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Awakening to Your Source takes Real Work

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posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 11:58 AM
There are very good threads and awareness and metaphysical tools that help us, to become more awake, but there is real work that is needed. I wanted to write this to reach out to those who are most likely starseeds, or very aware of issues facing mankind, who may have natural gifts of insight and some psi abilities. An example is "pinging", for you find you're aware of another thinking of you long distance, and suddenly find you have an email, or phone call, this is a forerunner of telepathy and the Universal Understanding even. These gifts should indicate to someone that in source, they come from "points up" there.

There is work that can be done to grow psi awareness, and to awaken to who we are. To me, being awake is being aware of you are in source, your soul, and sensing some of what you may have incarnated into this world to accomplish. Though many are still being blocked, and for some its for good reason.

Many who's awareness is growing and even gifts of insight are helping, are drawn to meditation, chakra meditations, and have had dreams, or even contact experiences, and have seen crafts in the skies.

I'm an experiencer, my family has experienced sitings of crafts, and I'm not the only one who has experienced contact, along with memories and dreams and missing time. There are often experiences that occur with both your cosmic family as well, if you have a bloodline anywhere, even watered down, abductions.

We're always given a choice with what many see or experience, as our feet are planted on gaia, so we, can choose to follow through by searching our memories, meditating and doing work to understand what we're experiencing. Another may see something with you, and say its group hysteria, though no one had any reason to experience hysteria at all. So its a choice to search, to seek and find answers, and while doing so there will be those who just won't accept this information and may be critical.

But for anyone who has been searching for answers, and some beginning to grow in awareness, I wanted to make this a place to share some experiences, especially the more positive ones, not just what we think of as contact, and the work we're doing to wake up and become more aware.

Also, for those who want to be critical, and think balance is maintained by trying to control others, and be negative in their response, there is no reason to do this. This is being written for those of like mind who are interested in finding ways to develop their awareness and its metaphysical work they need to do. So, if you're not doing that yourself, its pretty hard to contribute because this is an experiential experience, a process that occurs when we find ways to brake out of the matrix we're in and reach into the right hemisphere of our brain, in this left brained society.

I also wish to thank a friend for his continual work in the positive and his threads that I've discovered that add to my own, which are as follows:
on the increase of personal awakenings

How to change the world...One thought at a time

Mr Green, who's wonderful posts and threads are really appreciated, and who is currently being post banned for getting more forceful for the first time in a thread that was negative spell casting, and we hope she will soon be allowed to return. Her light and love is very appreciated. But she asked me in a post, what being awake was to me. And my response was, being aware to we are in source. Many of us are starseeds, and have families waiting for us, for this incarnation's purpose to be successful. Also, many have been here for some time and also have families that check in on us. There are incarnations from the annanuki side, even walk ins as well. One of the insight and awareness skills that will grow in those doing the work to wake up, is energy recognition. This will become more and more apparent in days to come. So its that meaning of awareness and awakening that I'm addressing here.

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posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 12:35 PM
I only wish to give a brief overview of some of the experiences that have brought about my search for answers. They began in early childhood, with the family siting a craft, and dreams that occurred throughout childhood, accompanied by seeing a what now looks like a zetan grey, and telling my family about it, but not getting support. I would awaken, afraid someone was in the room, and climb into my parents bed, and would frequently awaken with nosebleeds, and bruises. In addition there were other dreams there, of human looking people wearing blue uniforms.

For most of these, I was blocked from searching for answers, and felt uncomfortable with abductions in media, the famous stories. But, in the past couple years my family has experienced sitings of crafts, and my older son and I have been experienced contact from them, greetings. There are many other memories and some of them occur in unison with another friend who I write to long distance.

For example, I will receive an image and it will be told me that there will be a meeting that night, and I disregard this information, as surreal. Then that night, as I was listening to the music I meditate too I felt hands placing something over the toggle spots, the slight buldge between your ear and forhead, and that area vibrated intently. The next morning he had experienced a meeting, and I was there. The minute he said this, memory glimpses came back and I knew some of what we had been told.

This is more common than not. The process that it takes to become aware is what this thread is about. For there is awareness and work that needs to be done. For example on my sitings involved a craft that was beautiful, it was huge. I had experienced a postcard contact with one I recognized, a blond human looking man, it was a rather unusual contact, and now I believe it was a test of sorts. I did pass it thankfully. But, I had finished listening to the music I listen to frequently and was experiencing rushes of vibrations. I don't believe I would have seen the craft had those vibrations not been flooding me rapidly.

So, I got up determined to go into the house, and thought again this was surreal, an imagination, when, this craft appeared in the clearing where we see many. It was huge, 80 or more of the other crafts could have fit into it, and it was unlike anything online. It was gleaming white light, yet solid, molded, kind of futuristic shuttle shaped without wings, and giant platoons at the back molded gracefully to the body. It flew a slight distance and vanished. My friend has since told me this was a high council craft.

There are experiences that can be shared a bit, but especially interested in hearing from the more metaphysical ones as well. For they are real glimpses into who we are and what all of this is about.

I believe none of us, all the different people in this world, many different sources, are here by mistake but we're here for this era. And the time is critical, for there are so many dangers. But we need to awaken and do the work, so that we can unite and use all of the spiritual tools to move beyond the dangers facing us as a race, and also to speak up against the leaders nwo agenda. We came, all of us, for doable missions, so its time to wake up.

My energy recognition was something that has led me to my friends and to others and with some I was just so happy they were here, in the world with us. And recognized them without knowing how. And have been led to ascensional work and those tools, in frequencies and energy that bring us into our right hemisphere, and bring more gifts, more awareness even of when timelines switch. There are two constantly interchanging and we need to bring that positive one in. As my awareness grew, so did the experiences themselves change, the sitings of the crafts, the contact. And see certain people, advisors, frequently, who just so happen to be the advisors of a friend as well, who is andromedan in source.

Who people are in source, is not an ego based thing as many bring up, its more spiritual awareness and a paradigm or matrix busting thing. Awareness is our freedom and freedom isn't ego based. We don't have to listen to those who want to try and grab the stray sheep who have escaped from the fence and shove them back in quickly to ensnare them again. Ego to me is about someone expanding into a room, and throwing their weight around. Not someone reaching out to others, because they see so many questions popping up, and wishing to see everyone empowered and aware and standing in a position where, they can shine love and light and freedom to others. And those who have different sources, they also have choices to make. Each day is a new page to write upon and love is always the choice can that can be made.

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posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 12:46 PM
This was something brought up by a poet and artist on another forum who was spreading such light, and its beautiful and wish to share it: its from an unkown source put out to share.


On the surface of the world right now
there is war and violence
and things seem dark.
But calmly and quietly, at the same time,
something else is happening
An inner revolution is taking place
and certain individuals are being called
to a higher light.
It is a silent revolution.
From the inside out.
From the ground up.
This is a Global operation.
A Spiritual Conspiracy.
There are sleeper cells
in every nation
on the planet.
You wont see us on the T.V.
You wont read about us
in the newspaper..
You wont hear about us on the radio
We dont seek any glory..
We dont wear any uniform..
We come in all shapes and sizes,
colors and styles.
Most of us work anonymously..
We are quietly working
behind the scenes
in every country
and culture of the world...
Cities big and small..
..mountains and valleys,
in farms and villages..
..tribes and remote islands.
You could pass by one of us
on the street
and not even notice..
We go undercover..
We remain behind the scenes..
It is of no concern to us
who takes the final credit...
But simply that the work gets done.
Occasionally we spot each other
in the street.
We give a quiet nod
and continue on our way..
During the day many of us pretend
we have normal jobs..
But behind the false storefront at night
is where the real work takes place...
Some call us the Conscious Army.
We are slowly creating a new world
with the power of our minds
and hearts..
We follow, with passion and joy.
Our orders come from the
Central Spiritual Intelligence.
We are sending soft
secret drops of love
when no one is looking..
~ Poems ~ Hugs ~ Music ~
~ Photography ~
~ Movies ~ Kind words ~
~ Smiles ~ Meditation and prayer ~
~ Dance ~ Social activism ~
~ Websites ~ Blogs ~
...Random acts of kindness...
We each express ourselves
in our own unique ways
with our own unique gifts and talents..
Be the change..
you want to see in the world
That is the motto
that fills our hearts..
We know it is the only way
real transformation takes place..
We know that quietly and.. humbly
we have the power
of all the oceans combined..
Our work is slow and meticulous.
Like the formation of mountains..
It is not even visible
at first glance.
And yet with it..
entire tectonic plates
shall be moved
in the centuries to come..
Love is the new religion
of the 21st century..
You dont have to be
a highly educated person..
Or have any exceptional knowledge
to understand it..
It comes from
the intelligence of the heart..
Embedded in the timeless
evolutionary pulse
of all human beings..
.. Be the change .. want to see in the world..
Nobody else can do it for you.
We are now recruiting..
Perhaps you will join us..
Or already have.
All are welcome
The door is open

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posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 01:00 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

You, my friend, are truly amazing.

I have seen a few crafts, but only one close up. Others usually lights, moving in odd paterns, or some stationary, but i just know what they are. When i see one, i send it all my love and light, showing the Cosmos just how much i love it.

I saw my first detailed craft at the beginning of this year, it was when i just began to realise the importance of my spiritual life, and when my interests developed more. Anyway, it was a triangle craft, i made a thread about it:

So anyway, i'm taking them as signs, and i belief it is my next step to find out about my Source and awaken too it.

This thread is a brilliant insite and expresses some true wisdom. Thankyou so much, i look forward to more from you, and i wish you all my love and light in the times to come.


posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 01:03 PM
We have many cosmic helpers and there are negotiations that have ongoing talked about by both reconpilot in some of his posts where he said the UN had almost brought their presence forth before as well Anthra Andromeda is trying to get this info out from his people. But we're being assisted with energies sent to us, and the Universal Energy for this time period, from mother earth herself who has already begun her own renewal process and is attempting to bring awareness.

Frequencies that are found in the music of starseeds, which I'll be posting alot of, these are very important, for bringing memories, for our dna healing, for ascension. Words heal our dna as well as co-create, so we can not only visualize but affirm and state many positives in the here and now to draw realities to us, for our protection and for our healing and ascensional process.

Some of the best music so far that I have found is era, vangelis, gregorian, constance demby, the older nightwish, tarja, takida, enigma, enya, sarah brightman as well, amongst others. They're like hemisync, which is also good, especially if you set intentions, and state your connections to your higher self, and you awareness.

Starting the ascension process, the accelerated ascension and dna healing is something that speeds up your awakening as well. Many have experienced vibrations and rushes of them during meditation, and listening to music, viewing sacred geometry, crop circles.
Because there are different sounds for each ear, they're even better with headphones. I often listent to these on my mp3 player, tucked in my waistband or pocket, doing dishes, laudnry or chores that are repetitive in nature and therefore zen mind is reached, in a walking meditation style, and had experiences that were psi in nature and concerning contact as well.

Era - Sinfoni Deo

Vangelis - Come To Me

Era tara shakti mantra

posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 01:37 PM
reply to post by JacobNH

Thank you. You seem to show quite alot of awareness in your posts and I will read you thread later today. You are experiencing either monitoring from the nuki, the controllers, or from those others that seem to be positive reptilians, for they do exist in our galaxy and andromeda.

Tr3b, or the triangles from Vrill technology are seen frequently. They also come from et technology, but are used by the shadow gov't and connected to area 51 in the past, but we see many in Canada. They are advanced, but tend to have sharp corners and fly in straight paths, can hover, are soundless, making a kind of resonance. We have seen many like this:

Et triangle have rounded corners and fly in a kind rotational manner, and they can just angle off sharply and stealth as well.

So as you gain awareness and raise your frequencies, and connect to your higher self, and also see yourself as powerfully protected and safe, you should be able to learn whether they mean you well, and also to seek for protection. This is an ongoing thing for many, because zetans and nuki are constantly handling people, monitoring and attempting to work their negative agendas. I've had some real experiences surrounding this. With others, we all witnessed one of the stealthed very tall, like 8-9 foot tall shadow, that strode quickly by in front of us, but he had a visible sticker on his boot that made his whole shape pop out. And flashes of something orange. It wasnt out of the corner of my eye either, I was looking in that direction, and the height would have corresponded to the height of the other one, where the orange came down in a sheet as if on a visor.

I have been told that they use stealthing technology on all sides, and that orange flash was evidence of it. We had that monitroring dealt with. There is a lot to this issue, we don't see things that they can hide through technology , and their phasing technology makes them phase out in their solidness as well.

Protection is something we need to seek constantly. For what is upcoming there are many here to protect, and we can call upon the Creator, Mother as I call Her, but your concept of First Cause, and ask for Her to send archangels, such as Metraton, Miczael, Uriel, and all those who can help, if the danger or monitoring is there. We can call out for help. We also need to learn how powerful we are ourselves. We are a part of Prime Creator, in Source. We can reach into the Universal Energy, plug in. Its actually one of the higher abilities I've been told and am beginning to experience success with and wish to really reach in. We've just forgotten how. This is our unlimited shielding, see it mirrored bubble around you, constantly fed by the Universal Energy, and we are loved as an only child.

"I am the love of the Creator; I am unmatched in what I can do." This will bring some protection from both the royal zetan reticuli and the nuki.

But always strive unconditional love and offer love, but seek protection too.


love and light

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posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 01:58 PM
Just want to share some of the music from a few different artists, though era is one of my favorites for a bit.

Tarja - The Seer

Doro feat. Tarja Turunen - Walking With The Angels (with lyrics)

Mother of the world - Constance Demby

Angels fall first Tarja Turunen

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posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 02:05 PM
Continued. I will include a range of different songs that are very special to me. These are starseeds, make no mistake. Don't know if all are aware, though with some there is no question but they're shining their lights.

Takida - Give Into Me

tAKiDA - Burning Inside

Era - Ameno (live, Germany, 1998)

Gregorian & Vangelis - WISH YOU WERE HERE

Gregorian - Heaven can wait 2006

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posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 02:11 PM
Vangelis and Enigma, very nice music. And very filled with dna healing fequencies. Love them both enormously.

Vangelis - Song Of The Seas

Vangelis -- MITHODEIA

vangelis - deliverance

Enigma - Goodbye Milky Way

posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 04:39 PM

Enya Angels

For You...
Angels, answer me,
are you near if rain should fall?
Am I to believe
you will rise to calm the storm?
For so great a treasure words will never do.
Surely, if this is, promises are mine to give you.
mine to give...
Here, all too soon the day!
Wish the moon to fall and alter tomorrow.
I should know
heaven has her way
- each one given memories to own.
Angeles, all could be
should you move both earth and sea
Angeles, I could feel
all those dark clouds disappearing...
Even, as I breathe
comes an angel to their keep.
Surely, if this is
promises are mine to give you.
mine to give...

Enya memory of trees

This one is so poignant, and the ones reverencing nature, for this is something we have to have the heart, soul, feeling for. Do we understand what is coming up, what the end of a cycle or era means? Why all those underground bases are being completed at top notch speed. We've allowed so much damage to be done to our mother, earth,and she is a living wonderful entity, a great soul. She is renewing herself, and in fact is ascensional, but, we need to use all of our strength to awaken, to get people to take stands against the leaders and say, no, we will not be painted with the brush of your crimes, we say no to wars, to depopulation, and all all the starving children in this world, we cant let them have us involved in their crimes so we have to say no, so many know this world is so unfair, with all the abuses of power, but seem to get not be able to speak out and get united.

We have little time left, we must wake up. We have to get the people demanding safety, moving to safety, apologizng to mother earth, meditating and listening to her voice, and seeking metaphysically through intentions and united purpose in meditations to send her healing, so she can heal safely, that we may enter into a golden era instead.

Lets awaken and act, so little time left before things pick up and the geomagnetic pole reversal becomes major, and we have to mitigate and save and heal and help this world.
And we can do it. We did not come to do an undoable mission. We are all here for this era, this moment, and need to wake up and act.

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posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 05:42 PM

Fix You - Gregorian Version

GREGORIAN - Moment Of Peace

Gregorian - Don't give up

Just wonderful music with frequencies and very revealing words.

posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 06:16 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Thankyou. Yeah, a friend of mine said that i might be monitored, or something along those lines.

I thought the tech. for the Human Triangle Ships came from an experiment in Philadelphia with some Reptiles? Not sure the correct name, but it involved alot of human casualties.

I can't remember whether the Triangle i saw had sharp or curved corners, i can't remember. I'll just have to wait until i see another

But i do remember that it was definately an equaliteral triangle, and i think the lights were bigger than the ones in the pic.

Like you said, as i gain more awareness, i can use my intuition to work out whether these ships are for guidance, or whatever their agenda.

I have a friend who has seen phased beings, very tall ones, just like the ones you mention. Again a very similar experience with the boot giving away their presence.

Thankyou so much.

Sal'Met Jarin


posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by JacobNH

Yes, we don't understand what kind of a matrix this is. This is not unusual, though most would never think its real. This is why I'm busting the matrix. Because whether they know its real or not, if they experience something themselves, they can connect those dots. We are being monitored by these goons.

And, the zetan greys are a part of this team. They are controllers and attempting to get to the good contacts people have, and also if they should break out of the pen they're carroled into, then they get visited, and controlled with another implant and an attempt to shove them right back in.

We need to make this matrix unravel and go poof. This thread is about waking up. I don't doubt you have monitoring. One thing you can try to do if you feel it is: ask them to identify themselves. This is a known protocol, and lack of identification should make you alarmed. Your own psi and awareness may need to increase a bit. But that is also what this thread is about.

We have to learn to use our insight more, to use it and stretch it beyond the point where no information is coming in, and we're resisting, to suddenly info. Normally we hesitate and question why we're seeing suddenly a lizzie shape in someones aura, or what it is.
This is our pineal, our third eye. Chakra meditations are good.

But for practice, simply look at videos, of a variety of people. ie, Billy Meiers, James, Gilliland, various new age, workshop type video on youtube or google videos, theres many. And attempt to see who they are in source. Also practice with videos on ufos. For example, I will tell you what I discovered about Billy Meiers. First, most of his stuff is fabricated or appears so. But many people visiting his property have received sitings of crafts and give testimony. Its a very unusual case. My friend sent me a picture of one of the ufos and asked me to use my insight. I felt the hit on energy immediately, and sensed the pleiadian/lyraean connection. But.....and then I read the talmud and got upset that he was trying to start a religion.

Then suddenly I went through a phase, with all the energies that came through in August, where I had really strong connection to my HS, or my source, I just remembered things. I felt the same expanded consciousness that I had experienced with another 5or 6D, that was incredible, so much need to go back and return to this. There is nothing I miss more. I went through a few days of recognizing people, some friends, even an ex, and some on youtube, I knew we had come down in waves during each decade, and were here for creating this positive change, and many still were alseep at the wheel, thats how negative this 3D reality is. And he, Billy, had an assignment and went off it somehow. We're team players, going off on our own makes us renegades. I felt like I knew him, and my source, or higher self, wanted to go and talk some sense into him.

The next morning one of my friends, an advisor I know by name contacted me in a postcard, I felt his presence, and told me that we are never to judge anyone. That this is a very difficult world to navigate through, and we must encourage, love, and always offer prayers and try to help others gain awareness, so they can recover and go back on mission, or wake up at least. We must be unconditional love. This is a pleaidian and pleiadian/lyrean concept.

Then, with those energies still strong, and my head was hurting. Had to nap for hours each afternoon, with this burning feeling. I was up and had forgotten the rules of the matrix altogether, and was feeling this expanded awareness again, this more real me, and I just felt so isolated from my friends and family, so unnaturally isolated that I just walked out the glass sliding doors reaching into the group mind, the Universal Understanding as its known. And I was home. Welcome back. And just overwhelmed with joy. This is the natural state, connected yet individual, of the universe. In 5D, for those who ascend, and graduate this level, they will experience this instantly.

Oh, the one I now know the name of, it was during a procedure that was being down after some negative medical had occurred with the zetans and after this monitoring outback. I felt their presence, and was told they had to do this. I thought it was higher dimensional, and subtle, but I was in discomfort and felt blood. What actually happens is they alter your mind so you don't percieve whats really happening. It was 3D surgeory, I was told. Also it was very alarming. I wrote to my friend, while still feeling monitored and he was upset and asked me to ask them to identify themselves, this is standard protocol. I've always just let the experiences, contacts, sitings go as they determined, and had never expected to be able to question and receive answers. Well I did, and they all did identify themselves. The first two were the same that a friend and I had shared experiences with, though we live thousands of miles apart. The third, who I've seen often, then told me his name as well. Apparently the first two are known by my walk in friend, the third, is a common cosmic name. I won't be naming them in this thread. That goes over the protocol.

So ask for identification. And seek more. Use the insight I know you have. Keep pushing beyond the boundaries.

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posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 12:19 PM
This matrix is programmed by those working on behalf of the nuki, some are incarnated here, often asleep and handled. They program the matrix with their words. We are a part of the Creator, and we are co-creators, and the law of attraction, or visualizing and using our conscience thoughts with clarity instead of allowing the negative charges to accumulate from the media we subject ourselves and our families to, to shape this world. Some of us incarnated here are like black ops from the nuki side, and they're not starseeds either. But I do believe that everyone has a fresh chance, a new white page to advance and chose the frequencies of love, light, and truth from.

Setting intentions, is the beginning, its like a training for advanced, visualizations in the now.
Saying, "It is my intention for my connection to my higher self to grow stronger each day" is the beginning stage. But commanding it, or stating it is better, in the now. To pull it in, to feel the words vibrate in you. Especially if you have been doing work and are experiencing rushes of them.

"I am awake and aware."
"The matrix is broken, the people are free and moved to safety, disclosure is now, and we all help earth heal gently."

"I am awake and aware. Each day I grow more and more connected to my higher self and more united."

"I am free from the matrix, the people are free, awake, aware and happy, they are healed, and filled with joy, peace and unity. Disclosure is now, we are being taught by our cosmic friends and family. A new utopia is beginning for humanity and earth. We are healing mother earth and nature and she is being restored gently with humanity safe and powerfully protected. Divine Mother's Plan has been achieved, and the earth and its people ascend and evolve."

posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 12:34 PM
"In joy, safety and harmony I step into the unknown. I am powerfully protected and safe as I do the work I came here to do."

You can include loved ones, "and my family..."

You can affirm for the world. Visualizing with emotions, with strong yearning is an intention and its powerful and can pull this in. Especially done with another, more joining in. Feeling the happiness and joy of attaining something already, is very powerful.

"The light filaments in my dna are awakened and activated. My dna is healing now. I am participating in the accelerated ascension."

"I wish to be in impeccable knowing at all times. In the moment in perfect timing, I trust all my decisions are the correct ones."

"My body heals itself rapidly into a constant state of vibrant health and energy. I purify all toxins and impurities I receive throught the air, water , soil and through my food and all I come into contact with in any way. I am filled with vibrant health, and energy."

"I am connected to the Universal Energy, awakened and plugged into the source of my shield, healing and drawing constantly from this energy. This energy comes from the Creator, is unlimited and is unlimited in its protection and healing."

"I am doing the work I came to do!"

"My family and I handle all emergencies and all difficulties well and perfectly, in good timing with impeccable knowing. Positive solutions are quickly discovered and attained by us."

"The right words always come to me at the right moments."

"I tune out the negative and still my mind in order to be open to anything I need to perceive."

"The Divine Source of all is Eternal; I am a part of the Divine Source; I AM eternal and wil always be a part of the Divine Source; it is my love, my strength and my faith for I am eternal."

"My sheild is the love of the Creator, and it will always protect, envelop me and love me."

"I AM the love of the Creator and I am unmatched in what I can do."

posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 01:28 PM
Sometimes I think the ones who can help bring in a peaceful safe and positive timeline are the poor and those for who home ownership, a safe home is but a dream, and who have such strong yearnings for beauty and homes of their own, who know they should be able to reclaim their natural and inherant rights to this earth and go and build where they wish, or at least if they are wise, in unity together chosings locations that give all the natural beauty the right to be enjoyed by all. So there is still a need for intelligence, and cooperation, but freedom as well, from the nuki banks.

There are two timelines constantly interchanging here, and the pole shift has many ramifications that involve why they are building those underground dumbs that can house up to 14% of the world's population, and we are here to mitigate it, to free ourselves from this control and bring in healing for mother earth.

When a friend and I shared pictures of earthship homes, recycled beautiful energy sufficient homes, she was strongly affected. And as we shared that dream I felt the timeline change and it drew safety with it, for this was a safe dream. We need to use our metaphysics, joint intention, meditations and visualizations to create numbers of awake people, demanding truth, safety from earth changes, disclosure, and intending, visualizing peace on earth amongst all the people, especially the middle east right now, and healing for mother earth. We need to send powerful healing towards her.

Unity is the graduation and leads to our advancement. It is a feminine energy and principle and Creator though represented by the nuki as patriarchal is more Mother as is understood cosmically. Though She is whole and complete in every way. The living way, originally pleiadian, is about virtues as we would say, and now has many agreed upon tenants. The first virtue which has led to great advancement of their race, which has pulled together in unity to evolve scientifically with all holds removed, brought them beyond the limits, such as known cylcical catastrophes that all planets are subject to. There are many with differing opinions and the free will continues throughout the cosmos, yet the first virtue is that under no circumstances will any violent cohersion be used. There is to be no wars or killing. All decisions are agreed upon, and they meet in common ground, with great respect for one another, and they allow for individual expressions to exist.

We must learn this before its too late. For without unity, separation leads to......And we're approaching possible earth changes, and need to learn how to come together united, to overcome all odds and bring in a cosmic advancement, while also assisting mother earth to heal.

The Divine Creator to me, is Mother, and this song is lovely hinting at some of the oppression She endures here:

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posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 02:56 PM
Very good, Unity; and much needed, for many people here, and for oh so many not quite aware that there is something going on around them and behind the scenes, but still getting that uneasy feeling that something is lying around the corner, waiting to be revealed.

To all that are actively following this thread, and to the curious that follow the links unity so graciously posted to mine humble efforts, I suggest to all to quietly look around you, at the people you encounter, and the way things are presented to you; look for the subtle clues, the feelings you receive, and listen to that quiet inner voice that is always there to advise you.

Look within, thru meditation, and re-connecting to nature; walk barefoot when possible, get away from the pavement and concrete, spend some time watching the clouds or listening to a babbling brook; face each day or event with a positive loving outlook, for there truly aren't any problems, just solutions; and start to make the changes you see, starting with yourself; love yourself as the perfect portion of Creator that you truly are; understand that we all are so much more than allowed to perceive; that you are not alone as you walk, that you are loved and accepted; that this is but one stop on the long journey, and that everyone has their part to play.

S'e' H'o'l'a ke' a'te' sc'a'a'l'a'


posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 03:19 PM
Thank you, your words are really appreciated. Its waking up to the world around us, and to who we are in source. For we have family and friends, cosmic friends that are on our side.
The Federation is where my experiences have been as well the Andross/Andromedan meetings as well. Some memories have come to me from. This will bring to us our knowledge of our abilities to unite, to form the positive co-creational metaphysical will to draw healing to earth and the positive timeline to humanity and work for freedom.

S'e' H'o'l'a ke' a'te' sc'a'a'l'a'

S'e lo' ka'le'o' ma' je'li'm te' zho'a'

posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I often get confused my what people call the Matrix. In the sense you talk of it, it is created by the Annunaki, i don't understand how that is possible. It's a confusing concept.

But yes, alot of us, are being monitored. Next time i feel a presence i will ask for indentification, and see what happens.

I like your tips about the intuition training, and learning to use insight more. I think i'm gonna use them, and start some "training"

Also I'm gonna start using those lines you use. Like repeating them. Normally, at night, i say my goodnight to the Universe, and send my love and light to the cosmos. I just repeat the same line every night.
I maybe incorporate those lines you posted into that too.




posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 04:43 PM
reply to post by JacobNH

Well the matrix is more than our thoughts, and more than the programmed NLP, its actually technology that was used to create and was done by the nuki's. I have struggled to see it as well, as most planets do not experience this, in fact earth may be unique. The closest I could come would be to see it as a layers done in coding with our dna altered and downgraded to ensure we could not truly see the reality of the world around us, and that filters out their presence alot too.

Makes a person think of computer coding as well, and filters on the program, to me it does anyway. That opens an entire different questions and I don't have any answers there at all.

I say the affirmations slowly, at least 3 times, let my intuition tell me when the vibrations stop, and the energetic hit I get subsides.

But this is very good to include them, with other positive practices. I would love to hear from you, and some of your techniques.

much love and light

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