found Amethystium especially pleasing.

You have done some wonderful work on this page.

posted on Oct, 22 2009 @ 06:50 PM
That is wonderful, and helps you enormously. There are many in families can cause so much worries. But when there is unity its by far easier to explore your purpose in this lifetime, so much faster.

There are so many agendas, and the ones I know are really eager to see changes, and they would see us rise up as freedom fighters, even if we would die, it would be free. Of course, should this movement begin, this is something that must be thought out, for I won't be complying with their NWO agenda if it gets going in earnest, but the earth changes that may be coming are also something we all need to demand answers to.
I am fully willing to, in numbers, go to their offices and stay night after night if the crowds would grow, and demand their full complicent cooperation with humanity and am willing to join any crowds intending to do citizens arrests.

Its hard to know what way is the most real to do something to help this world, and to not feel like you let everyone down, should it really turn bad for many. These are questions we all need to ask, why we're here. I think we need to stand up and get in their faces in large numbers, and so its an aggressive political non-compliance such as Max Igan inspires with his videos, another thing I feel is the need for us to become more aware, and awake and start to practice in groups, our metaphysical abilities to envision, to command, state, affirm, large numbers waking up and growing aware, disclosure, the podium filled with wonderful messages to relieved crowds being healed of diseases and told they will be moved to safety. These are wonderful images.

One thing I do, while doing the chakra meditations, is to envision as I'm connected to the Universal Energy, plugged in, that as I state and command that the chakras are unblocked, that anything I see interfering with complete healing and even super consciousness, is being dealt with miraculously as I am connected by the energy. And, once I do all 12 chakras, and see the connection of the Universal Energy as my kundalini, then I envision, white/gold and pink energy surrounding earth, waking everyone up, surrounding everyone, the pink love energy is healing our separation as we all, everyone, here, in the middle east, in africa, native americans, asians, all people become aware that they are ONE. That they can live and live let live on their differences, knowing that in one mind there are many variants and shades of happiness, joy, freedom, there are many feelings that coexist, and we have to unite, and be one in our differences, with respect, and I see this extending throughout majestic forrests, nature, the animal kingdom, the oceans.

But we have to practice other mediations together as well. Max Igan has, at 2 pm on Saturdays Pacific Time, an hour set aside for universal peace visualizations, and to just hold that peace vibration, ongoing. This is an incredible event, and we should participate, he is on task doing what he came to do, I feel.

I was told with the Merkaba meditation that one on each power point of earth, and the exact locations are secrets that the mystery schools and even nazis kept, would create a merkaba as large as earth to shield and heal her. Now my friend who is andromedan in source said that all of the grid lines are connected so that these groups may only need to be on several of them to achieve the same results. This is something that would really be wonderful to start, and I'm going to find the website that was posted on my other thread that looked really interesting. Its like we need a project, world wide, in unity with many in other countries, we need to show our mother earth that we are unified, we don't want to kill each other again, and mean it, perhaps form peace groups, and say no to the leaders, and really project this project as an earth watch, earth healing event. This is what I see.

So, I'm currently exploring the sacred geometry and wish to attempt to draw, create some in the 3D, as I'm not really mechanical and can't see patterns in 3D easily. But it did occur to me that some ppl's techniques were too difficult and that I didn't need all the math. The one video I included on this was an easy one, involving the flower of life at the heart center, so I simply told myself that my soul knew all the math, and was much smarter than myself in this aspect, so of course, all I had to do was affirm and command that I could this, and to visualize the merkaba, and immediatley felt this incredible, wonderful energy and knew that this is part of what we can do. In other words, we all need shortcuts, and to see this as perfect and done.

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posted on Oct, 22 2009 @ 06:59 PM
Here's the link that really appealed to me,
There is a list of the sacred sites on this website, and it really looks like a very worthwhile and helpful website. We have metaphysical abilities that they have made us forget and the dna downgrading that was down, hasn't blocked our potential, we still have this for its a state of spirit and soul. Not to mention that the human race has been coded to evolve.

comprehensive list

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posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 11:38 AM
I have always noticed morning maya's channel. She just made a video wishing Max Igan a wonderful birthday. She was one of the lights I recognized in August when everyones energy was leaping out so strongly, though I'm not sure how aware she is.

and one that writes on her videos:

Buddha Monk Chants Ascension Lessons

sacredshakti (his channel has a lot of information though he had said he was an elite.)

I wanted to write a bit more but youtubes said it was down for maintenance and wasn't able to connect. Wondering if anyone else was having this message>

edit to add: still getting this youtube is down for maintenance. It briefly worked then went off again.

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posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 12:37 PM
This is one of her really great videos, her others about standing up to nwo are great, and she has done some wonderful things, going down to the police station and talking to them, phoning in and questioning the small town that brought in the mercenaries replacing their police force to test the waters. She is wonderful. This one is about the metaphysics, and endorsing Max Igan and his great intentions, his meditation for world peace, every Saturday, 2 pm pacific time. Excellent.

I'll have to keep editing and adding to this as youtubes keeps going down.



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posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 03:19 PM
And this wonderful channel by one of my favorite matrix busting, metaphysically aware, starseed I know: Max Igan.

this is an incredible video in many parts, I will list part one, and combines much of his other work about nwo. What I really love about his work is not only putting forth the information but presenting to us, that we can say NO, that we make some real noise and make phone calls, write letters, not accept bills as legal binding laws, but recognize them as crimes against humanities and in large numbers, not comply.

The Calling 1/8

His metaphysical awareness is really advanced and this is what we need to do to change this world, along with waking up to our true natures, who we are in source, so we can access those abilities that will help. So we can take the negative energies surrounding us, the hard situations many of us have deliberately chosen to incarnate into, to transmute those energies into the positive, to feed that freeing up to the energy grid to create that positive transformation that has to occur.

Stepping Away from the Fear 2/5

Our creative thoughts, the way we perceive this world is what we are dealing with here, its how they hold us as their slaves, its why they commit the atrocities they do, even why so many movies and television shows are horrific, to be agents of chaos and to promote the negativity, along with coming in and programming the matrix with words, and attempting to make them go viral with the internet. Thats why countering the negative with positive. Commanding it cleared up, is important. A small lights shines with an enormous glow in the darkness. Our energy, our ability to transmute the negative into the positive is one of the things we should pay alot of attention to.

He says to guard your thoughts carefully, for they are really far more powerful than you've been allowed to believe.

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posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 04:05 PM
These videos are extremely pertinent to my thread. And kudos on his wonderful perception of how we need to stand up, to say no, to make those phone calls, to demonstrate if this happens, talk to the senators, write them, and say that we are going to petition to have you sacked right away if you don't squash the legislation. He also is aware, that with the metaphysics, if it really gets to freedom, then we might have to fight for our freedom, but with love, for ouselves, our families, a free society.

The most wondeful thing he has demonstrated is what we need to do, the things I've been trying to bring out in this thread. The music, a little of the comsic language, I need to do more on that and will in a bit, the sacred geometry and crop circles. He just demonstrated with these videos that he was an aware. For in video two, on the globe there is a huge segment of ET language, and an zetan I believe.

In the third video, below, he has many pictures of the crop circles. They're not just there for show, those are energetic frequencies and harmonics, a geometric language and coding that not only repairs and fires off our crystalline structures within our dna, but also fires off memories, taps into our right hemisphere. So he's giving the talk, at the same time, showing images that are designed to wake you up.

Stepping Away from the Fear 3/5

Just watching this one suddenly tapped into some ideas. Things that could be done to help wake others up, forming a small visible local group and blogging, message board. I have an idea, and the phone calls, (he went in to the police station too) and the ideas for writing. Many of us find this hard, wording them, and even what to say, some don't. I've written a few letters where I said too much. So coming up with ideas, and getting others to think up point by point things that could be written or said in your own words may be really helpful.

I have a feeling if you think of something you want to see, you should form a group. I want to see a moneyless resource society and freedom, and peace, and aware people, and I think that a group that dedicated itself to this would be good and helpful, along with a nwo message board with all the issues, links to all the forums of course, videos, etc.
Put up brochures or printouts on free boards to get people there, and maybe a few pamplets or newletters or flyers, whatever it takes. With the metaphysics, the meditation groups and really promoting our need to control our thoughts, transmute negative into positive and visualize and hold peace, love, unity, freedom, equality, disclosure, awarness, enlightenment, healing for ourselves and especially for mother earth and nature, and a new society and different political landscape.

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 06:54 PM
I just posted this on another thread and for some reason realized it was time to bring this up. Maybe disclosure is coming around the corner. I'm not sure, just feel very alert, as if a timeline series of events in place, and though Wilcock initialized this, it was Hoagland's announcements that started the wait. I can't say the events are disclosure even, but they are events that I seem aware of in another compartment.

So I'd like to mention what disclosure IS, and what IT IS NOT. To begin with, Vrill is something that needs to be understood. The ufo program in nazi germany was incorporated into the US via project paperclip and basially NASA is an extention of this.
Groom Lake is one of the bases that represent area 51 and there are others. Including deep base in Finland. The zetans, and controllers are involved in this program, with renegades of various species, probably some nordics as well. They abduct women and created various stages of advanced hybrid children, intending their placement as corporate heads and in various leadership posititions along with nwo, and depopulation ideas, and a nazi style eugenics program. So, if disclosure doesnt become what Anthra Andromeda or my friend who is andross in source and he would say this goes further into a venus type moneyless society, banks are obsolete. No controlling world religion or blend between modern and Sharia law, with corporal punishments introduced. No ugly control at all. Freedom, and true cosmic advancement.

If disclosure goes down, there is a strong possibility it will be Vrill related, or the wrong group initially. And they aren't nice. The possibility also exists that they will planning a depopulation event to take out at least 30% of the world, perhaps a sudden pole meltdown, and of course diseases. These are ET based.

They also sent out teams of psi hybrids to scout all sorts of areas. US teams scouted someone I knew from australia at his school as well, senior high school student. And there are plans to deal with starseeds.

So, keep on eye on disclosure, and start to lay under the radar, and wait for your people to show. The good guys. I do not know the events at that point. I do not know the time differential between groups. There are many timeline events that exist as possiblities. One of our missions is to bring in the positive ones.

Remember its light and love, metaphysics and an absence of fear that is needed.

posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 01:51 PM
This video by Jessicamystic who was interviewed by project camelot, pertains to the starseeds and the illumanati's inentions with them as well. Jessica has absolutely wonderful energy, and I don't know how she perceives her source, but I sensed very much that she is a sirian starseed, sirius b system.

First Half of 2012 part 4 1/4 The Illuminati's Plan for the Starseeds

"From the Dark side the idea is to control time and history and to pull us all into this dark hole to maintain or create a future ideal system. This reminds me of what I heard that ple'o'sha'n's are here, and other positives to change timeline events, to maintain and hold the positive frequencies of love and light and to ensure that a future possible universe does not exist in which freedom and love is foreign and and an alien concept. Timeline wars, time travel wars.

Jessica says "Think of this like a tricky question on your final exam that tries to throw you off just to see if you're paying attention. They really intend to put all the pieces together for people, but for their own agenda. For example, have you noticed how similar nwo order is to what light workers speak about the future or also known as the new world...but there are slight differences....

When you understand the pattern, then you can see things coming from a mile away...

Exposing the way they are seeking to enslave us so we can see the game and therefore not play it...

I want to help teach you how to think, not what to think (how to interpret)...

In the book (that she got to read) they talk about how they are reptiles and that they are high up. They talk about how their plan is to get people throughout history and this time USED to the vision of them. (hey, I can already see where this is going) So to keep it in stories, songs, movies....all over the world really. To prepare the people of the planet for when they will not be able to hold their former hide.

They will explain how the dinosaurs never left, that they just went underground and changed form. They will talk about how they were aware of 2012 as an important date for them too. That is another clue.

They want the world to be in a certain state by this time, that is the earth should be raped and plundered as much as possible so that there must be a messed up environment, the world must be seen as a scary place, war outbreaks, crime, chemical warfare, forced vaccinations, flouride in water, chemtrails, mindless media, this is all very important to them.

They want to encourage the anticipation and curiosity of the star people, especially for the star children. Why? Why, why are they microchipping people? Is it really about control of the world?

But wait a second, how does one control a destroyed world, and are they not running out of time? They will be removed from earth. They will have to leave or transcend in peace with us...."

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posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 02:42 PM

"Could it be that they plan to take as many as they can with them? "

(Please note, I was shown a mental projection on a day when I had a series of contacts like that, and when I was wondering if it was real or imagination, had my car radio say a Sirius 3 time, and huge flashes in the sky while driving and then saw huge flashes and a white light soundless craft ping me and then fly very low over our roof. What I saw in that projection was:

I was aboard a craft with seemingly wonderful fair haired nordics, men and women, and went to a certain room where humans were stored, in a kind of suspended animation. I asked about this and was told that they were needed for purposes on their planet, it was for diseases, but it could have been as food for reptilians, or any number of nefarious reasons. They were like a colony craft that was harvesting humans as resources. I said to her, bring them back home immediatley. You have no right. And I commanded it over and over again, and immediately woke up. I wrote to many of my friends about that odd day and all the confirmations.)

"Could that be why they have been on a path from the very beginning leading us on a path of planetary destruction and chaos? If they make the earth a scary place with wars and chemical warfare, diseases, encouraging and nurturing us to be criminals and get us to create a NOT SO NATURAL DISASTER with our thoughts, and media and HAARP projects, they have people dependent on the system made to be invalids and helpless without it, and as the economy crashes and all this happens at the same time simultaneously, people will be begging to leave this place.

All they have to do is create hell on earth!....

They also know about all the star children, or of all the people waking up to who they are and how homesick they will feel on earth....

And if people are led to believe the end of times is coming near, and are waiting on a savior or revelations, then the savior can come, and we understand how hollograms work....The illumimanti feel they can take ppl with them without interfering on free will."

(Another note, is this concept that keeps running by me, by my very informed friends, and various information disclosed by numerous connected people, perhaps ultimately black ops, is that as long as people are making a SUPERFICIAL choice, they feel free will has not been violated, or perhaps the higher laws of the Universe. Ie. shotgun marriages, (there is disaster, you will die, choose a craft) is freewill to them. FRAUD, lying and misleading people to believe believe certain scenarios, instead of all things on the table in complete and open transparency, and MANIPULATION, is free will to them.

This would mean that Universal Laws at the higher levels would be far more primitative, and resemble our shoddy political landscapes or the used car salesman mentatlity, and that we have more definite laws. For example, any corporation that was found guilty, ie. someone before the board used these methods to peruade the corporation into ruin, technically on paper, if the laws were carried forth, would go to jail. My friends and I have quite a few disagreements about it.

I have said that if and when crafts appear to take many off planet, I will use my insight and I will be spray painting all over them in lovely huge graffitti:
RESOURCES, HARVESTING, SLAVES and perhaps on a few FREEDOM. For only freedom is LEGAL in mind, body and soul. Every other legal loophole is TREASON and a CRIME!

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posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 03:13 PM

First Half of 2012 part 4 2/4 The Illumaniti's Plan for the Starseeds

"War marshals know that all they need to do to take out their enemy is to plant certain ideas of doubt and confusion, lack of trust is TO GIVE MORE TO ONE AND LESS TO ANOTHER and then all you do is sit back and watch their targets destroy themselves!"

(Does this remind you of our world, and nations, haves, and have nots, those living in freedom, or some resemblance of that, and those under facist or religious fundamentalist regimes, yet all ruled by the same bloodlines, who actually coordinate efforts, though sometimes they will disagree, and get egos hurt and apparently try to undermine each other, while some of this might be geniune, it could even all be show or drama?)

This is our world, and we are ONE. That child born in India, that skeletal baby who is crying out for food in Africa, and feels so hated and unloved, and can't understand in her heart or soul how anyone could allow this, that woman in Iran under the burka, the teenager in jail in the US for drug trafficking, the mentally ill in Finland, the orphans in China, ALL FEEL THE SAME WAY BECAUSE WE ARE ONE SOUL, CREATOR. Like cells in the human body that are all the same, except for a thin layer of specialization that might differientiate them from heart or liver, or YOURS and MINE, we are ONE, yet each a unique signature frequency or vibration. We must not allow this abandonment of others any longer.

"We learn to do this early on in school, picking on anyone who is different. What I have learned about the illumanati is they focus more on people or beings that are more into service to others than service to self. For there is more potential and ability to manipulate others...

They are very aware of the star children and know they will be coming out of the closet

(she then goes on to talk about abductions as being illumanati and its like I believe, zetan/nuki black ops, Vrill eugenics and hybrids and I also believe they target starseeds alot. For example as a child, when I saw the grey et I wasn't alarmed in the least as I was frozen to the spot and scanned, but rather, intrigued by his cool intelligence. But that started my experiences. And I was put in a program similar to what one4all talks about, and recall that base on the moon where there were groups of children doing psi work.
If you are psi, and not nuki in source, then you are a starseed. They seem to target starseeds alot.)

"Why the starchildren, they are the pioneers who will stop them (the matrix busters!) They also hold the energy which is the ideal illuminati crop, the very same thing that little children have which is why they are targetted in their twiseted rituals.....(ARIZONA WILDER! pineal gland extretions. Its odd because they do take glandular from people too, which coincides with this as well. Draco vampires)

(She then goes on to say also the starseeds network and find each other online and create sites, and they don't need to monitor us at all, for we all fall into their hands naturally so to speak!)

"No this cannot be, is this why they are not going after certain people, because we are too scattered so instead they have us bring ourselves together for them?"

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posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 03:34 PM
(She then debates the catch 22 of whether to continue sharing and networking and exposing their plans or to hide out. She examines the fear issue, and she wonders if this is one of the issues that, if we EXPOSE it and bring it out into the open, we can tackle this too!)

"Can I help steer the ship from the iceburg? Can I teach others about the hidden part of the iceburg below the surface, which is the most dangerous?

As we avert a major this not why so many of us come from the future...?...

My dad would always say we, and the many starbeings are in contact with pleiadians, and the pleiadians are here to right a terrible wrong! We have stepped down from the 11th dimension to the third dimension as we could not progress forward until this was made right."

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 02:43 PM
I have to share a message myself that was unsual. My friend had asked me the night before if I had seen him, when I went to sleep, if I remembered anything. I hadn't seen him, but I had heard his voice. I can't remember what he was saying but it was during a medical type procedure that had been from the positive side, and though it was explained to me to be from my advisors team, I have always thought this was zetans. . So I had finally relaxed, though this neuro work was strange, something connected to the toggle spots, the psi ones: third eye, soft spots, buldges in front of ears, those spots are very sensitive. Along your head up about 1 1/2-2 inches form ears, the crown, the nape, and in visualizations when you are seeking to activate your gifts, you can simply picture vividly, these places as light switches and turning them all on, or during a chakra meditation, and flooding them with indigo light.

I had to go the hospital last night, and during that time, they were there. L'Arna, my andromedan tall dark haired advisor. He was there for me, and guarding his technician.
I waited for hours and had this privacy blind. He's very tall. I was allowed to see him briefly but felt his presence for several hours. They were rearranging my hair, as different things were done, it was just incredible and would have attracted some attention had that blind not been drawn.

Also I was given a full checkup on the bed before the doctor did.

I have to rest quite a bit, and lie down, and today I had the most amazing dream which I feel I'm supposed to share, because its a call to humanity.

There are many sides to ufology. There may be a good disclosure, but there could be Vrill. I had had a dream of blond haired nordics taking people away as resources, they said for medical purposes, but it could have been for more, even food for reptilians. When I awoke that day I had the words Sirius 3 times on the car radio, and huge flashes in the sky, then a craft that evening at home. I havnt forgotten the warning I got in that dream.

But there are wonderful advanced people as well. Today, in my dream L'Arna was talking to me. He talked about the other players involved in disclosure, Russia, China, Europe and it was not all the US. And that Africa, with its ongoing problems, poverty and depopulation is a huge concern for the cosmos and that real disclosure will have Africa and the good of all the underprivileged being brought up with solutions.

I was thanking him for the visit at the hospital and asking how I could warrant such a thing, I'm just an ordinary person, and theres nothing exceptional in my life, just family duties, and failing health, and many problems. And he just said that I am living the human experience, and that all are called. All human beings, no matter what they think their failings are, if they're bad natured, but good hearts, it doesnt matter about anything, nothing in the past. Everyone is called to respond to evolving their hearts and minds and souls and gaining higher consciousness. Everyone is a gift, and ONE. We need to not worry about such things, or any failings, and know how much our raised consciounsess makes a difference to others and this planet. Just join. Just start to send that love frequency to this planet, and seek your Creator, or if you can't, your higher self, and work at developing your abilities to serve love and light.

There was quite a bit more, but this is the most important part, the other was more about my family and I'd asked some questions.

No matter what happens, to stand up for freedom and love and caretaking nature as well.
No matter what faces us, to stand still and not get pushed into decisions we don't understand, for thats not free will either, but instead keep the words freedom and home in our hearts and minds, for our souls know what that means.

So when in doubt, dont be pushed into decisions or boarding a craft without knowing, fully what it means, because an emergency happens. Stand still, in your power, and faith, in the Creator, in yourself, in what you believe.

"I am in impeccable knowing at all times."

"I will tune out the negative in order to be open to percieve what I need to know."

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 02:55 PM
This thread by Lowki is really good.
its about manifesting, affirming, co-creating, law attraction. He's a grey in source, and he's wonderful, witty intelligent, and he brings so many extra details to the table if anyone wants him flesh out. Well there are many things I can think of on his list and what wishes have to do with the multiverse, omniverse, ets, the soul catcher machine, planet hopping, oh his list was very interesting.

But this is the shortcut in waking up. Before mediation, setting intentions. Visualizing awareness, memories, connection to higher self, ascension, connection to positive cosmic citizens or your family.

One of the points he makes in his thread is concerning your frequency or awareness, that you will attract those experiences to you that are on your level or frequency. This is why the ascensnional work and the meditations and our levels of heart and mind are important in this experience, our experiences themselves change, and we can open the door to help from the positive when we recieve negative experiences when we're working on our issues, and working through our blocks to find our light.

Light, love and enlightenment.

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 07:47 PM
Thanks for this thread friend! When i have time i will read through it. Very interesting for me and you seem like a person i need to stick to. I just have an energetic bond of somekind to you for some reason.

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posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 02:35 PM
reply to post by Cybernet

Thank you, I'm trying to share all I know, and am hoping others will also come on and share some of their own awareness, wakeups, and methods for raising vibrations, frequencies, for enlightenment.

Today, I was reading a thread about a apparent negative zetan image on a tv, and it just reminded me of another aspect of our lives in terms of moving beyond fear based, or negative experiences with ets, spiritually, or perhaps a series of negative experiences or set backs that seem unusual.

We need to establish routines for meditation and positivity, but we also need to find time to laugh, and laugh with others if we can. Humor. Joy, appreciations, gratitude to Creator, nature, earth. Ask for blessings at meal time for all that she provides, and for all that provided for our nourishment. Nature, hugging trees, sitting on the ground and asking mother earth how to help. Finding ways to give to earth, nature, perhaps taking up a cause, to our family, to friends, community, perhaps a video or news letters. We can make a difference, and to remember to do it with some laughter, a smile. Catch ourselves in our moodiness, or impatience and cancel it, and then strive for the joy, or turn it around and see how, yup, that was pretty funny, how everyone responded, in a kind of slap stick comedian way, but we're going to do better.

Giving can unblock our energy when we reach a plateau, or if we're experiencing setbacks even.

Love everyone, blessings.

posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 12:39 PM
There is something that has come to me in raising our frequencies. For waking up, or activating our abilities and memories to a greater level, the goal of course is 100%, and thinking of ways that we can serve, is a part of this journey.

In every day, there are gifts, tests, moments when we can respond with the typical programmed response, to think of self, or benefits to self, or can respond in a new way, or give. Some of these may be how much time we spend with others, or if a disagreement begins, do we respond normally or even if its very negative and we will get defensive, do we just say, "i cant talk to you right now, and chose instead to be happy, and protect the my own happy moment that is ruining. peace and love, we will talk later...." there are many ways to try something new. And nature itself, we have been taught to abuse and neglect, animals that need homes and shelter. We came here for reasons, but nature depends on us and our level of awareness.

These gifts when we do something different in them, chose a different way to respond, and find a way to give, not take, raises our frequencies and our vibrations. We're working on perfecting self, serving others. For a shut in on limited income, helping the world occurs simply by raising our vibrations, and meditating and holding that frequency. For another it may be the health and ability to organize to assist humanity or nature. But often the moments are small.

Also, we should be seeking connections to our higher selves. Several times I have received very amazing messges where she popped in, and it surprised me so strongly I have never forgotten them. But, normally when I see, or try various excercises, they don't bring that connection.

This one seemed to bring a connection for me that a friend was given. I believe having faith in the Creator in the Goodness or the Force is essential, for protection. This is not meant to be encouraging channeling of any kind. After meditation or listening to music and feeling higher vibrational state, setting intentions to remember and to be awake, to activate your memories and your gifts and to discover best the ways to serve others, begin in your mind a conversation with your HS.

See a connection a cord connecting you, and begin to talk in your mind, to greet, to ask questions about the best ways to seek the best energy to wake up, and ways to perfect self and find ways to help. Pretend you are in a two way conversation, and keep going.

This may take 5 minutes or several long sessions. But at a certain point the converstation will change and you will really be in connection.

posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 07:27 AM
Hi Unity_99,

I'm so glad i've come across this thread, it has helped me a great deal, i enjoy reading all of what you have to say/share. I have learned/remembered so much and you've answered many unanswered questions i had. You are doing a great job, so from deep within and from my many selfs i thankyou.

Much love

posted on Apr, 30 2010 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by Tingopoo

Thank you, the many frequencies, and songs, whale songs, and meditations help connect us within, where our true answers lay. This is the most important journey we can make, and its the one that every institution from Church's/religions to schools, and media is designed to prevent us making it. They don't want us to put one foot out the door of their box, their attempts to cube the circle. The circle representing infinity, the cube representing the 666, or what that truly represents, 9, or 99.99% of inifinty and attempt to make us percieve the finite. The binary code for everything here in this infinite university/school universe is 10101010101010101010101010101010101010...........Infinite Light Beings and Infinite planets worlds.........

Though the entire universe is always here ,stars, planets, even systems come and go, but the screen/dvd player remains. The universe is metaphorically speaking this:

To connect to who we are inside is to awaken to memories, activate skills, shine our lights and connect to our mission or what we are to do here, and to our help. The matrix falls away and darkness has no power over light. Light does not allow it to do so, we must be never be worried for nothing can affect us, our true selves, and Light protects Light. Everything here is temporal, illusion. Connecting within and gaining tangible awareness of this, takes away that fear that is held over us, the uncertainty.

But its something that can only be shown within to ourseves, by Ourselves.

Much Love & Light!

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 07:55 PM
Growth and advancement is what our heart longs for, our souls take flight with wings of love, to ascend into higher levels, when we begin the journey of perfecting self, awareness, and striving to uncover who we really are, what is behind this matrix, this illusion of reality, inner nudgings are more like pushes when you begin this journey and they do not cease but ever stronger until you are approaching the peak of your journey, your understanding opening up.

In this journey we have many friends along the way, those incarnated here with us, some who saw ahead of time from the Beyond/Heavenly realms, or other systems in the cosmos, looking in, that we would be in need and find the work of awakening and finding ourselves too difficult. So that they arranged to come here in this time at the right moment to nudge us onward, and for many others and assignments of their own. Its team work that gets anything down.

Just waking up in this negative system in itself is of so much service to others and the world, yet, we must pay attention to all who are in need. The ones who are without food, shelter and need equalization, those lonely and shut in, even those behind bars, all need our love, compassion, insight and understanding. We did not come for those already growing and loving and well, but the ones who have fallen and muddied their light in the dimness of lies and corruption of this world. We came for the down and out, for the drug dealer, for the criminal, for those lost to power games and separation, domination, you name it, this world is filled with: Our Eternal Infinite Family, and the ones lost are so beloved to us on the other side, we must truly stop judging or hating anyone, no matter how negative they may appear and realize that each one has walked a path we can seek to understand and compassionate.

Send love and light to all, nudge others.

Aside from meditations and hemisync, whale song and ho'onoponopono, all these are really good tools to help us remember and for cleansing, also, sungazing is something that is so helpful.

No two people see the sun the same way. We are different levels of perception and awreness. To begin with, the sun is not God, nor an angel, but it is something very mysterious. The Universe is a Holographic School, and in a laboratory, two lazers erect the hologram. In our universe the Stars are those lights.

At the center of each galaxy is a giant star, broadcasting in the information for this digital holographic school, both white and black hole technology existing. The white is the signal in from the Beyond and the Family of Light, the black is equivalent to the waste paper basket in windows. Note, no consciousness, or soul ever goes into black holes, only systems and programs no longer needed. The only ones capable and truly in control of all are our Higher/Future Selves in the Beyond and there is a perfect Divine Plan that trumps any plans the dark side/negatives have. Though in this school bad things do happen to good people, nonetheless we should never have fear, but love and know that every hair on our heads are counted.

Stars represent us, our beaming in to this dvd school, each star system is created individually for each level of group. Large stars reflect large consciousness.

When you sungaze you can greet your Higher Self and Family of Light, thank the energy, and ask many questions, seek for the next step in your life, to overcome a problem to seek and answer. I just stand and send love. Even this winter, when others where cold, I stood outside sungazing, blinking into the sun, and felt greeted, guided, warmed, the sun would expand and become big, and I would peel off my sweater and get some sun on my arms.

Inside, when a postive thought comes, it lightens up and brightens the room, expands to greet a higher thought.

On a cloudy day, when overcome with a mild unaccustomed depression, suddenly I was being guided by my family, felt them, words of encouragement, and though it had been heavily overcast all day without sight of the sun, suddenly a huge glow began in the clouds and it nearly broke clear, then afterwards faded out.

Keep a journal of your adventures and journey. Know that if you're seeking contact under the stars, the law of affinity, like attracts like, so that we must work on overcoming prejudice, anger, fear, judgments on others, acceptance of starvation and children dying of hunger or wars, slavery, develop a zeal for equality and and end to this worlds mismanagement, empower others, work at raising your frequency, and send out love. Because if you are going to stargaze and ask for a sign from the cosmos that you are not alone, please only attract your family.

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