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The insignificant and significant life

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posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 09:37 PM
I have been doing a lot of piss in the pants lately and came to conclusion that the world is beyond repair. Meaning we can't go back, we can't fix the problems because the problems are being avoided and buried under the sand hoping it would go away.

So here I'm ATS, sharing with you my pain.

The insignificant

UK: Leaflet drop killed Afghan girl

Britain's ministry of defence is investigating the death of an Afghan girl who died after being hit by a box of leaflets dropped by the Royal Air Force.

How much would it have cost to setup another form of leaflet system? Was this Afghan girl so insignificant?


With over three million children dying from hunger around the world every year and child mortality rates rising in Africa..

The significant
314 people = $1.27 trillion

Now put the argument this way, let's kill 314 people, get their wealth and in return save 3 million children from dying. Let us discuss this idea, is it plausible the least? Is it reasonable? Is 314 old already dead lives worth 3 million young ones?

OK forget about these individuals, I was just trying to prove a point. Let's continue:

Fake Reality

Rank Title Studio Gross
1. Grease Paramount $96,300,000
2. Superman Warner Brothers $82,800,000
3. Animal House Universal $70,826,000
4. Every Which Way But Loose Warner Brothers $51,900,000
5. Jaws II Universal $50,432,000
6. Heaven Can Wait Paramount $49,400,000
7. Hooper Warner Brothers $34,900,000
8. California Suite Columbia $28,386,000
9. Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke Paramount $28,300,000
10. Foul Play Paramount $27,500,000

Umm we use that much money to create fake reality. This reminds me of a creature believed by Muslims 'dajjal'.

At this point of the article I'm out of words, I don't know how else to put this. We use millions of dollars which could be used to save millions of lives, to create fake reality.

We are burying our problems instead of facing them, every problem has a solution yet due to us being weak and delusional we avoid the problem completely.

Don't ask others to change, you change your self. Don't expect Obama to bring you change, change your self. Stop living in a dream, in a made up reality, in a fantasy, it is useless for all of us except the ones with the plot.

posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 10:09 PM
I am glad people are finally seeing it. We can better humanity, but we don't because problems equal profits and as long as we are not suffering, as long as the war is "over there", it does not matter. Let the Afghan people have rat-like Western mercenaries ruin their simple lives, bombing, murdering before the veiled eyes of the West. Who cares but a new season of Hell''s Kitchen is coming on.

We are trained to ignore the real problems, hypnotized by seemingly logical arguments such as "we can't feed everyone" or "overpopulation is a problem" without any facts to back those claims up, so people in Africa and other places die of starvation, live in underdeveloped countries yet to be industrialized, gripped by war and genocide - neglected by the U.N. and others and when attention is given, it is given in a moment of charity - nothing truly stable. Do you know how much Rockefeller, Rothschild, Dupont, the Queen, and others are worth? You don't think they feed the world? Never mind them - what about the U.S. and other superpowers, would they not be better if they did help these 3rd world countries instead of exploiting them?

It is all about subversion. To make people worry about minor things that involve the entertainment industry, their own sexuality, global warming, environmentalism, even the matters of religion vs scientific is pointless because one is based on faith (and should be personal) and the other facts - it is all there to pull the attention away from what is really happening and in this sense, you can say reality is an illusion because those in power are formulating how we see it. People do not see the inhumane actions committed by the Israeli government on Palestinians. People do not see the governmental hand in the drug business both illegally and legally. People do not see the government over-taxing its people. People support their government's spending but do not exactly know what is being bought. People do not see the mediocrity of the media and how it is done purposefully in order to better divide the people and formulate their opinions. In fact, the increased in opinions on FOX vs facts given is amazing. And people are taught to be opinionated but are not to be critical of themselves but I digress.

I do think that we all could pitch in and make world peace a more than possible but that would mean the government would not be needed. And society does not work that way. Society has always been modeled after the survival of the fittest. The superpowers use the smaller powers and manipulate them, restrict them, enslave them, and destroy any peace among those smaller powers in order to create chaos to where the superpower can take advantage. Ex. China is supporting the Sudanese regime. China uses Sudan in order to get a cut in their resources. With China there, the U.S. will not bother Sudan. That is the compromise but it does not really work well for the Sudanese people, yet if the U.S. was there, it'd be the same.

I advise you to see this lecture on subversion. It is an eye-opener.

posted on Sep, 30 2009 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by DevilJin

Read your wellthoughtout comment and pressed the star

It is greed mixed with culture. Do the math, it makes the world politics so complex. Once it was more simpler than that.

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