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How to -->links appreciated.

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posted on Feb, 18 2003 @ 05:49 AM
Without the paranoia, can anyone tell me about a good website ('s) that fill you in on how to make practically anything? Kind of like Macgyver could do in his show.

I'm really looking for stuff like toothpaste, deodorant, misc.! I know toothpaste was the first thing I looked up. Baking soda seems to help alot with different toiletry's. Anyway, if we can't depend on the system (wartime, flouride poisoning, or who knows?!) it would be nice to be able to depend on ourselves. Remember... how to make anything website and Much is Appreciated!

posted on Feb, 18 2003 @ 07:21 PM
that looks like a great site but the links dont work which sucks.

posted on Feb, 18 2003 @ 08:56 PM
Might be a decent start...

posted on Feb, 19 2003 @ 06:51 AM
Much appreciated on the link MidnightDStroyer, but I've seen it. I'm looking for the 'essentials'. You know... stuff like make your own toothpaste, shampoo, soap, something that grows your health if it became stunted, or stuff I might only dream of, who knows.?
Ultimately, (EDUCATION) a MacGyver site! A site that probably the manufacturers' don't want you to see. Does anyone know one?

posted on Feb, 19 2003 @ 10:44 AM
Actually, the place to start would be looking into the planet's natural resources; What's likely to be found in your area, how to recognize it, the purposes that it can be used for, etc.

It doesn't do much good to learn how to make soap, if you don't know where to find the ingredients...By knowing what you may be able to find, you won't need the *listed* ingredients for soap because nature has a *lot* of alternatives for cleansers. This means, with a bit of resourceful thinking, knowing *what* you can find can be used as *substitutes* for your purpose. That's what McGyver was about anyway...A person who has a broad range of knowledge but uses that knowledge for the purpose at hand. That's the *practical* definition of "resourcefulness" anyway.

posted on Feb, 20 2003 @ 05:34 PM
"steal this book" was written by an anarchist from the hippie days and a 'self-proclaimed' comrade...
src: ffman_steal_this_book.html

'the anarchist cookbook' is preferred by many...

here are some other books that may be of interest to you... but you'll have to pay for them...

posted on Feb, 23 2003 @ 07:12 PM
Quite a while ago i got a copy of the Collins Gem (exclusively English company?) SAS survival guide, it's a very useful book, describing all kinds of scenarios. There is a clear and concise section on animals/fungi/plants/whatever that can be eaten, how to make traps, build shelters... Pretty much anything you can think of. It's well worth a look, maybe even a buy. Anarchist Cookbook is also good, but tends to be frowned upon by authority...

posted on Feb, 24 2003 @ 11:26 AM
I have the Poor Mans James Bond, and it is awesome, it goes over a lot of the things you're looking for. check here

posted on Feb, 25 2003 @ 11:41 AM
Dont use the anarchist cookbook it is a joke. I read it only for humor, almost all of its recipes are false (bananadine is a good example). Good luck on an essential handbook!


posted on Feb, 25 2003 @ 05:42 PM

Beat the bandit???

posted on Feb, 26 2003 @ 06:03 AM
maybe you should buy thisone?

Here you can find also some files about that subject:

Some other titles of books to buy:

posted on Feb, 28 2003 @ 01:10 AM
You are the man alienaddicted.

I was on the flashback for 4 days reading all the documents, pics, and so forth. Thanks!

posted on Feb, 28 2003 @ 12:15 PM
no i'm not
, you just have to push te big button, then the thing starts making some noise, then you have to click on the big E, then you enter, hit your keyboard a few times and make a guess, then something appears on that window in front of you

Making the internet available for public use was a big mistake, I'm glad they've made it...

posted on Feb, 28 2003 @ 10:30 PM
Your description sounds like the normal computer-literacy skills of the average AOL-user...Your job wouldn't happen to be working for AOL User Support, would it?

[Edited on 1-3-2003 by MidnightDStroyer]

posted on Jan, 1 2006 @ 04:10 PM
Wow, another flash from the past.

Another thread I found while tagging.
And, it coincides with my search yesterday for shampoos with sodium laureth.
This site has lots of recipes for things like soaps and shampoo.
I haven't gone through the entire site, but I think it's what you're looking for.

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 09:25 AM
If your looking for legal loopholes you could look here

posted on Jan, 4 2006 @ 09:55 AM
Earth changes, survival and self-sufficiency links-

Lots to explore there.


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