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Aliens will "comeback" in a official way this year!

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posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 02:10 PM

maybe getting his back up is more fun than watching him avoid the normal questions


So we all agree that this thread no longer serves the purpose of finding some kind of truth. I guess that's all I wanted to know.


posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 03:17 PM
Why would TPTB tell us they were behind 911 unless they were forced, thats my only "beef" about your statment Lightboy.

But if and when it does happen, some one should make copies of every free energy/antigrav sites "before it starts becoming evident" to finnaly see who can be trusted and who changes the content.

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posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 03:20 PM

Why would TPTB tell us they were behind 911 unless they were forced, thats my only "beef" about your statment Lightboy.

That's you ONLY beef?!? Wow, you're a pretty accepting person I must say.


posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 04:03 PM
Well the rest could or could not be true, but it is my only beef because its doesn't fit at all. How could the govt. fess up about 911 and not have the masses revolt?
For example: heavin my or may not exsist, but if some one said it did and it had everything that you once loved and then you were told it didn't have icecream or surgar, I'd want a good explanation for that!

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 04:11 PM

My only point is; keep away from calling people cult followers or whatever.

My point is not to prove that people are cult followers but that Kangaxx is showing all the classic tricks.I came across recently a person who disclosed there age as Thirteen posting on this site
.Certain types of people are drawn in.Not because of there intelligance,but because of there circumstances and people like Kangaxx pray on this.basic needs are

Self improvement
Self understanding
Self knowledge
A sense of purpose
A sense of direction
The companionship of like minded people
To love and be Loved
To feel Special
Power and Control
To be Influencial

Sure l could lighten up but l believe that when people are posting to people like Kangaxx they should be aware of other views thats the whole point of a disscusion.

I unlike Accidhead have not seen Ghosts,aliens or other unexplained things.But what l do as a day job brings me into direct contact with people well hears an example;

Called on a couple in there early fifties who live in an ordinary housing estate.A disbute occured with there neighbours 8 years ago.Since then they have been various complaints of harrasment from both parties which inclued loud music,Graffiti, vandalism hate mail threats of physical violance.This has caused this couple to become paranoid to the point that they are in need of hospital assesment.At the moment they believe there neighbours can control there household appliances and electrical equipment at will.They currantly log all the movements around there house and are totally convinced that the T.V switches on when they enter the room and that there fridge is made to work louder in the night to keep them awake.They believe that there neighbours are from another planet or are a genetic form of human.The couple also have a computor which allows them to access sites and gain information that they would not have come accross in everyday life.Sorry to be a skeptic l do have an open mind and l am not trying to debunk l just haven`t seen any real evidance.None of the things that happen to that couple happened on any visits l have made.

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 09:46 PM
JAK wrotes:

"Are you 100% sure of your sources?
Is it going to affect you badly if nothing of this nature occurs?

Perhaps you should prepare yourself for a little disappointment - just in case."

just to remeber you (in the case that you do not have red all the topic from the beggining), what sources?!?!acording to my experience and my knoledge, i predict they will show up this year. that it is not came from any source!! as far as i can see! a guess is a guess, and my guess it is about this year! so if they do not show up this year, we will have at least to wait more 2 years. read my previous posts in the first topic pages and you will undesrtend that, and why i sayed it will be this year. the "project" have started this year, that i have stated with out a doubt, and the full project to be achieaved never can be longer then 3 years starting this year.that was stated by me too . so if they do not appear this year, i will wait more 2(althou i belive that more 2 its quite impossible, more one tops)! thx god this things are stated many time before you asked this, or they will start to say i had edited or

just to make the prediction a little more understendble:

when i say "they will show up", that can be possible in a many diferent ways, we can't just think they will arrive above white house or something like that and show up! the propose its to make all the world to belive that they exist, that can be achieved by a extreme almoust surreal "burst" on public ufo sights, a "official "atack" to a city or building(dont forget they are in a kind of war) so a public retaliation from the evil faction it is always a possibility against us), a official intervenience in a war(like iraq, or india pakistan , our other possible war), a human rescue of some kind in a natural or artificial desaster, etc, that are all possible things that can happen , and after happened, it will be official that "they" exist", no more "Hide or shadow" about it can be possible.


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posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 10:04 PM
I haven't seen the whole thread, but I have seen the straightjacket picture. Take the stupid thing off please...

posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 03:58 AM
thank you bandit.

I to think that is way over the top.
very unnessesary 'picking on' of Kangaxx. Tasteless as well. booo hiss!

I think his PREDICTION is showing itself to be TRUE so far this year ALLREADY!

Look at the Mexican UFO's
There was a UFO recently photographed here in my state of UTAH.
I see a recent pic of a UFO in Wash St on the board here as well.
I see a lot of RECENT pics! a big 'comeback' so far.
Seams to me this prediction is 'so far so good' correct.

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posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 04:04 AM
and that it's just "the beggining"

they need to increase much more, in order they can't be denied by any one

posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 06:10 AM
i'll keep this brief..
1. as i said initially ,i cant prove any of the things ive said .. you either believe it or not its up to you..
2. i cant give you an exact date because i dont f***ing know, even the GF dont know exactly..
3. im not trying to start a cult.. though if you want to send me all your money i wont object


posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 06:25 AM

Originally posted by acidhead
you dont get it either - were not trying to prove him wrong - were asking him to show us why he is correct , if i see something to make me believe what is posted on this i will start to believe it

Prove that he is wrong. You can't. Thats the problem with soo many people on this site (it's becoming clear its the same people) that you think just because its not the norm that is automaticly false. The truth is no one here can prove that what kangaxx is false, no matter what you say, no matter what your reasons, you cannot. So instead of the jerkish replys why not just simply ask him the questions you need to ask, if he cannot answer or wishes not to then why go further with it. The further you same guys go with your reasoning the more you guys look like jerks, I'm sorry but you do. I'm personally not a believer nor a disbeliever because there is no way to tell, nor can any of you. You same guys seem to be on a mission to debunk him and other threads just because it's what you believe, not what you can prove. Just because you don't see it on CNN does not mean its not real, no matter how outrages the claims are. You never know whats happening or going to happen. Kangaxx is not forcing his opinion down our throats like you same people are.

Not to mention this is the bloody perdiction section, you guys are on him like flies on s*%t for his perdiction because you do not think its going to happen telling him to prove it or else is false. This is not in the Space and Science section, this is not in the UFO section, this is in the Perdictions section.

You guys seem to be on a personal mission to make him look like a hoax which again, is really starting to make you guys just look like jerks.

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posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 07:44 AM
hi kangaxx

any problems with CIA or any other secret services that are trying to keep the truth from the people? Your claims are sure to attract their attention so take care m8

i dont really know what to make of your whole story, but its obvious you have great insight into the subject of ET visitors. Some of your claims i know are in fact true becouse ive experienced them for myself, but as for the love part i think youre just being nice (nothing wrong with that)
But when the # hits the fan i doubt it will help, our mother earth is in pain and its cleaning time. Well who wants to live forever... just take the lottery ticket and wait in line please, you are all accused of being ignorant selfish beings that do not recognize the greatness that is all around you

If the aliens do decide to pick up some humans before the babylon falls in flames, theyre probably just taking some speciments for their intergalactic ZOO. May i suggest they pick up GW Bush and a couple of sceptics from ATS

with respect

posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 11:03 AM
Look, as far as I am concerned Kangaxx can say whatever he likes whenever he like and however he likes. He can be the leader of a cult or a stockbroker with a wild imagination. I have already said that if he and those like him are right and the aliens do "comeback in an official way" I will be the first to run back here and post that I was wrong and they were right. I can't seem to get any straightforward questions answered about the specifics of the aliens and the specifics of how he knows so much about them. So I am lead to beleive this is made up, and all I am asking now is if he is wrong and they do not comeback will he admit it? He has already said that if not this year then in the next 2 yrs. He has gone from emphatically saying this year (which only has 6 months or less left) to another 2 years. Ok, so now what about after those 2 years , (hypothetically if he's wrong) what then? We wait another 2 years? At what point can you say to youself and to us that , yes if this doesn't happen soon then maybe I was wrong? It was already asked why he's being questioned about this since this is the prediction forum. If you read his very first post you will see he just put it here because it was the only thing he could think of. He is in no way making any predictions. He has said it over and over, that this is definitely happening soon. A prediction is something that you think is going to happen. He doesn't think, he knows. And I wanna know what if he's wrong? Can he admit it?

posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 11:08 AM

Would you stand by when people are being manipulated.Kangaxx is able to defend himself, no or do you feel the need to defend him.Sure l use the knowledge l have in dealing with people that have been involved in cults,the occult and supernatural murder to debunk him but l have seen the damage caused,let this person answer these questions. It is part of the game to use people to defend him so that he cannot be questioned.Look up openminded to any site with this info you will see that every step Kangaxx makes is classic of a new cult leader cultivating and learning the craft.


posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 02:43 PM
This is a reply to Kangaxx and the thread : Above Top Secret 3.0 Predictions Aliens will "comeback" in a official way this year!

--------------------------------------------Page 1---------------------------------------------

Kangaxx posted on 16-5-2004 at 08:38 AM Post Number: 532963 (post id: 553657)
'... have not been in a "bad" abductee experience.
the life forms that i have meet,was from one of the "good" factions.. '

So you are saying that there are good and bad factions

Ycon posted on 16-5-2004 at 11:06 PM Post Number: 534190 (post id: 554884)
'...they are all from the same source. The source is evil... '

and Kangax replies posted on 16-5-2004 at 11:32 PM Post Number: 534213 (post id: 554907)
'Ycon:you have unswered the same thing as i!'

(Jack - Well Ycon is saying that they're all evil, jsut pretending to be 'Good' and 'Bad' so how is that the same as what you are saying? Ycon is saying you have been duped, there are no 'Good guys'. How can you turn this to reinforce you point? [This is a technique that will be attempted again later with even less success])

Kangaxx posted on 16-5-2004 at 08:38 AM Post Number: 532963 (post id: 553657)
'i realy can give more information,my only problem is my llittle knoledge of the english language,'

Yet on page 5

Kangaxx posted on 18-5-2004 at 08:24 AM Post Number: 537292 (post id: 557986)
'i say that this is the year where they will show up!?..right? right!... but that is MY best guess'

(Jack - Kangaxx you really should be more precise on what you class as information. I dont' think that a guess can be classed as 'information' at any streatch of the imagination.)

-------------------------------------------Page 2-----------------------------------------------

kangaxx post page 2 posted on 17-5-2004 at 07:14 AM Post Number: 534849 (post id: 555543)
'each time you have suffered,cryed,or be you have realized very well why?!? try to analyze that and you will reach a normal simple idea; each time you suffer,its because YOU have lost something you like,you have lost something you think you need,you have suffered pain in YOUR boddy...and so on...always you will see that YOU is the central victim...that is pure selfishness.'

(Jack - What utter ignorance, just who do you think you are talking to here? It appears this is a general statement on mankind. What an utter load of rubbish, this kind of crass statement exposes your own personal truths rather than any of mankinds failings. By submitting this statement and expecting it to be accepted as 'truth' when so many will automatically view it as a gross innacurracy of the humanity man is capable of, you are just giving an insight into the personally twisted, corrupt, poisoned view of modern humanity you hold.

You are either saying that you have never heard a story of human kindness/tragedy that has led you to 'suffer, cry or be sad' that is not actually immediately involving your person; or at least you expect that no-one else has had the opportunity or feels the compassion to do so. That is one of the most selfish revelations that I have ever heard, and to assume that you can apply that judgement upon the rest of mankind and expect it to be seen as some kind of astounding, deep and meaningful revelation is just beyond words.
No-one forced you to post any of this information, you cannot get away from what you have said and the insight that those postings gives into your personal view of the world.)

---------------------------------------Page 3---------------------------------------------------

Kangaxx posted on 17-5-2004 at 11:39 PM Post Number: 536372 (post id: 557066)
'... my "story" have not flaws at all...' (Jack - see Ycon reference earlier)

'important: dont misundersted what LOVE is! ' (Jack - This coming from a person who doesn't believe that either himself or if not him then just anyone else can feel compassion for anyone without being personally involved - see page 2 reference above)

'thx to god, people like me' (Jack - nice to see no delusions of grandeur here)

Kangaxx posted on 18-5-2004 at 12:36 AM Post Number: 536423 (post id: 557117)
'3- a new "vulcan age" will araise for at least 7 million years.' (Jack - can you not think of anything better than Star Trek references here? Bad day perhaps?)

---------------------------------------Page 4------------------------------------------------

Kangaxx posted on 18-5-2004 at 02:47 AM Post Number: 536595 (post id: 557289)
'i have becamed a kind of "clairvoyancer"!'

(Jack - OK which finger am I holding up?)

mpeake posted on 18-5-2004 at 04:18 AM Post Number: 536759 (post id: 557453)
'Fourth and final, you say that there is a huge part of your story that you haven't or can't relay to us due to the severity of the info. I really think it would be beneficial to those of us who are open minded to know what you know, even if we won't be able to comprehend it. When things start to happen we can use that info to go back to for answers.'

Kangaxx reply to this request:

Kangaxx posted on 18-5-2004 at 05:33 AM Post Number: 536908 (post id: 557602)
'4- ok...just think in this for a moment:

do you bother at all to aproach a cow or a bird trying to explaining them the laws of phisics!?! i think not...why then you think that they will bother to aproach normal humans to explain things that they have sure you cant understend?!?

(Jack - The response here is totally unrelated to the question - mpeake asks for more information from Kangaxx on HIS knowledge and Kangaxx replies by saying these 'Aliens' can't be bothered to approach 'normal' human beings, [lucky Kangaxx is so special then]. This point may well be fact but is not a response to the question posed. The most arrogant part of the reply? The fact that Kangaxx starts this statement with ' ok...just think in this for a moment:' then goes on to completely miss-interpret the question.)

From the same Kangaxx post -
'chieldrn are dieing all over the place, lilions of people are suffering all the place... have you any time stoped to think in this?' (Jack - No Kangaxx. None of any of the ATS members have ever considered that, in fact none of us were even aware, thank you for bringing it to our attention. You are so wise - your insight astounding)

----------------------------------------Page 5-----------------------------------------------------

Kangaxx posted on 18-5-2004 at 07:03 AM Post Number: 537080 (post id: 557774)
'1 - i never sayed anywhere that i am "more special" then all the others!at the "aliens" eyes.'

(Jack - Referr to Kangaxx posted on 18-5-2004 at 05:33 AM Post Number: 536908 (post id: 557602) above. The Aliens can't be bothered to approach 'normal' human beings, but have approached Kangaxx.)

'3- i do not talk for all of the humans, and i never was,'

(Jack - Referr to page 2 kangaxx post page 2 posted on 17-5-2004 at 07:14 AM Post Number: 534849 (post id: 555543) above.)

'5- some one says:" we are capable of love, and capable of great feats"...sure we are... but if you say this to me, and you are talking about the normal human history that all the people know just in the past 300 years'

(Jack - Nope, no sacrifice through love or great feat made for others in the last 300 years because mankind is not capable. The millions of Allied soldiers and resistance fighters that lost their lives in World War 2 were doing it for what? The people who freely signed up for service were not sacrificing their freedom and some even their lives to defeat the evil of Hitler and so Europe could be a continent free from tyranny. So why then? Why did people sign up of their own free will?)

'10- "i am special becuase they pick me"! lol...sorry but this one is hylarius too...'

(Jack - this is dealt with above. Kangaxx is very fond of telling people to go back and read previous posts because they have missunderstood or just not bothered. Kangaxx, YOU said the aliens would not "... bother to aproach 'normal' humans to explain things..." Yet you say YOU have been approached, therefore YOU are saying that YOU are somehow beyond/above 'normal' humans. Otherwise you would not have been approached, surely? This comes from your own words!)

acidhead posted on 18-5-2004 at 08:28 AM Post Number: 537299 (post id: 557993)
'... my questions got totally side stepped because of me not totally believing in you...'
(Jack - I hope this will be seen as proof of what I am putting here, others see these things too.)

'5. how come the aliens choose names from startrek?' (Jack - See above comment)

-----------------------------------Page 6-----------------------------------------------

Knagaxx posted on 18-5-2004 at 08:48 AM Post Number: 537356 (post id: 558050)

'Acidhead wrotes:
"so can you answer my questions then instead of skipping them ?"
for sure, this is not the correct way to ask for nothing, so i will remain in silence about them, sorry!'

(Jack - Oh, just LMAO. Ask me what I want, when I want and how I want or there will be no reply")

acidhead, in reply to the above post, replied
' read back to my first questions and then tell me if i asked you incorrectly ?
after being skipped of questions on your little story 2 times now , should i get on one knee and beg you ?

(Jack - See, it's not just me who believes you are trying to wriggle out of questions you don't feel like responding to. Just like a politician do you only want to reply to questions you feel you can answer with a reply that supports your position Kangaxx)

Kangaxx posted on 18-5-2004 at 09:24 AM Post Number: 537460 (post id: 558154)
'just to unswer a specific question that have make me smile a lot: ""why aliens have names used in star trek?
lol...yup....its a good one, you have seen the Kimbote name in start trek?,i have seen this name too in the X-files..and i cant unswer you acurate to that,,,but i can unswer you with a question?
why certain "sci-fi" movies and TV series use true alien class names some times?! '

(Jack - Come on now Kangaxx, I've heard this type of response before, another politicians reply, question to a question because you can't answer. I have heard this 'conspiracy' idea before too, surely you can do better than just pick a suitable answer out of a hat full of conspiracy theories.)

------------------------------------Page 7-----------------------------------------------

Kangaxx posted on 18-5-2004 at 10:10 AM Post Number: 537585 (post id: 558279)
'you will became just shocked if you know the total amount of historical documents that the modern world have, that talks about what i am saying here, and much more. '

(Jack - Knagaxx, the motto here is deny ignorance. You have been asked to provide proof for many of your 'predictions' or your 'knowledge'. When directly asked for any such thing you post elusive replies rangeing from the fact that you don't require belief or that 'normal' humans wouldn't understand, the excuses are many and varied. These responses though will not be accepted, again the motto here is Deny Ignorance. you cannot just post such things as you do and then make up any answer you see fit without providing a shread of evidence. Saying that you do not have to is a poor excuse at best.)

Knagaxx posted on 18-5-2004 at 11:50 PM Post Number: 538793 (post id: 559487)
'i never have seen that Ashatar commander, but i have seen spiting images of him.'

(Jack - now this just doesn't make any sense, if you haven't seen him, how can you know that other aliens are the 'spitting image' of him? Do you mean you have not seen him in person but have seen pictures of him? Or is this just another discrepency in your story?.)

--------------------------------------Page 8----------------------------------

Kangaxx posted on 19-5-2004 at 06:48 AM Post Number: 539488 (post id: 560182)
'remember the "copper phisics" explanation i have post in later posts?? its a extract from that intervew, because it was the only true "writing" sorce where i was able to try to explain a so advanced explanation.
altho i thank you a lot to post a link for that subject. because the intervew i receved by mail'

(Jack - So you looked about on the 'net and found a page that suited your '"copper phisics" explanation'. To post this information is hardly impressive. The 'net is a wonderful place full of fantastic sites, to find one that supports a theory is hardly conclusive proof.
Yet I also wonder if it was not mentioned by wgatenson in their post on 19-5-2004 at 04:34 AM Post Number: 539196 (post id: 559890) then when, or indeed if, you would have bothered mentioning that your 'explanation' did in fact come from another source, I doubt it very much. Plagiarism shows very bad form you know.)

Kangaxx posted on 19-5-2004 at 07:31 AM Post Number: 539589 (post id: 560283)
'we have a so high civilization, that even the "writing" was something from the past!!all the data is stored in cristals, and we even dont talk normaly....they use telepathy. day they'r world was hit it by a catastrohpe, and the possible survivers see in a suden way living in the forests and caves with out nothing!! BINGO!,,,that was "our" pre-historic mans! '

(Jack - Oh come on!! How convenient - mankind was so evolved that they did not bother to learn how to read/write? Also please, no-one try to justify this with a timeline starting from the 'paperless office', please.)

acidhead posted on 19-5-2004 at 07:46 AM Post Number: 539631 (post id: 560325)
(Jack - Good post)
acidhead posted on 19-5-2004 at 07:57 AM Post Number: 539658 (post id: 560352)
(Jack - LMFAO, Excellent post)

Kangaxx posted on 19-5-2004 at 08:21 AM Post Number: 539740 (post id: 560434)
'seek the posts about the "chosen" tests, and how it works, you will find there the unswer.'

(Jack - For a person who barely speaks the language, Kangaxx certainly has a gift for the corny mystical)

acidhead posted on 19-5-2004 at 08:21 AM Post Number: 539741 (post id: 560435)

(Jack - What can I say, at last someone is looking at this in a realistic way)

Kangaxx posted on 19-5-2004 at 08:53 AM Post Number: 539819 (post id: 560513)

(Jack - Posts start including the agressively worded question "get it?" No need to get harsh with these people enquiring about your posts/beliefs Knagaxx, just supply some shred of evidence, and preferably something a little better that some other plagiarised website. Yada, yada, yada... Deny Ignorance)

--------------------------------------------Page 9---------------------------------------

Kangaxx posted on 19-5-2004 at 09:57 AM Post Number: 539995 (post id: 560689)
'... you will see what you can learn from a "tibetan buddhist Lama monk"!'

(Jack - After talking for some time about your Buddhist beliefs/experiences/understandings I find it hard to believe Kangaxx, that you are not aware that a Lama - in the sense with which you offer to it - is a monk, means monk. Likened to, for example, the phrase, "Northern European Sparrow bird" it should become aparrent that it makes no sense at all to phrase it in such a way. Now I understand English is not your mother tongue, but this strikes me as rather a mistake on your part than a grammatical error. One which, what with your fundemental understanding of Buddhism, you should not have made, unless of course you are not being entirely truthful)

(In reference to the above posting)

Kangaxx says -
'althou if you want something real "exotic"/strong you can start to seek books from a man called "Lobsang rampa", some of his books are his life story, but many others are just manuals/guides to teach you all about vibrations, and many will be schocked when you will see what you can learn from a "tibetan buddhist Lama monk"!

and then later on the same page

posted on 19-5-2004 at 10:38 AM Post Number: 540095 (post id: 560789)
'P.S- i forget to say that I NEVER had seen nothig in the internet saying that he is "true" all the sites, news, clans and even tibetan bhuddist groups claim the he si a hoaxlolol....hard,,,is it? '

(Jack - So one minute Kangaxx asks us to read and believe this "Lobsang rampa" monk in search for hidden enlightnement and the next Kangax himself admits, 'all the sites, news, clans and even tibetan bhuddist groups claim the he si a hoax'.
It could be considered that this, almost an afterthought mentioning that the Lama might well be percieved by every website his name is mentioned on as a complete fraud, is only added because after the 'Copper Physics' plagiarism expose he understands that ATS members will look take it upon themselves to check out any references quoted.)

Kangaxx posted on 19-5-2004 at 10:38 AM Post Number: 540095 (post id: 560789)
'i have no proof at all that what i will say its absolutly tru...'

(Jack - This thread should have stopped there, how ironic that the admission of '.. no proof at all..' is perhaps the first truth told by Kangaxx throught this entire charade.)

------------------------------------Pages 10, 11 and 12-------------------------------------

Kangaxx posted on 20-5-2004 at 06:37 AM Post Number: 541974 (post id: 562668)
'...yes i know very well where is the right place. no i can't tell you where is that place, i only will say that is in a "southamerican" country.'

earthmagick12 posted on 20-5-2004 at 09:17 AM Post Number: 542350 (post id: 563044)
'Well I don't know about the rest of your story but your avitar you clam is a photo of a real Chupacabras. Is in fact a fiberglass sculpture at the Chedder Caves. All though it is in another language, the photos are enough. Here is the site.'

(Jack - The response from Kangaxx?)

Kangaxx posted on 20-5-2004 at 10:07 AM Post Number: 542471 (post id: 563165)
'i wonder why you prefer to belive in the "agents" then in the truth,,is amazing! some one says that this is a true foto, and you think weird, but much after that "real ivent" you see a "cool cave" with a "recosntrution" that picture, and you NEVER think its weird,'

(Jack - Firstly we are now, after many other Matrix references, talking of 'Agents'. A limited imagination is now faltering and borrowing concepts from others. Secondly when confronted with the truth about another attempted fraud the blame is heaped upon the person who sought the truth behind Kangaxx 'real' picture and he is labelled as gullible for refusing to blindly accept Kangaxx version of the truth. Labelled as a fool for not believing in a creature that has never been scientifically proven.
Now I know some might referr to the existence of such as Pandas and the Mountain Gorilla and the fact that not so long ago the 'Western' world held no belief in them either. To this I say that a man refusing to believe in such things at the time should by no means be classed as gullible, but reasonable, despite the fact they were wrong. The reason for such a damning from Kangaxx is simple, it is anger aimed at those who have dicovered his lies.)

' i have prooved my theory!'

(Jack - This theory being that any proof offered by Kangaxx as to his prediction/knowledge of Aliens will be debunked. Haaaa! The argument becomes, 'Those who research anything I say and find it to be incorrect are 'agents' with the aim of discrediting me, so do not believe them.' Haa LMAO. The fact that he has been exposed as lying now is turned to prove some idiotic theory. Proving that I am wrong makes me right? Rubbish, when you are caught, you are caught. THIS is the reason no evidence is forthcoming, not because Kangaxx you feel you are beyond providing it, but because you cannot. Plagairism and lies - that is all your attempts at providing any evidence of your ideas have led to.)

acidhead posted on 20-5-2004 at 10:23 AM Post Number: 542513 (post id: 563207)
'... not once has kangaxx answered any questions that can validate his story , instead when asked - the dummy got spit out and the person gets accused of being rude or calling him a liar...'

(Jack - Please note this post all, and if proof is required read all Kangaxx posts up untill this.)

theRiverGoddess posted on 20-5-2004 at 10:33 AM Post Number: 542548 (post id: 563242)
'Acidhead....he is not going to answer you...for he cannot SEE your questions......he has you on IGGY.....and thats WHY he ignores you.....not to be mean to you, you just are NOT there for him to address. Does THAT answer your question?'

(Jack - Ok, I'm starting to tear my hair out now! WHY do you think Kangaxx chooses not to see acidheads posts?)

acidhead posted on 20-5-2004 at 10:37 AM Post Number: 542558 (post id: 563252)
'ha ha pathetic , ignorence is bliss eh'

(Jack - AcidHead, I have a feeling we could become good friends.)

-----------------------------------------Page 13------------------------------------

Kangaxx posted on 20-5-2004 at 11:10 AM Post Number: 542647 (post id: 563341)
'dear friend, i am thankfull for your suport mate, but if they want to "see" i have profed to them exatly why it is useless to try to give proofs! that was a big trap i made for that "agents"...'

(Jack - Oh now this is getting pricless. "You have proved me correct in everything I say because you have exposed me as a liar and a fraud and that was my plan all along. You poor misguided fools." L-M-F-A-O)

Kangaxx same post
',,,i hope you have understend all the point now, and not seek no more proofs here. in fact, if you think i am a fraude, i cant understend why you came here seeking proofs of the truth'

(Jack - Because, dear friend, the moto of this forum is DENY IGNORANCE. This may come as a little of a shock to you but one way of doing so is to seek the truth and expose lies and frauds. That is why. Oh, and that you are a little reticent on supplying any more 'proofs' here, could this be because every time you have tried so far you have fallen flat on your face and lost all credability due to the diligence of certain ATS members. Cudos to them. Deny Ignorance always by seeking the truth)

theRiverGoddess posted on 20-5-2004 at 11:16 AM Post Number: 542659 (post id: 563353)
'Kangaxx.........what do you mean ....your making traps for agents??? I do NOT understand that........

I thought, it was the agents making traps for you? why would you feel the need' to set traps' for anybody? Who are you trying to trap? and.....WHY? '

(Jack - Now we see even those who chose to accept Kangaxx story previously become confused by his actions. 'Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to decieve.')

Kangaxx posted on 20-5-2004 at 11:23 AM Post Number: 542688 (post id: 563382)
'i have forced the conversation about the chupacabras becuase i knew it already they will react that way, and the "new cave" will be bringed to here.'

(Jack - Lol, just lol. No further explanation is required here.)

Kangaxx, although only on page 13 out of a present 26, I shall stop here because I am confident that my case is proven, and I fear I have already bored most to tears.

Will there be any response from Kangaxx? Or am I going to get another - 'in the case that you do not have read all the topic from the beginning' and so do not fully understand what you are trying to communicate? Will you ask me to go back and try to interpret how it would suit you?

You, sir, are a FRAUD!

posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 03:05 PM
Excellent research JAK. Let me be the first one to welcome you to the "Ignored by Kangaxx Club"! I fear that you may not get the reply you or I want though, which is an intellegent, reational, rebuttle. Nope, you get a message of love and a "cheers mate" from our old buddy Kangaxx. Still, a great read!!!

posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 03:14 PM
dear friend JAk:

you obvously have "judged me" already no matter what i can or can not explain. it is quite obvoius to all the people here with a brain, that all the points you have posted, are some ones "twisteed", and the others are just reflexes from what you belive or not. so as all we can see it will be quite useless trying anithing more to explain whatever for you, in fact all the correct unswers to all the points you talk, are already unswered in the postings in self!.if you read the complete posts you will notice that, but if you folow that kind of "game of words and quotings", sure it will look weird or incomplete.
so if for your level of inteligence, that proofs to you that i am a fraude, good
im happy with that, because folowing a racional logic, i will no have to explain nothing more to you, because you never will belive it. that its great because it alows to me more time to deal with people that belivers or not can actualy have good questions to ask, and wish a debate about the ideas and subjects that i talked here

althou i must congratulate you, because you have stated your points not in a "insane blood lust attack" way , but folowing a few topics of respect, not in a perfect way, sure, but pretty acceptable.
i wish you the best in your life, whatever you belive or not!


posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 03:29 PM
Nukunuku wrotes:

"any problems with CIA or any other secret services that are trying to keep the truth from the people? Your claims are sure to attract their attention so take care m8 "

you are pretty right with that, but, when you know very well how they act and when, it is possible to pass small information pieaces to the masses, meanwhile i stay in a internet source, they will not bother to much, because all here can be "changed" when they want, and besides that they will exust first theyr primal "tool", all that people that you can see here and all over the place that just enter, and try to all custs to desbilive me, with out a realy good reason for that. its quite easy to notice who are in that mission , and who are not
a beliver its easy to notice, a normal desbeliver it's also easy to notice, but "the agents" are realy realy easy to notice due they'r persistence based in twisted insane, not related obsrevations

they'r techniques are always the same, that its they'r biggest mistake

for reasons that it's obvious i can't explain here , they'r presence here it is welcome in a especific way, because that techniques can have a big possible "counter effect" against them, but they are too stubborn to notice!lol.

as we used to say in my country:
"the spell will turn over to the spell caster"!

stay well good friend

posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 03:30 PM
Well Jak, I guess I wasn't too far off huh? Another brilliant Kangaxx reply to your legitimate question. Cheers

posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 04:10 PM
Now that's what I call productive criticism. Geez - not bad, Jack. Not bad at all

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