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an open rant on american from a true patriot

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posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 04:28 PM
- i am a true patriot, this is my rant-

Seriously people...

Health insurance and car insurance are two different things. I have car insurance because I may hit someone else. That is it. The only mandatory car insurance is liability, which covers me not... if I have liability only, and I go out and crash into a tree, the insurance does not cover the damage.

Under Obama care we are STILL PAYING FOR OTHERS!

They are going to increase taxes, they are not calling it taxes, but we will see an increase in out of pocket expenses. That is supposed to be for your health.

But what if I am a super healthy 27 year old who works out frequently and has zero health issues? And I don’t for the next say 20 years? I am still paying all that time for services I will never be rendered, and by the time I need it my rates will be readjusted anyway.

This is simply a way for insurance companies and big pharmacy to survive.

Think about it. no Obama care + recession means Americans choosing to simply stay at home and self medicate instead of going to the doc for a cold because, well, why not its free, and then when I get to the doc, I may as well get the pills, why not its free, even though I would most times be better off in the long run by staying at home because a) my immune systems strengthens by naturally battling the illness... b) my pocket book makes it easier for me to miss a few days of work... and c) less mutating viruses becoming drug resistant.

The majority of insurance claims are not life changing surgeries; it’s the flu, the common cold, minor accidents cuts scrapes and bruises. People pay 500 dollars a month in health insurance for years only to have the same insurance companies that Obama care will be forcing on us say to them, "you have to pay some of this bill too"

And as far as capping the doctors salary, dumb dumb dumb. Bailout government is ok with letting companies give execs big bonuses with taxpayer dollars to keep the competitive edge, so what makes you think hospitals won’t do the same for their docs? And who could blame them? If I was a doctor and I had an option of staying in America making a capped salary or going to some other country and getting paid more, why the heck would I stay?

Bottom line, all this is going to do, is cause more people to go to the doc needlessly, get drugs that they don’t need, cause profit increase for insurance and big pharmacy, and guess what, you still pay more in the end!!! All the while you are losing yet another bit of freedom and one more life choice that you as an individual can make.

Next thing you know they are going to make EVERYONE get a cell phone because it saves dollars and lives in cases of emergencies... or maybe everyone will be forced to vote in all elections to ensure true representation of the people. Or maybe everyone will be forces to pay for college for their kids? OOH! I know!! We are all forced to get GPS tracking devices so that we are better able to find missing persons and thus save tax dollars! Better yet! All people who have disease and disfigurement due to hereditary issues are forced to get snipped to prevent future drain on the economy! All illegal aliens are allowed to be citizens because it’s cheaper than deporting now that they are covered under Obama care (and they are)!!

People don’t get the basic concept. What is the cost of freedom? The freedom to make life decisions that affect your life without some big brother figure telling you what to do? when will people value this one life and the ability to live it the way they please with the only governing factor being the willingness to accept consequence?

Our founding fathers would turn their backs upon the American people for allowing the blood, tears, the lives of their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, even their very own lives go to waste! They gave it all! Risked it all! On PRINCIPLE! The principle that humans are not animals to be led around! That all people inherit upon birth certain rights! These rights that come with the gift of consciousness, free will, and the ability to communicate and reason! These things alone give you the ability to be free, you jut have to exercise it!

The principle of this is that first we lost our privacy, and then we lost our domestic tranquility, now we continue to lose our liberties under the guise of a helping hand!

It seems that every time they impose upon this nation a governing rule to better our lives, it hinders our freedoms! But freedoms are gained through risk, through sacrifice!


I go to work every day, with my life on the line, I have served almost 9 years in the military, and I joined before 9-11. I joined to honor my grandfather who sacrificed his health, his time, his safety, to fight on foreign shores for the freedoms of others; this is the least I can do to pay him back!

You people owe it to all in you r family who bled and died in the wars of our past that earned us the right to say I am an AMERICAN and I am FREE.

YOU CAN'T SAY THAT ANYMORE! You do not have the right or the circumstance!

How are you free?? In what way?

You can travel the world? But only under watchful eye!
You can communicate freely with your fellow Americans? But only as long as you do not talk about certain things because they listen!
You are free to defend yourself and bear arms! But only if they know exactly what arms you have and as long as it is in their standard.
You have the right to own land! But they can at ANY TIME lay easement and take it away for their needs, or violate its privacy for their OWN insecurities.
You have the right to print press!! But only through censorship and under scrutinous eyes!
You have the right to vote! But the people that represent you have their own right to disagree!
You have the right to petition your government! But they fear you not and do not listen!
You have the right to shelter! But not even that right is secure because now the government owns the mortgage!
You have the right to an opinion! But you must live in fear of expressing it publically because you may be called a terrorist!


And reclaim the most important thing there is!!

The right, the ability, and the true PRIVILAGE to call yourself free, and the knowledge that when you say you are FREE, you are TRULY FREE.

-note, originally a post in another thread-

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 04:40 PM
reply to post by wx4caster

Great post and you are a true patriot. I couldnt agree more. Why should we give up our freedoms just so others can be covered whether they want to be or not. This is just a way for the government to control the flow of money and continue their idiotic and destrcutive practice of redistributing wealth by force instead of by free choice.

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 04:44 PM
reply to post by wx4caster

Wondeful post brother... We need more men like on the Front Lines... How abouut you run for congress?

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 05:34 PM
reply to post by poedxsoldiervet

We need more people period.

i am not asking for people who feel the same exact way i do, just people who can self educate, stand for reason, and not take the easy way out.

i kinda took a side track and ranted without even realizing how much i was typing.

i feel self inspired to picket this weekend. and i think i am gonna do it.

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