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Demons Behind the Music Industry

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posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 11:46 PM
$$$ Money drives the music industry, not politics. No overshadowing business conspiracy exists behind musicians. Each one thinks and acts independently. Some are controlled, to a degree or two. Most use drugs for creativity and exploration. When Christians start to call Rock and Roll the work of the devil, they are probably also the same people who would stop kids from dancing in the sixties at local lunchspots and the same people who said Elvis was a danger to daughters....and on and on. God I wish the Christians would go with the Lemmings.

posted on Oct, 2 2009 @ 07:07 PM
I recorded a CD in my own home studio which you can listen to with some good speakers or headphones by clicking "My Music" on my signature line at the bottom of this post
And I can attest that there are no subliminal messages or curses on the tracks and that the music is clean and free of demons - Also its free to download all tracks so enjoy
Not trying to make light of this thread but just sayin for the record....

And to the above poster who wishes the Christians would go with the lemmings - not gonna happen
Christians are like other large groups - differing views, doctrines, and so forth - so please - don't paint us all with the same brush - I don't paint non-believers with the same brush - they come in all sizes shapes and with differing degrees of character and sanity

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posted on Oct, 2 2009 @ 07:59 PM
reply to post by Diplomat

I hate this theory.

I've watched countless videos attempting to claim some dark supernatural force behind most the music industry. I don't believe it for a second and have seen no conclusive evidence. Its one of the most absurd theories in history. I have a hard time believing that anyone, especially the Illuminati, actually believe in Satan, spell casting, demons or that the occult actually works. Yes they use the occult to communicate, yes they reference it and use its symbols, but this is the 21st Century and I doubt any but the bottom rung are dumb enough to believe in any of that nonsense. The only gods they believe in are themselves...

Okay maybe there were a handful of drugged up musicians who had dark purposes to bend people to their will and I have no doubt the heads of most massive labels are greedy. Greedy is one thing, servants of some invisible non-existent bogeyman, I think not.

If music is ruled by the Illuminati why do most bands I listen to have a distinctly anti-tyranny pro-rebellion message? Why are there so many view points and emotions portrayed in music. Why are there so many types of music, if they truly are controlling it I'd say they're doing a very poor job. Sure the mainstream is clogged with terrible shallow messages and talentless hacks but that doesn't make them filled with demons trying to possess you. If demons had anything to do with it wouldn't rock music be causing mass murder and worldwide pandemics of demon possession?

This theory is FAIL.

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posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 01:36 PM
reply to post by Diplomat

I know several high level engineers and producers. I have been in contact with many of the executives. Do I sit down with the executives for dinner? No, however I have been in to the depths of many of the studios and record offices.

If they have secret temples they must be in the janitor's closet. That is about the only place I haven't spent much if anytime.

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posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 03:41 PM
I'm sorry, but demons on cd's?? OMG that is so far fetched. Let me tell you that the link between satanism (or whatever you want to call it) is all in your own mind. Bands adopt an image because it sells, and some people actually believe the image.
Black Sabbath did it by using dark music combined with certain imagery, but to say they are under the influence of demons is just laughable. It's called marketing. If it sells record companies will market it.
I have been a fan of rock music for most of my life and have listened to everything from The Beatles to Megadeth and I live a perfectly happy life. I have my ups and downs, but am never compelled to kill my neighbours or to sacrifice a goat after listening to ACDC.
To even imagine that the big shots at the many record companies have temples behind their offices is something that, in my opinion, comes straight out of some Hammer House horror film or maybe even Twilight Zone.
Over zealous religious persons have always sought the answer to their own fears outside themselves. Books mentioning sex must be burned, bands using certain imagery must be destroyed, satanic messages are recorded backwards on their songs...please give me a break...
It reminds me of the time that Frankie Goes To Hollywood released Relax and Mike Reed (Radio 1 dj) refused to play it. Guess what? It got more publicity out of that one refusal than any marketing by the record company could have achieved.
Music is entertainment, just like films are, it's not real....
I've had the pleasure of meeting one of the main guitarists of Iron Maiden, and he was one of the quietest and shy persons I've ever met...totally the opposite of the act he plays out on stage.
Stop worrying about demons on the cd's, just enjoy the music for what it is...entertainment!

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 06:13 AM

Originally posted by burdman30ott6
I'm a Christian, son of a minister, baptized, say my prayers, am thankfull to God above for everything He has given to me... and I LOVE heavy metal. My Zune is filled with all things metal and I have a vast collection (both CDs and vinyl) of albums. Are the themes dark? Yep, sure are. Are there weak minded idiots out there who have probably been negatively influenced by the music? Again, yep, sure are. Am I so anal retentive that I believe the hair metal lead singer who throws up the horns and says "We salute you, oh great dark Master!" and then leads the crowd in a rousing chant of "Hail, Satan!" is actually possessed by demons and/or worships the Devil? OF COURSE NOT! It's all an act, dude.***

Believe me, if it turns out that my listening to secular music is what sends me to Hell, then Heaven has some serious issues. I've got a list of personal falterings way more aggregious than whatever songs I've listened to. Yet I don't sweat it because I actually take the Bible at face value and believe God when He says He is a kind, loving God who understands men are falible and make bad decisions sometimes. I really wish people would concentrate more on what they SHOULD do to PLEASE God rather than constantly harping on what other's SHOULDN'T do to OFFEND God. Y'know, if you actually read the Bible, you'll recognize that God's all about the positives and less about the negatives.

(***Except pop music, disco, and hip-hop... that crap is straight from the Devil himself. It's true!)

Sorry to fill you in on your logic this way. It's actually kinda sad because you have a point.

But, you just said that you think that these rockers throwing up the horns and saying, "Hail Satan!" is an act. Firstly, why would a Christian view this as a joke? What's the point of saying it if it's just an act? Sure, there are some things you can act, but what's the point of the message? Even in acting, there is a message to be discerned. Unless you think it's just simple fun and games to be hailing satan, but then, I still don't understand the fun in it. Somehow I don't think God is saying, "Run along kids, have fun fake-worshipping Satan!"

Secondly, you think Heaven has problems if people on earth aren't considered good Christians because they hail satan? Really? Think about it much?

Thirdly, you say God is a kind and loving God and forgives us our faults. This is true. But then, because you just said that, you recognized your fault in believing that it is okay to act out the worshipping of Satan. Will God forgive you? Sure. Is it okay? No. Is there this special weakness inside of you that just won't go away unless you fake-worship Satan? I mean, we all have our vices, but really? That just doesn't seem like the kind of vice that is perpetual-forgiveness-worthy. If you want to act out being nasty and crude, I think that is probably okay within certain boundaries. But, is it TRULY necessary to fake-worship Satan? Of course, that means not only saying, "Hail, Satan!" but also taking part in "acts" which were originally or are thought to be designed as worship for Satan.

I'm sorry to tell you this, because I am glad you are a Christian. But, you are sorely mistaken. There are people who have their vices, and very bad ones at that, but they are -nothing- compared to the worship of Satan.

The reality is, any self-proclaimed Christian who claims that fake-worshipping Satan is okay is therefore a God-fake-worshipper.

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