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Take what you know and apply it to survival

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posted on Oct, 2 2009 @ 03:56 PM
First, most readers here will know how to take today's day to day skills and use them in unconventional ways. However, I thought it worth a post.

When evading or hiding, camouflage is an important skill, both for individual concealment, and for your vehicles/basecamp. Many of us know more about camouflage than we think. If I were to ask my wife how to camouflage her face, she would probably default to some hollywood version of a few streaks of black stuff on the face. However, the basics of camouflage are to 1) make the camouflaged item appear differently than expected (so the observer's mind does not recognize it) 2) to blend in with the background, but 1) is very important.

How does one render a face unrecognizable? Change visual contours by lightening shadowed areas and darken lighter (or exposed) areas. Guess what? That is what she does every time she puts on makeup. Yes, that Max Factor time makes you a facial camo expert. It only requires that the individual make the mental leap to take today's day to day skill a survival asset.

Any other ideas?

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