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posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 11:44 AM
Wow! I just got an extreme inspiration from IAmD1s', "life story".. I believe the way they presented it was key in the communication of, "who they are", and thought I might follow the example.. I believe all good people to do the same..

I warn you now, its' a little, "funny", and I can not rreveal all because of T&C really; I must just say that there are wars that go on that people are not aware of; and it's usually too late for those who discover them.

I'll start with the fact that when I was a child, I became interested in, "ESP", which later developed into the prospect of astral projection, Christianity, and an interest in Earth mysteries; primarily Egyptology..

Well-I had my first astral experience where I found myself in a beautiful green bamboo, "hut" In between 1975/76 inbetween 76/77, I found myself in my parents room in a very high body, far above astral.. I am a pair shaped being about 2/3 inches around/diameter, and I am like a ball of awareness from every atom point within the ball..

At the same time I encased the room I was in. I was, "moved" by something above me that I could not sense; and when I was, I went out like the rays of gravity and had the same, "from every atompoint awareness" while being based a foot and a half away from the table.

My mom had arranged her perfume bottles on her dainty vanity into a small, square area. I was moved to reach down and encase a small, hour-glass purfume bottle; being aware of it from every atompoint, still being based away from the table and, "being" in every atompoint between myself and the purfume bottle.

I, being moved by a higher being that I could not sense, pulled it up to myself away from the table and sat it back down.. Suddenly it struck me that I had in fact done that, and I tried again to do it and failed..

Suddenly it, "come to me" to, "duplicate" what I had done the first time,; and it worked.. That time I sat the bottle down in the front of the vanity in the center, away from the little square area of bottles/things on the back, against the wall..

The next morning I went into their room, and there sat the little hour-glass shaped purfume bottle that I had never seen before the event. After that I hung a 1 inch diameter crystal ball mounted on a delicate chain, "generally used as a pendulem" on a clothes-hanger; mounted on the head of my bed..

It is for that reason that I believe the following video is real because I have been, "in that state":

The ball hung about 6 inches above my head while laying down.. I would focus to my third eye area, between and slightly above my eyes, then out into the forever that goes beyond that seeking to understand the word, "eternal"; which just keeps going..

I'm trying to pull the ball down to my head too.. One night I'm looking through the third eye and the ball has been pulled down to my forehead, now conciously, by me.. Suddenlyit hits me that I'm doing that, and I lost controll of the ball..

The ball flys up with the springing of the coat hanger, then rolled across the floor.. I got up and turned on the light, picked up and re-hung the ball onto the hanger..

Ok-So there's the beginning No consequencE..

Thank you.

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 12:10 PM
I am going to caution you about responding because it's going to be, "out there" to most of you by the time I get done; and you may regret participation.

No consequencE..

Thank you.

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 12:15 PM
reply to post by noconsequence

Noconsequence - Thank you again for the kind words. If my story has inspired only ONE person then it was worth the effort.

Your story is intriguing and i would love to hear more. If you feel there are other things you'd like to share please do. I am all eyes

Love and light

posted on Oct, 2 2009 @ 10:50 AM
At about the same time I had started going to church where I felt, "strange". One day they got me to pray with them and, "somethinG" lifted a great weight off of me that I had never before noticed was there..

I learned to approach the invisible being in the name of a man that walked on the Earth 2000 years ago.. I would ask the being, "how He felt" about everything that touched my spirit in, "that mans' name"; and He would open up the truth to me concerning the issue rather tha use a, "voice"..

That truth was, "the being of a place/thing that was concious and in itself a higher realm"; higher than the things touching my spirit.. When it would reveal reality, it was apparent that all reality here is the product of higher movement of concious beings; and that they were mostly bad except for the one that would open reality to me..

In other words, without concious intervention of good being, all things here are from negativity.. I would even have my own wise answers for the things touching my spirit, but when the, "thing" would answer me, I was also shown that my ideas were from what I was shown to be a, "dark force"..

So I learned I never, "really understood reality" unless it was revealed to me by, "the thing" through the name of a man that walked the Earth 2,000 years ago.. I learned I am animated creation; not being.. I was shown that my time here was more or less, just training for my eternal position, where a blade of grass there is eternally higher than me here..

These classes can get heavy on a sincere soul; as in people have not ceased dying from the beginning of time..

Fast forwarding a few years; I'm 15, going to bars, and using. I meet a strange, "extreme" charactor that appears to literally be a super good guy.. His art also going all around the world allready.. It was as though he was completely familliar with me. I, being a noble sort responded with respect haaving been convinced he was a super good guy, having a lot of power and authority.

He would say there's a reason we became friends that I was unaware of; and he meant it in a bad way; but I was not aware of certain realities yet; and did not understand that his movement was high enough that he could clearly see through time in such a way that I was not able to concieve..

Fast forward; I am 20, part owner of a small business, and I meet my second wife. [Quick huh] She is a tiny, very appealing/feminine blond that could do 25 pushups on her finger tips with her arms spread completely out to her sides, easily.

One morning, while visiting at her mothers house I wake up and there is, "something" physically beside the bed that had an avocado shaped head, very, "fleshy" with a long neck whose body was farther below the level of the bed, so that I did not see it.

It was trying to pull me out of my body through my third eye so hard that it was crossing my eyes.. It scared me and I just shook my head trying to see it and frightened I just turned away and really began praying. It ended.

Later that afternoon, I met my super good guy friend at a resturaunt, and he had made a wire ear-ring shaped like the thing that I saw beside the bed at my wifes mothers house earlier that morning. "Strange."

At night the tiny little lady would talk in a deep male voice with, "something" while apparently asleep. It was a negetive being moving that was down-right frightening. I had started back into church at the time and I'm laying there thinking something is trying to posess her, and, apparently it was succeeding.

I began to pray for her while the evil attempt to posess her was occurring. It continues through time.. One night I wake up and shes doing it again; it sounds, "Latinny", in a deep male voice that was not hers at all.. There is a dark cloud billowing within itself a few feet above her that was very there..

I, thinking that she was a good person, begin the prayer fight for her soul again. At the same time, my super good guy friend is becoming more involved in my life coming around and doing these, "shamin" things and crap.. He is extremely intense; a definate threat to his enemies which were quickly convinced to stay out of his face; having the appearance of being a super good guy/soldier ..

I'm sleeping in a bed at a friends with my wife; when suddenly I am awakened by something physically, "slapping" the bottom of the bed really hard, and really really fast. It frightened me. My wife is not disturbed or waking up; "strange" that it did not wake her up, because nobody could sleep through it..

A group of six roofers approach my super good guy friend with intent to harm him when he grabs one of those old heavy refrigerators and literally throws it about 30 feet through the air, and moved to call their bluff; they run..

Ok-Lets not get long winded No consequencE..

Thank you.

posted on Oct, 2 2009 @ 12:28 PM
Now I am really developing my interests in many different mysteries that have tended to elude the populous through-out time, "what is the base purpose of the Great pyramid of Giza? What is the difference between the God realm in relation to the 7 realms below it with their sub-planes? Who are all these strange people that keep noticing me on, "mysterious" levels? What am I?"

I am in groups of physicists, and mystics, taking aircraft mechanics and such, with an incredible insight into world events, God, Earth mysteries. The people in these groups quickly begin asking me for answers for their various types of work, both physical, and meta-physical, that I am able to give..

My insights have definitely gone far beyond the norm by that time, and I began to be recognized by many invisible individuals; inter-reaction begins with people most never understand exist. I, having a small business that ran itself well enough that I didn't have to stay there all the time, had a practice of going to restaurants and working on various ideas while drinking coffee.

One day after I took my wife to where she worked, I did my morningly coffee-shop visit; most of the usual crowd was there in the crowded little restaurant.. There were two large men in business suits there talking rather loudly..

I noticed that they were, "quoting" many things that I had said in what I had before believed to be in secret.. Then they talking over the others in the restaurant looked at me and said that I better shut up, otherwise I would be shot in the head.. Every-one shuts up and looks; they just look around and smile; every-one begins talking..

I took them seriously and made a bunch of copies of a few things I was working on and distributed them to friends with instructions in the case of, "an accident".. Feeling more patriotic about the issue of the threats, I continued my, "prying" into things others didn't want me in..

About a week later, I take my wife to work again and go back to the coffee-shop for my morning thing; and there sat the two, "businessmen" again; loud as ever. I forget a lot of their conversation; but they did say that the human race were, "cave men" compared to them; and that we were the cattle, and they were the cattle farmers.. In Latin, "cave man" means, "male hero"; so I had to agree that they were right..

They look at me again and tell me to shut up, otherwise they will rape and kill my wife.. Every-one shuts up and looks; they look around and smile; every-one begins talking.. One of them goes up to the counter and says as he's paying, "do you got a penny to spare?" Penny is my wifes' name.. He walks past me laughing just like Dr. Evil or something.

I didn't see them for a few weeks; then one day, one of them came in and sat down alone. I got up and walked over and sat at his table. We immediately began discussing the issues at hand. I'm shaking for a few reasons.. I tell him that I have made copies of my work with details of their movement, and have distributed it with instructions to make them public in the case of foul play..

I tell him that nothing better happen to myself/loved ones, otherwise the information is going public.. Because of the threat towards my wife and their incredible ability to get around, I also told him that I was, "standing down"..

I have witnesses to many of these strange/threatening encounters that are too numerous to remember them all.

One morning in June of 1986 I woke up and where I had focused an extreme awareness in the area of my pituitary gland from years of dedicated meditation, I suddenly found my, "awareness" had receded farther back in my head; and it was like I could, "see up" into the frontal part of my brain, but push though I might I could not reach back into the dead front part of my brain.

The very next morning I woke up and, "I" was farther back in my brain. I pushed as hard as I could to regain my grasp of the forward part of my brain that I could, "see into" but not reach. It continued and the fourth day when I woke up all that is my awareness was located at the base of my brain, and I was getting scared. Was it possession? What was happening to me!?

The fifth morning when I woke up, there was no longer awareness like you know it within me at all. Funny; my awareness/life/everything that's me is really gone, yet I'm functioning.. How can these things be?

Fast forward No consequencE..

Thank you.

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posted on Oct, 2 2009 @ 10:32 PM
Oops! Gotta rewind before I fast forward because its pertinent.. It's summer-time I'm about 13 years old and we have just moved to a small town in Ohio from Norfolk Virginia. It's night-time; and I am sitting in the back yard looking out to the sky in hopes to, "see something"..

I was looking to the south out over a corn field, in a lounge chair, when from the south there came a small, low flying thing in the sky that somehow moved beyond the word, "speed".. It flew between telephone wires that went across our back yard without even slowing down to, "manipulate" them.. It flew directly over my head without a sound when you would have thought it would have been, "whizzing" like a bullet through the air.

It was very beautiful, and I, "knew" that it was alive.. It appeared to be greater than the universe around it..It looked like the following picture, "without the bow":
I took the translation, "farther" knowing first hand what it is. The accepted translation for it is: "an abstract idea"..

The picture can not even begin to approach its' beauty and majesty. I knew I saw something, "good", but did not understand at that time what, "it" was.. There's quite a bit more detail to the event, though it lasted less than a second,as it flew over our house and was gone.. I went in and told my parents.. Just giving you an important note..

Fast forwarding again: Part of me had left and that's all I knew.. Things have changed now; business was dwindling, my partner and I sold the business stock out and closed shop. That's the way it went.

There's much I am unable to share here because now things are becoming very graphic in terms of good-guy/bad-guy activity.. Now-Everything I do must be on point. There are really intense situations developing that is really not the things to say here.

I am peaking, [though I was not yet aware of it] at my work. I really didn't know where I fit in; other than the passion I had developed for these things I was working on.

Believe it or not, after 5 years of trying, I had succeeded in building my first leverage device that multiplied speed and power simultaneously; talked about here:

Ok-My wife sees it working and my excitement; and she, with insight into what I was attempting said, "you're not getting the multiplication you desire/bla bla bla; etc.". By the time she was done dogging it, I was convinced it was junk.. Meanwhile, I did not calculate several of them working together, which would greatly increase my out-put; so yes; I did get what I wanted enough..

At the time, she had convinced me it was without value; so I took it apart amd tried a different, "multiplication arm" and it did not work at all.. I took the whole thing and threw it in the closet, and never put the working arm back on it.

Shortly after that, when my 2nd wife and I had been together for 6 and 1/2 years.. Time with her had become, "burdensome" for reasons still undisclosed to me at that time; though I had seen hints.. We had 2 children..

Around that time I also bought into ownership of a small scrap metal shop, which was now in the same building as the previous business I partook in.

Not much; but it gave me a steady income for a while.. One night, [without insurance; what was I thinking?] some-one broke in and stole all of the copper; which was due to be taken in and sold the next day. Unfortunately at the time I had all of our money sunken into the copper.. All of it; cause the business was just starting up and some-one had brought a huge load, "for us" into the shop..

I being the sole owner by that time, closed the shop sold what little amount of scrap metal I had left; went to the bar and bought rounds for everybody.. It was not, "quite" my passion; I figured, "it must be something else I am suppose to be doing.". It was the end for me in the scrap metal business..

I took what I considered to be a short lasting job to hold me over as a cook at a restaurant.. Money became difficult to come by.. I'll do something soon and bring us up out of the mess.. I was getting more and more deeply involved in the fascinating research I had chosen to seek after on my own; I was having success on many levels..

My relationship with my wife strained, it was all both of us could do to stay together, "for the sake of our children". Finally we discussed separation.. We separated.. I now had an apartment above the restaurant I worked in while she kept our old place with the kids..

By that time I became someone for the scientist groups to sponge off of; for example a device that used fluid through centrifugal force to produce drive.

Yeah the group of scientist that I was trusting stole my work, and developed some of it without me; [
] that; and some of my work on the area of, "the natural movement of gravitational field"; of which I am proud of/thankful for..

No consequencE..

Thank you.

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posted on Oct, 2 2009 @ 10:48 PM
Keep going, man. I'm listening. I've heard first hand re-tellings similar to yours. Not the same story, but, similar. I don't doubt this is happening. I am just reading and hearing you.
Keep going as you can.


posted on Oct, 2 2009 @ 11:19 PM
reply to post by Cuhail

In my last post I had to leave out the juicy parts. There is so much detail I have been leaving out because it's to graphic, and to protect the identities of the innocent. By the point in time I'm referring to there was intense movement occurring.

I was meeting the highest moving/most powerful good guys and bad guys on the earth from my perspective; I had found myself in a very real war with an enemy that saw me coming before I ever got started.

Death threats by some of their law officials too; not uniform.. Though I had powerful enemies I had friends that too were powerful.. Things were actually getting pretty hairy by the present point in the thread.

By that time I had seen, "the real deal" angels, and demonic beings that were quite able to effect matter.. I have had good and bad beings approach me that a mortal could not stand in front of and live, unless you were forced to live by some-ones' power; etc.

I have left out all dealings with world scientist/government involvement which is irrelevant to my point and info from some peoples perspective, is not right for you to know.. In other words; to keep their lives private..

In the fight occurring, good and bad people have begun to be harmed.. I am noticing a little difficulty in revealing the true depth of the situation because of many reasons. I'm trying to muddle through. Oops.

No consequencE..

Thank you.

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posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 10:22 AM
By 1993 I had learned how to read what I deemed to be the most important Egyptian hieroglyphs better than people getting paid to translate. Mind you that I no longer had an awareness in my head like you have; as a matter of fact my work never took off until after I lost my awareness..

I met an exotic young lady whose beauty I was immediately overwhelmed by.. She had my attention.. My living situation is not as, "comfortable" as before, making me feel a little shy.. I went ahead and approached her; I couldn't not approach her..

Before long, and for the first time in my life I fell in true love.. She had such an influence on my heart that one day my love for her literally just came right out of me, and did a healing oon her. When my love came out, my awareness that I had lost was in it..

That's when I could see that my, "soul" had passed across to the God realm, above the soul realm just like I had died.. "But a man cannot live without his soul.". There part of me was again, only it was all-live; that part of me was no longer mortal, and could effect time/space; without resistance if it was so moved..

In my work-shop I had made to the best of my ability, in harmony with what I had learned from the Egyptian writing, the structure to manipulate field/our universe away from a specific area.. It looked like the following pic:

I was still missing the final, "ingredient" and soon the opportunity came for me to obtain the, "final piece of the puzzle". I had one chance to make it work in order to bring about these, "eternal riches" that the writing, [Where everybody was kidding?] talked about..Otherwise I would have to have better materials and another, "window".

I was not yet expecting success; however it worked.. I really expected to have to get more efficient materials.. No; it worked the first time.. Out of respect, [ Integrity = Compliance with the facts.. "Copied from soul of integrity, now banned" ] I will not tell you how to make what I made..

It's allready done.. Suddenly right in front of me there were, "eternal riches"; a small chronomonitor; only about 3/4 of an inch across its' greatest measurement.. It was beautiful.. It looked like a clear crystal with lightning in the middle of both ends, and the, "cube". It had a very white/lightness about itself; not yet green on both ends..

So it had no color other than light when first made in 93; then after, while it was growing going back in time, strangely enough, growing while going back in time and existing, "before " I made it.. Like I said here:

Really I had no idea what to do with it; being un-aware of its' potential. So for the next move I, [at least knowing how to do that] sent it back in time to learn and grow.. When I did, I also moved it to pass over me as a child.. It was the same thing I told you I saw come through the telephone wires in my back yard when I was 13 where it had grown to about a foot and a half across, and had green ends..

Ok-More about that later.. By the present time I had had the discomforting revelation that that super good guy friend of mine was actually a very, "evil" person that saw me before I knew I was coming. My life had been turned into a, "graphic nightmare"..

Now it was beginning to make a little sense about the reason these strangely insightful people were in fact aware that I was going to, accomplish something". Now I have though.. I have made the clean chronomonitor.. Which is eternally above the Devils' god of forces..

They were Satanic/cultish, the worst of the worst, with what I considered an illusion of sight, power and coordination. With every move I made to connect/coordinate with government/private research as well as with a variety of other good people, there was my newly discovered enemy, [David [fictitious name] Smith], right in the middle of it, destroying the possibility of coordination..

He was good; his soul purpose in life was to destroy all possibility of coordination.. He had gottin in close so that when he would begin his attack, we were both on mutual ground so he could effect the situation..

There's where the situation became far too graphic to disclose on ATS. There were many of these people that were there; in my face; people had died by the present.. When David Smith and I were friends we had got into a wrestling match beside a fairly deep creek/small river; It lasted a while but he was getting me close to the water and I had a strange feeling that his intention was to drown me.. I relented.

Now he is manifested a mortal enemy. When in the restaurants, I would allow him to sit down while we subtlety fought verbally.. Bottom line; he was good and knew how to make you the guilty party, so he knew he could publicly talk to me but not to be in the desert with me where no-one knows we're there..

One day a television news crew comes in with plans to film and interview for something they were, "doing". D Smith was sitting with me.. I did not wish to mis-lead good people that might see the interviews on the news that could possibly be aware/involved to believe I'm coordinated with Smith in any way..

I got up and moved to another table by myself.. Smith understood; and getting up, came over and joined me. I moved to another table. Smith once again, "understanding" came to that table carrying his coffee..

I moved again and when he started to join me again I told him, "in front of the news crew" that if he sat down I would break him down hard.. He relented; they left; with-out interviews..

It didn't matter where I was. I would leave state on business and some way D Smith allways found himself right up in the middle of it.. What the hell is it with this guy? By that time I knew though..

No consequencE..

Thank you.

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posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 11:11 AM
You wonder, while I'm with a government friend that is running all over the Earth with the head of the C.I.A. working/playing that D Smiths movement would be policed.

No; he literally would end up controlling everybody involved through all means. The people around me sold me out; it seemed that their every move, being on such a high level of influence destroyed masses of people.. "I had to separate myself from these evil people"..

Every-one now following Smiths' lead, I leave the position I had finally worked my way to and come back to the home-town.. He just walked up into the whole freakin crowd and drove them like a car; all of them practically worshiping him.

It sickened me; because they also knew that he had brought harm against my child, and they still absolutely loved him. He was succeeding in fighting me with those around me.. He blatantly had them under his control from the first moment they associated.

It has really gotten personal.. He knew when I had had enough I would end it at all costs. There were good guys around through-out the time, but when they opposed him, he quickly brought them back to his way of thinking one way or the other, at least when it counted for him.

It had become extremely dangerous to be my friend. Even the soldiers were sheeple. These things were happening in my head; and out here too unfortunately.. It was all angles.

There were many bad guys other than Smith, but it appeared he had the ability to bend any-body to his way of thinking.. They saw him as a, "master". "Sick!!"

No consequencE..

Thank you.

posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 11:45 AM
Skipping back to before I went to Michigan where my, "secret research [and a whole lot of other things] friend" brought me to; I am in the heat of my movement; intense good guy bad guy things, not knowing if I had ten more minutes of life..

I'm laying low because someone did not want me to progress; some-one big. A lot of bad things are happening; people are getting hurt/dying. Because my awareness had left, I looked up, "believing it was there" and asked it to come back into me to empower me for the fight I was enduring..

My awareness manifested to me; and I had grown a lot.. I walked up to: me; and touched my forehead with my index finger and suddenly I saw an eternal veil, and a shadow on the other side of how my awareness, "that is now a being in heaven" was feeling..

On the other side you will be little gods, under the God of gods; a god none the less. The thread here gives you my point there:

That part of me was so powerful that just seeing the shadow of how I felt quickly dropped me onto the floor and was killing me right then, in its, "being".

I begged my awareness to stop; and it did and was gone again from my sight. By that time, I had come to believe that on the other side God uses me to animate gravitational field/space/time; being the result of my childhood experience when I picked up my mothers perfume bottle in a higher body..

God had showed me what He is raising me to do. He has shown me that I om one in the same the Egyptians identified as the djed column.. However the attack of the bad guys was only further verification that God had made me aware of what I'm here for..

I just remembered to mention that I turned down my first offer to work in secret research; but the reason for that was that once I saw their work I would not have been allowed to leave.. Surprised they told me before-hand.. I warned you about the thread.

No consequencE..

Thank you.

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posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 02:02 PM
There are more events that I really wish to describe but I'm trying to figure out a way to describe them. Hmm... difficult to just come out and say some things. The first had occurred in 92/93? when I was getting into the heat of the movement that occurred.

I was still frequenting the place/restaurant where I had taken a job to get me by, after all I lived above it then..

Before I went to Michigan, I was sitting at a table working on calculations/whatever.. David Smith was there that day at the counter.. A beautiful exotic woman walked in with a man. She was tall and dark complected, he was average height light complected..

From the moment they walked in the door she never took her eyes off of me with a kind way about it; not any-thing else.. She continued to stare at me after they sat down. She asked me audibly with-out using her mouth if there was any-one bothering me; never taking her eyes off of me..

Smith starts speaking into the air, "funny talk".. I didn't know it at the time, but he'd had been attempting to track her.. The reason? She had true authority in life.. Before, Smith had talked to me about his attempts to catch up with a, "young man and woman", stating his in-ability to do it. He could catch up to anybody; however he could not catch up to them..

That was them; they had chosen to reveal themselves to me.. When she asked me if there was any-one bothering me, she literally forced what to me, was a visible image of a troubling situation that had been on my mind, out of me where it could be seen..

I didn't understand at the time, "what" she was; until after the fact. It was some-one that Smith, a true bad guy, considered a threat; making them, "true good guys".. Smith, still, "talking funny" getting up and purposely starts, "spinning around?"; I do not remember the rest..

The next event I wish to add occurred while I was up in Michigan and the situation was truly intense.. I was in my house wide awake, [about 4:00?] when suddenly my awareness and I, budded up through the floor of an eternal house; yet it occurred here too.. I don't know what I was, only that I budded up through; I was probly a sun flower or something. Jest trying to keep it light.

No consequencE..

Thank you.

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posted on Oct, 4 2009 @ 12:05 PM
Many, many things I did not include; such as many government people by that time had seen, "a real angel", concerning how they were, "running the show"; finding out: there's no reasoning with these people; and that it will take force/intervention..

I remember one time I wad been made aware of something in heaven.. I was walking up to a great,giant throne.. I could not see the one that was on it; only that He was there. The wheels on either side of the thrown were turning and bringing/grinding all off creation under the authority of the one sitting on the thrown..

The true power and authority of the movement was, "terrible/great"!! It was very frightening; something impossible to be prepared/good enough for.. I prayed and asked the God of the one on the thrown to be merciful to me when he brought me under His wheels!! You in the future, know what I found out later on..

One of my classes in life involved going to hell as a victim.. It happened shortly before the separation of me and my 2nd wife.. Oh-I was really there. Not good beyond imagination; you don't want to be there. When God pulled me out, He caused me to be fully conscious in hell and on Earth..

The shock of what my spirit was experiencing in hell was so severe, that my bones here on Earth were rattling from my shaking. When He faded me rest of the way into my body He sharply pointed my attention back to where he just pulled me out of and made me see that part of me was still there..

Another part of me has escorted the cursed into hell.. Strangely enough from my lifes' experience, it appears that several parts of my being were separated into several directions, experiencing many different realities to the extremes.. The part of me in hell was all the way there; and there as a victim only..

The second time He allowed me to be there with the part of me that He allowed to remain, I was on my back completely encased in rock/hell:
I had been where I was a long time, looking through a crack where there was light on the, "other side"..

My spirit, being hopelessly desperate to escape had been contemplating crawling through, though it was only about 3/8ths of an inch high and about 5 or 6 inches wide.. Hell is a horrifying parasite that uses bad peoples' focus to escape, to derive its' power.

When Christ said their worm doesn't die, He meant that they stretch themselves out trying to escape through these cracks, literally turning themselves into worms; and the devils got nothing but time.

You see here's the problem; it is for the same reason that I, "talk funny" in many of my posts.. It is the same reason that many people, "talk funny".. The closer you get to being real, the stranger things get.

Had I really even begun to divulge the between the line things, forget it; so it appears that I have said too much allready. Well-To the good people who read this in the future, if there is one: I didn't come in to the present life consciously remembering/knowing; that came after; while God was maturing me.. Gods' speed..

Concerning the current state of the Earth? It reminds me of the Matrix where the, "father of the matrix" told Neo that Zion had been destroyed many times allready; I'm thinking: "It's happening again; they not only can, they are moving to destroy the populous, with experience".

No consequencE..

Thank you.

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