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UK Flights Grounded

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posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 04:32 AM

All transatlantic flights from the UK are grounded because of an air traffic systems problem at Shannon airport in the Republic of Ireland, says BAA.

Delays could be as much as three and a half hours, it is thought.

Now, with the war games starting in a few days, is it possible there's more to this than meets the eye?

What do you guys think?


posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 05:02 AM

The problems occurred at Prestwick airport's air traffic control hub in Scotland at 0800BST.

A spokeswoman for NATS, responsible for the UK's air traffic management, said aircraft had been stopped from entering airspace over the north Atlantic.

All airborne aircraft arriving in the UK have been safely landed using manual systems, she added.

The problem concerns Shanwick Oceanic Control, which is the airspace area for the north east Atlantic.

Passengers are advised to check with their airlines before travelling.

Prestwick... West coast of Scotland....


posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 05:14 AM
reply to post by suicide__x

It may well just be nothing more than an error with the systems but the timing really is uncanny...

Kind of really makes you wonder, I vaguely remember watching the news a few days ago and them having a short segment on increased "terror" threats in the UK, as far as I can remember it was CNN that had it...

I feel I may be rambling a bit but I haven't slept yet so bear with me haha

posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 08:47 PM
Not sure why the whole grid should go down over the Atlantic when NATS has it covered and monitored 24/7.

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