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Africom or Africon? Parts 1-4 - Videos - Take a look

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posted on Oct, 2 2009 @ 04:08 AM

September 27, 2009 Africom or Africon? Parts 1-4 A reorganization of the U.S. command structure and another military imposition

Since these videos are embedded into the website, and I'm too lazy (it's after 5am and still no sleep) to find the actual link in the source (since it doesn't provide a direct link to the videos). So I am forced to give you the links to click on (sorry).

Africom or Africon? Pt 1

Africom or Africon? Pt 2

Africom or Africon? Pt 3

Africom or Africon? Pt 4

Yes I know the videos are a hit long, but please take a look of at least 1 video (any will do) and I'm sure you will end up wanting to watch the rest, if not though feel free to comment on whichever part you watched (although for the whole story I recommend watching all 4 parts).


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