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My 10 ways howto say NO to the vaccine

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posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 10:35 AM
When they knock on the door...

Oh no... why didnt you get here earlier?

Its too late for me now! I am already infected!
Save yourselves!! Get out of here before you get sick!!

Yeah, I heard it on the news you were coming...
But I also heard we are having problems with overpopulation and because of this I have decided not to take the vaccine and die instead!

Really?! ME!!? Great!!! but.. but.. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!?
Cause its strange though!
I got a letter yesterday from the new health care department and their new death panel program, and because section 1233 of HR 3200 I had to pay 500 $ Amero to get the vaccine? They told me because I am already dying of cancer I wasnt worth saving??!

Well, this must be my LUCKY DAY!!
Can I have 5 shots? please!!!

I got 3 injections yesterday, took 1 extra to be real safe! Had to pay some extra 50 $ Amero, but I know its worth it! Cant be too careful enough these days!

But the rfid bracelet malfunctioned and they called a dude to fix the problem, they told me to stay put and wait for him to return.. I guess he is just right around the corner?

I have been waiting for you...
Stay here..

Just going to get my gun.. no i mean SON, gonna get my SON!... not gun... ha ha..
Just wait here... be right back..

Well, I have thought about this...
I aint much to save... so I rather save my cat and give my 2 dozes to him!

Give me that, I have alot more experience on putting needles in vains than all you together!
Hmm.... i wonder... think im gonna spice up the effect a little!
Yeah, I knew it... here are some really nice sh*t that gonna fly me to moon and back, gonna mix it a little! This will be awesome!!!
You want some? Cmon, its friday and all!!

Are you kidding me!
You are going to put that needle into me?!!
Yeah, well.. Make my day!!

Im allergic to egg proteins... darn... WHY ME!! WHY WHY!!!
And like that isnt enough!! Also im allergic to mercury..
Yeah, tell me about it! my life suxx and now this!!?

Ahh... look at this!! How nice.. I knew they all were wrong, all that people that said you are getting robbed by rich people and your taxmoney will disappear into vapour... you aint gonna get anything back they told me... And now.. Look at this.. after all these years! Finally i get to see where some of my taxmoney went!

Well, you can keep it!!
Here it is! Right up in your *beeep*

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