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What is Prescience?

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posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 12:34 AM
Prescience is the ability to forecast the events of the future in a number of ways.

Immutable Prescience: These prescient people see events which, for whatever reason, are unchangeable. This may occur in dream or in waking states. This is due largely to how time works in ways similar to a river or a landscape, sometimes when moving in certain directions, the force and energy involved in going towards that direction cannot be altered, an inevitable event arises. In other words, these people are never wrong when they have predictions.

Symbolic Prescience: These prescient people see events in symbolic terms. For example, say a girl you work with and you never hang out with. Suddenly you dream of being in the hills, then in a city, then in a bar, sharing an odd intimacy with one another. Everything that happens is symbolic, except there is a recognition that the event itself (the girl, the feeling, the travel) are all plausible. Then days later, or weeks or years, the event will play out in the way of the dream only in actuality, so the symbols are only reflections of the actual future event.

Intuitive Prescience: This is literally intuition, the ability to know when something is right or not right, good or not good. People with this level of ability are able to avoid situations like plane crashes, car accidents, gain promotions or win something based on feeling. They know when to start and when to stop, or when a certain course of action will eventually lead to danger.

Active Prescience: This is the active use of the prescient faculty, while being fully conscious or in a dream/unconscious state/oob state. The point is that one projects all the possibilities of a future event, and categorizes them by their probability. Intense scrutiny requires each probability to be assessed for randoms, or chaos waves, which could potentially alter the probability of any event. Thus, knowing the probabilities of each probability, you can choose which probabilities are most likely to result in the reality your trying to get to. These people are absolute exemplars of free will, and can change themselves virtually over night to aim for an event years in the future.

Active Symbolic Prescience: This is divination, that through the use of symbolic means a person may attain to knowledge of the future. Like symbolic prescience active symbolic prescience uses symbols to lay out a sequence of events, which are then searched for meaning which is relevant to the question and the person asking. The difference is that a system and sometimes tradition are employed, and it is done while in a waking state.

Mind-Altered Prescience: This encompasses any form of prescience which arises from intoxication, be it from spiritual or physical intoxication. This might come as the result of prayer which inspires the individual to speak prophecy, or it might come as the result of imbibing a psychoactive or psychotropic substance which alters your mind with the result that you are able to peer into the future.

Spirit Prescience: This encompasses any form of contact with a spirit which then proceeds to give prophecies. This may also be inspired by prayer or drugs with the result that either of these might produce a vision of a spirit which dictates prophecy. At any rate good examples of this sort of prescience is the Bible, the Quran, and the journals of John Dee.

There is no known limit to how many variations of prescience a person might have. A person may have symbolic and active prescience, or spirit and intuitive, or any number of the above kinds.

Many people have some kind of experience with some of these at least once in their life. They have a dream which comes true, or a vision of an event, or while intoxicated have a glimpse of something. Or they merely have a feeling, and learn to follow their intuition.

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 02:32 AM
When I started using tarot cards, I began with the spreads found in books. I was careful about all of the ritual that goes with tarots. I didn't want to do anything wrong. I had a fair degree of accuracy right from the beginning.

But something changed a few months into it. My hands started moving by themselves, choosing cards in an entirely different method to any described in any book I had read. All of these describe deliberate action on the part of the reader.

Last year, I met a woman who had been reading the cards for some 25 years. She started as a teenager. I was astounded to hear that she had exactly the same initial movements that I did, which she described as having come to her in the same way mine did to me, but then she continued on through standard spreads. I have very explicit direction for readings, from start to finish, and their accuracy is 100%.

I also get a strange feeling in my chest or heart chakra area which can extend up through the throat chakra in larger events. I've noticed a correlation between these occurrences and earthquakes, particularly in the southern hemisphere. Earthquakes in the northern hemisphere have an entirely different feeling. Unfortunately I cannot say to which region these will occur so announcing the fact is otherwise useless. I just know it's coming when that feeling happens. Now, with this last earthquake in Samoa, the feeling had been plaguing me since last weekend and made it difficult for me to breathe.

I have lots of other things that happen but I still haven't figured out what they mean or how to interpret them. The stronger ones push me into trance meditations with all sorts of mudras. This kind of freaks me out since I have no background in buddhism or hinduism at all. Where does it come from?

All of these things and a lot more have come to me of their own volition over the past few years. I had no real interest in the metaphysical prior to their appearance in my life. Now I have to search for the info or confirmation of what I feel is happening. No one whispers in my ear or manifests in front of me. I feel more like I'm being led to the truth, to some opening in the veil. But then, they would know that I love a good puzzle.

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