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Questions I have about Christianity & Religion

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posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 01:52 AM
Thank You everyone for your anwsers I have now edited most of the OP.
I added some new questions and reworded a few things. Please feel free to go back and edit your post or just post anwsers to questions.

posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 10:35 AM
reply to post by s14mikeysr20

OK, we'll try this again with new questions. 1, 2, and 3 I have already answered, so I'll start with 4:

4. Do you think that there are any books that got left out of the Bible?

I'd say it is possible. The books that are there have stood the test of time, however, so I pretty much stick to those.

That does not mean I condemn all other writings out of hand. It rather means I use the Bible as a foundation to my readings. I reject anything that goes against the foundation and try to find books that are in line with it, perhaps with a bit more detail. If, as I believe, God wrote the Bible through divine inspiration of men, then why could not an enemy spirit (a Satan) do the same with lies as opposed to truth?

The Bible instructs us to "test every spirit". I believe that sbhould also be applied to ideas and thoughts of others, who may be listening to unknown spirits.

5. Did God cast Satan out of heaven before He created the Earth and Adam and Eve?

I don't know. It would seem so, since the serpent was obviously either Satan or was acting on Satan's behalf, but then again I have heard it said that the reason Lucifer rebelled and became Satan was in response to the creation of man and his jealousy over our free will (which he never had, but attempted to use anyway).

Perhaps it was a simultaneous occurrence. After all, the Bible does not say how long Adam and Eve were in the garden. There could have been plenty of time for Lucifer to rebel, become Satan, be cast out, come to Earth, assume the shape of a serpent or control a serpent, and tempt Adam and Eve into that first sin.

6. Did God Cast Satan out of heaven within the week that he created the heavens & earth, waters & land , Adam & Eve and so on?

See above explanation.

7. If God did cast Satan out while Adam & Eve was in the garden, Why do you think he let him in?

It's not like God has Satan on a lease walking him around the planet. Satan is a separate entity, one who was created the crowning glory of God's creatures when he was created. The Arch-Angel of Light, Lucifer! Think of it as God being the Commander-In-Chief and Lucifer as the Secretary of Defense. The only one above Lucifer was God. Now once Lucifer tried for his coup and failed, he was cast out, sort of like the Secretary of Defense trying to overthrow the President and getting booted out of the service. He can still go where he wants, do what he wants, but he is going to have to fight if he comes around the Pentagon anymore.

God's Word says He has a plan to handle Satan. But in the meantime, Satan is free to roam. Jesus, by His sacrifice, tricked Satan and defeated him in Earth as well. But just like Saddam Hussein in Iraq was defeated in the Gulf War and still tried to exercise his will to defy the no-fly zones, so Satan still tries to worm his way around that defeat. He can still whisper in our ears to try and convince us that we should work against God. He can even possess people if they choose to allow it, and like the fine print on a contract that no one reads, it is completely possible to allow Satan to do something to us that we would never allow if we realized what was going on.

The real power now lies in ourselves. We have authority over Satan, although only through his defeat by Jesus. Without accepting Jesus, we cannot have victory over Satan, because we didn't defeat him. Jesus did.

8 Do you believe that there could be human like life on other planets? If so do you think God sent Jesus to there planet also?

To expand on my first answer, those living on another world, should there be some, would not necessarily be in the same war we are in with Satan. So there is really no way to know.

9. Will the billions of people who are of different religions(not christian) go to heaven?

Already answered.

Now, I need to say something else. While I and a few others have tried to answer your questions to the best of our ability, there have been many who have answered out of anger or out of some silly attempt to be funny. In compliance with your wishes, I will not even identify them by name. Everyone knows who they are and where they stand. But I must make a blanket statement toward this practice:

When you take a sincere request for knowledge, such as the OP in this thread, and decide to use it for entertainment, you embrace ignorance. Far from being funny, some of the responses have been insulting and childish. While I am sure that in your mind you are doing something that others will find amusing, you should know that all you have done is destroy any credibility you may have had. there will be other threads, and when you post there, your views will likely be taken no more seriously than I take them here.

All a man has in this world are his words. That's it. Once you destroy the integrity of your words, you are left with nothing. I pray you will not further destroy everything you have.

To the OP: if you get tired of wading through too much garbage from those who have no real interest in answering your questions, my U2U is open as I am sure many other Christians' are. You are a wise man for asking these questions, and I hope and pray you find your answers.


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