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Israel has been condemned more than all countries combined (HR)

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posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 12:40 PM
heres one article:

Israel Bans Arab Parties From Election


January 12, 2009 -- -JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel on Monday banned Arab political parties from running in next month's parliamentary elections, drawing accusations of racism by an Arab lawmaker who said he would challenge the decision in the country's Supreme Court.

The ruling by parliament's Central Election Committee reflected the heightened tensions between Israel's Jewish majority and Arab minority caused by Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip. Arabs have held a series of demonstrations against the offensive.

Parliament spokesman Giora Pordes said the election committee voted overwhelmingly in favor of the motion, accusing the country's Arab parties of incitement, supporting terrorist groups and refusing to recognize Israel's right to exist. Arab lawmakers have traveled to some of Israel's staunchest enemies, including Lebanon and Syria.

The 37-member committee is composed of representatives from Israel's major political parties. The measure was proposed by two ultranationalist parties but received widespread support.

The decision does not affect Arab lawmakers in predominantly Jewish parties or the country's communist party, which has a mixed list of Arab and Jewish candidates. Roughly one-fifth of Israel's 7 million citizens are Arabs. Israeli Arabs enjoy full citizenship rights, but have suffered from discrimination and poverty for decades.

Arab lawmakers Ahmed Tibi and Jamal Zahalka, political rivals who head the two Arab blocs in parliament, joined together in condemning Monday's decision.

"It was a political trial led by a group of Fascists and racists who are willing to see the Knesset without Arabs and want to see the country without Arabs," said Tibi.

Together, the Arab lists hold seven of the 120 seats in the Knesset, or parliament.

Tibi said he would appeal to the high court, while Zahalka said his party was still deciding how to proceed.

Pordes, the parliament spokesman, said the last party to be banned was the late Rabbi Meir Kahane's Kach Party, a list from the 1980s that advocated the expulsion of Arabs from Israel.

posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 12:56 PM
Israel’s Arab Citizens Call General Strike

Action against wave of ‘racist’ measures

By Jonathan Cook in Nazareth

September 09, 2009 "Information Clearing House" -- The increasingly harsh political climate in Israel under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing government has prompted the leadership of the country’s 1.3 million Arab citizens to call the first general strike in several years.

The one-day stoppage is due to take place on October 1, a date heavy with symbolism because it marks the anniversary of another general strike, in 2000 at the start of the second intifada, when 13 Arab demonstrators were shot dead by Israeli police.

The Arab leadership said it was responding to a string of what it called “racist” government measures that cast the Arab minority, a fifth of the population, as enemies of the state.

“In recent months, there has been a parallel situation of racist policies in the parliament and greater condoning of violence towards Arab citizens by the police and courts,” said Jafar Farah, the head of Mossawa, an Arab advocacy group in Israel. “This attitude is feeding down to the streets.”

Confrontations between the country’s Arab minority and Mr Netanyahu’s coalition, formed in the spring, surfaced almost immediately over a set of controversial legal measures.

The proposed bills outlawed the commemoration of the “nakba”, or catastrophe, the word used by Palestinians for their dispossession in 1948; required citizens to swear loyalty to Israel as a Zionist state; and banned political demands for ending Israel’s status as a Jewish state. Following widespread outcries, the bills were either watered down or dropped.

But simmering tensions came to a boil again late last month when the education minister, Gideon Saar, presented educational reforms to mark the start of the new school year.

He confirmed plans to drop the word “nakba” from Arabic textbooks and announced his intention to launch classes on Jewish heritage and Zionism. He also said he would tie future budgets for schools to their success in persuading pupils to perform military or national service.

Arab citizens are generally exempted from military service, although officials have recently been trying to push civilian national service in its place.

Mohammed Barakeh, an Arab member of the parliament, denounced the linking of budgets to national service, saying that Mr Saar “must understand that he is the education minister, not the defence minister”.

The separate Arab education system is in need of thousands of more classrooms and is massively underfunded – up to nine times more is spent on a Jewish pupil than an Arab one, according to surveys. Research published by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem last month showed that Jewish schools received five times more than Arab schools for special education classes.

Mr Netanyau, who accompanied Mr Saar on a tour of schools last week, appeared to give his approval to the proposed reforms: “We advocate education that stresses values, Zionism and a love of the land.”

Mr Barakeh also accused government ministers of competing to promote measures hostile to the Arab minority. “Anyone seeking fame finds it in racist whims against Arabs – the ministers of infrastructure, education, transportation, whoever.”

Mr Barakeh was referring to a raft of recent proposals.

Avigdor Lieberman, the foreign minister and leader of the far-right Yisrael Beiteinu party, announced last month that training for the diplomatic service would be open only to candidates who had completed national service.

Of the foreign ministry’s 980 employees only 15 are Arab, a pattern reflected across the civil service sector according to Sikkuy, a rights and coexistence organisation.

The housing minister, Ariel Atias, has demanded communal segregation between Jewish and Arab citizens and instituted a drive to make the Galilee, where most Arab citizens live, “more Jewish”.

The interior minister, Eli Yishai, has approved a wave of house demolitions, most controversially in the Arab town of Umm al Fahm in Wadi Ara, where a commercial district has been twice bulldozed in recent weeks.

The transport minister, Israel Katz, has insisted that road signs include placenames only as they are spelt in Hebrew, thereby erasing the Arabic names of communities such as Jerusalem, Jaffa and Nazareth.

Arab legislators have come under repeated verbal attack from members of the government. Last month, the infrastructures minister, Uzi Landau, refused to meet Taleb al Sana, the head of the United Arab List party, on parliamentary business, justifying the decision on the grounds that Arab MPs were “working constantly here and abroad to delegitimise Israel as a Jewish state”.

Shortly afterwards, Mr al Sana and his colleague Ahmed Tibi, the deputy speaker of parliament, attended Fatah’s congress in Bethlehem, prompting Mr Lieberman to declare: “Our central problem is not the Palestinians, but Ahmed Tibi and his ilk – they are more dangerous than Hamas and [Islamic] Jihad combined.”

Mr Tibi responded: “When Lieberman, the foreign minister, says that, ordinary Israelis understand that he is calling for me to be killed as a terrorist. It is the most dangerous incitement.”

Israel’s annual Democracy Index poll, published last month, showed that 53 per cent of Israeli Jews supported moves to encourage Arab citizens to leave.

Mr Farah said the strike date had been selected to coincide with the anniversary of the deaths of 13 Arab citizens in October 2000 to highlight both the failure to prosecute any of the policemen involved and the continuing official condoning of violence against Arab citizens by police and Jewish citizens.

Some 27 Arab citizens have been killed by the police in unexplained circumstances since the October deaths, Mr Farah said, with only one conviction. Last week, Shahar Mizrahi, an undercover officer, was given a 15-month sentence for shooting Mahmoud Ghanaim in the head from point-blank range. The judge called Mizrahi’s actions “reckless”.

This week, in another controversial case, Shai Dromi, a Negev rancher, received six months community service after shooting dead a Bedouin intruder, Khaled al Atrash, as the latter fled.

Mr Farah said the regard in which Arab citizens were held by the government was illustrated by a comment from the public security minister, Yitzhak Aharonovitch, in June. During an inspection of police officers working undercover as drug addicts, the minister praised one for looking like a “real dirty Arab”.

posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by pexx421

This is good that you found the article, one problem though:

January 12, 2009 -- -JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel on Monday banned Arab political parties from running in next month's parliamentary elections

If the article written in January of 2009 talks about elections in a month, then this means that those elections already happened in February of 2009. Does it not?
And those people:

Arab lawmakers Ahmed Tibi and Jamal Zahalka, political rivals who head the two Arab blocs in parliament, joined together in condemning Monday's decision.

surely are not in the parliament then, right?
And yet if you check 18th Knesset (the one voted on February 2009) - oh wonder, they are in.
and their parties, Arabic parties, are in
What is this Zionist undemocratic diabolical madness?
Well - Israel is a democracy , so this is why it all happened. Another article for your information:
Edit Warning - wrong date , article is not connected to the issue.
Correct link is in the end of the post!!!!! Oooopsy.

Israel's Supreme Court has overturned a ban on two Arab legislators standing in this month's general election.

After the decision, Mr Bishara said he was relieved that the court had stopped what he called the commission's attack on democracy.
Democracy is not about being always correct, but about checks and balances. So when one branch failed - there was another one to balance it all back. Beautiful, ha?

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Oops. Article from bbc i used speaks about different incident. From 2003. Did not know about that one, just knew that in 2009 case court overruled the desicion so did not check the date. Sorry for mix up.
Here is article from 2009 saga:

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posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 02:47 PM
true it is good that they overturned it then! I did not follow the election after so didnt know.

I do believe that there is much racism in israel, though more by the admin than by the populace, but i will state this for them. They are much more fair in their media of presenting the dissent among their own populace than we are here. There is much open criticism in the jewish media of their actions and their policy regarding palestine, while it is almost banned in our own news. Further, it appears their checks and balances may be working better than ours if this event is any indication.

Many prominent and educated jews speak out and write regularly their horror and criticisms of what they do to the palestinians, and i certainly dont brand all jews as racist. I imagine that most average citizens there are just like you and I, humans who are concerned mainly with providing for their families and experiencing love and security. Unfortunately, there, as here, small groups with profit and acquisition in mind are more in control of driving policy to the detriment of their people and of all those around them for the edification of the few.

posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 08:50 PM
first country to recognize Israel = USA.

Go back, professor, and look at the weaponry used in their wars. In 1948-49, it was Czech. In 1956, it was Czech. In 1967, it was primarily French and British. In 1973, they finally started to procure some US weapons into their weapons mix.

Someone helped the Zionists, there you have it. They wouldn't have managed to take over that land without the support of someone, I thought America but turned out to be an European country. Ofcurse 6 million Jews were killed in Europe so that was a form of apology. Sorry for the genocide dude, now go and invade Palestine

So once again, you're completely wrong in your statements.

Nope not at all, the statement had a point, and the point still stands. The point was that someone helped the Zionist take over Palestine, you just clarified who it was.

You're having trouble understanding that some nations in the UN are more equal than others, and ignore my point that the members don't pay equally to match their political equality?

So money makes you more equal, once again you ignored my point, you haven't told us how in god's name can you be more equal? Are men and women equal? Men have more money, does that make them more equal?

If they are all equal, then all should pay equal amounts of funding to finance the UN. Are they? Hell no! Some get to slide, which tells me some are more equal than others.

ZZZ you don't get it do you, it is optional, you can pay billions of dollars for the UN, it doesn't make you more equal. The UN charter states every UN member is equal.

The topic is that Israel has been condemned more than all other countries.

Note this:

Israel has been attacked and invaded by Lebanon once.

Attacked by Syria and invaded three times.

Attacked and invaded by Iraq once.

Attacked and invaded by Saudi Arabia once.

Attacked and invaded by Jordan twice.

Attacked and invaded by Egypt four times.

We thus find that Israel has been attacked and invaded more than any other nation on earth that currently exists.

This has all happened since 1948-49.

Israel sounds like the victim until you realize Israel didn't exist

The forced creation of Israel against the wishes of the original inhabitants was the cause, everyone knows what happened, you can deny it all you want, it doesn't change the facts in the ground.

It was an attack against the Zionists, not Israel since Israel didn't exist. Just like today America invaded Afghanistan to fight the radical Islam.

Twelve times, they've been attacked and invaded by other nations. Each time, each of the attacking nations stated specifically that they were going to soak the ground with Israeli blood and eliminate the nation of Israel.

Yeah and what did the Zionists say? "we will throw roses at the Arabs"

When you forcefully come to someone's house especially when you are not welcomed, not only the inhabitants but also the neighbors will be pissed off. And you know what happens when people loose it.

Since they have been attacked militarily more than any other nation, it would take a complete idiot to expect anything else from the UN.

Just how idiotic can we be?

Israel didn't exist, it never got attacked, the Zionists were getting attacked. You can call it Israel all you want, but countries around the world still don't recognize Israel.

If Israel doesn't want to follow the UN laws then it can happily f%%% off and join the EU or something.

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posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 08:26 PM
This thread needs to be bumped because of current Israeli atrocities coming to light.

People need to know this.

posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 06:50 PM
this is the biggest bunch of bull crap i have ever read

north korea theres cannibalism
china hello?????????????????????
iran??????? hello a woman has been in prison for cheating before that she was stoned.... gays and lesbians are murdered.

islamic insurgents behead people and yet there is no comment from the world on these actions.

iran and china are the worldest biggest human rights violators in the world and its always jump on the hate isreal bandwagon...

then of course we have the az immigration law as a human rights violation

so im my humble opion these people can go take a long walk off a short peir.:p

" judge not lest you be judged" yeah its a bibical reference but it suits the thread very well.

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