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Waking Up!!

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posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 08:16 PM
As I sit and dwell on the pains of this world I wonder where it all went wrong!

I look for answers to questions that they darnt ask, Am I the only one?

What did we do that was so bad to end up like this?....How do we move on from this mortal abyss?

The US Hegemony machine moves under a psychological fools the masses with its "Terroists" , "Terrorism" errrm " Mad Mullahs" ......But with me to no avail, you see we are "waking up"......I can see the truth!...You can't control me as I am "WAKING UP"!!

Your media that controls your weak is breaking down, the propoganda you spiel is becoming dire, I'm tired of these lies...I'm tired of this bull!! .....I need to see some honesty I need to hear some truth......
You see I am "WAKING UP"!!

When will we stop sending our children to war?...A war that can NOT be won!
Our children are our future but soon they will be gone, murdered in the name of imperialism for something that is wrong!...Please! People of the world, time to stop this....Time to "WAKE UP"!

No wars = No Arms sales!.....No wars! = No oil grab!

Fellow human beings open your eyes!...Time is running out don't believe the lies!
"WAKE UP" from your stuper is as harsh as I get as its you who is needed to escape this hell!......The revolution will need you when the uprising please! please! people "WAKE UP"! ...then go tell!!

Planting the seed is all I can do, I've "WOKEN UP" I'm asking have you?

Maybe this is a question that will change your mind!

why do so many suffer and starve while bankers and investment capitalists profit billions??....I smell slavery, I smell incarceration!........I suggest you go smell the coffee!!

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posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 08:44 PM
I'd say you were awake when you wrote that, but maybe fighting off some lucid state of mind.

But no I agree with you about how we need a world of peace. However if you think about it it isn't likely to happen. There's always someone out there looking to disturb life and good people's lives. I doubt that we will ever get away from it, it's just life I guess. Still, we can dream!

Ramadwarf on dreams and life

posted on Oct, 2 2009 @ 06:08 AM
This is the bit were I show you links to help you on your way!

Ever heard of "MK Ultra" and how they made your mind sway?

Watch the clip and tell me your not "WAKING UP"!

Ever heard of "Operation Northwoods" and what they were going to do?
It really is an amazing read! This false flag was for me and you!

Take some time to take a peek, it will not take you hours, it gives you an insight on how they did the towers!
All three towers fell into themselves, something thats never happened before! the clip and see the truth.....I have many more!

Now it all makes sense, they used "MK Ultra" to pull off this offence!
You see I am "WAKING UP"....Are YOU?

You see they can't fool me, cause I am "WAKING UP"!

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posted on Oct, 2 2009 @ 01:12 PM
If you can`t find the answers around you, then your looking in the wrong place. The awakening your talking about is a spiritual awakening. The eyes you opened up, are the eyes inside of you. That also is where the answers to all questions are, inside of you.

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