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Aliens will "comeback" in a official way this year!

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posted on May, 22 2004 @ 08:44 AM
Hi mates,
As I have stated before , my time is near the end to continue here answering good questions, my “ordered” mission is done, and the “right” people have/ will be, been “awakened”/activated!
Althou , before my good bye, I will talk a little about a huge part that I have avoided until now. That part is about things that you will see” soon”, and its more related to the “chaos”/Apoclipse predictions that are “spreaded” all over the places! And they will be predictions, what’s fit perfectly to this forum sector.

The following informations is not complete at all, and I will write it freely with out any time of pure “chronologic” format or something like that.

Due to all the massive “bad reptilian” mental influence on us in so many years and in the present , the world will enter in a “shadowed chaos void” “age”, anyone will can’t be save anywhere, the majority of people will act like crazy insane “zombies”, with a total lack of respect/valor/goodness. The not controlled ones will be forced to run away to distant places , and start small “human tribes”, trying to defend them selfs. The citys will became something just imagined in “horror” movies, all “broken”, burned,riped, ect. Althou much before we reach this “chaos” time, the Avatar o this age will walk Earth again (for the 12th time, he was Christ, Budda, maomé, confucio, Krisnha and so on). And he will try to save the highest number of humans possible, they will follow him and they will experience true love, what is the major key in all this! He will be killed by the controlled humans, as he had be killed in a very well knowed incarnation in our past 2004 years ago! Althou that malevulus actitude of the humans , don’t “destroy”/nulify him at all, but only give him even more strength.!! that is the explanation also why he don't "avoid" this! and that you only can fully understand if you realy know what love is!!!!

Very near the “end”, they will start to pick some animals and the “right” ones. for the all other ones (near 4.5 billions of humans) they will experience here things that can’t be even imagined, things that we only can imagine in horror stories and in the “hell” !

For that ones they’r only possible salvation will not be here in a “physic” way, but only after dead in a “etherial” way, because the “weel of life” continue, and the soul is eternal, because the soul is your real boddy!!

times to times, for us "ants", we will see "UFO" fights/battles, bettwen several alien factions, what will "rise" the chaos already "running"

The Earth will enter in a energetic “portal” when the Sun magnetic field start to change, after that the “polar shift” in our planet will start too! At that time all the “saved” ones will be already in huge “motherships” that can have a total length of 1500KM each.they have a “smoke cigar” chape!

In the time that our planet start to enter in the portal, the massive last vibrational changes in all the matter here will start, and will be at that time that all of the “not saved” ones will die, huge permanent tsunamis, hearthquakes,hurricanes, and so on will strike all the planet every where, “almost” of the ocean floor will raise, and “amoust” of the “solid land” will sunk!! Even if any life form here survive, they will be disintegrated at a certain stage by the high "caming" vibration of the 4rd dimension.
The “dimensional travel of the planet inside the portal will take a week in order to be fully completed!

When the planet arise in the new universe, Earth and human kind will enter in the “gold age”, the spiritual absolute time!The new Eion!

Slowly the saved ones will be putted in several “human colonies” in our “new shaped” planet again, and life and our specie will continue they’r evolution with out any “bad” or evilness at all!evilness is something only possible in the first 3 material dimensions, because the are just extreme low vibarations, and they do not are a part of the dimensions above the 4th.
(althou same evil aliens have learned how to be in the 5th, because they ”create in a artificial way that low vibrations in order to not die!in a same way that same of them do here,,,,that is the primal explanation why they control us to be “evil”, because that creates low vibrations all over the place!!and that alowed them to be here with out major "biological /phisical"problems

message for all the “agents” and normal humans but already fully controlled:

for them , I wish to thank you in a special way!!! The majority of the times, when you try to desbilive and desinformate, you only acheaved that more and more people be in a “awake” status, and some times even controlled ones can in a special way to “stop” to be “touched” by that influence, the majority of you also just proof to us your total ignorance , and blindness!more: each time you try to be evil to us, you only give us more and more strength! Because for all that can fell love, and know the truth, we use you like “marks” in order we can notice very well inside us “where is the evil , and where it is not!!
The only possible “mechanism” here is: you hate us, and we love you. That is the way!! So my deepest thx “agents”!thank you for your help in making love grow inside us!

For all the neutral ones:

You are not “doomed” yet, the majority of the neutral ones are people that want to belive, but they have not see it, or experienced nothing yet, that can help them to choose!! The Avatar will came here moustly( in many other things) for this group of people! Because the majority of the neutral are not controlled at all, because as neutrals they do not are represented as a “danger” for the “evil”!!! so. Cheer up! You have yet time to be “awakened”!!

For the “Belivers”/”love” ones/good ones:

You will be very happy brothers! You have the noble task to “start over “ a new “human kind”! your “childrens will experience a full life of love for many million years, and they will fullfill “the top” as humans!
if you can “see” the truth when you read it, hear it, and so on, you are for sure able to reach , and live in the “right” vibration., I wish you the best for you.

For me:

I know that I will not be “picked”, because many of us have several missions here, and mine will be fullfilled “soon”. Some of us will be used like “data banks” due to the information uploaded to us, in the new world, in order that our roots never can be forgeted in the “new” tribes. Other ones, will follow the avatar helping him in his noble mission, others will be killed in the major “human chaos” time that I have described later, and others will be “moved” to other worlds in the 3 rd dimension ,( I do not have a clue why) in far far away galaxys,where are other colonies in lower stages of evolution then us.
My mission is to teach / prepare a special person , here in my country, when the time will came , he will be picked, althou I had be died some years later at that time, due to “wealth” problems. I know that “they” can heal me, but I know very well too, that I am a “ant”, and I humble accept that, for me it will like a “evil heretic actitude”, if I anytime ask “them” to heal me, because I know that I am too small in all this, and I do not represent NOTHING compared to a whole Civilization!, althou I will reach the 4rd dimension too, as all the others, one "day", in my reecarnation “weel life”!

I will not post nothing more, and I will not unswer more questions, althou I will be “lurking” here because this site is great, and we can reach many good information, and information is always “never too much”! especially for all the ones that can “see”!

Farewell my human brothers, I wish you the best for all with out any exeption!


posted on May, 22 2004 @ 12:12 PM
You know what, the controlled are the people that will believe that crock.

I'll gladly die in my small tribe, up in the mountains somewhere, defending my right to think for myself.

And if any of this were remotely true ( right ) what makes you think that the info. you've been given, isn't there to disinform everyone, so that we don't resist when they destroy our planet .
Jesus you've got me talking like its gonna happen.
Yeah please don't reply.

posted on May, 22 2004 @ 01:26 PM
Thanks for your story kangaxx,
It was most interesting!

Hope you stick around the board and explore some other topics!

posted on May, 22 2004 @ 02:31 PM


No problem glad to be of service.See you in hell.

posted on May, 22 2004 @ 03:58 PM
'If a man from another planet came to this Earth, and if that man was so utterly strange to humans, it is even possible they would not be able to see him because their minds would not be able to believe or accept something which was so far out from their own points of reference.'

Physical seen, all is vibrations of atoms or matter in microcosmos - where the atoms is like miniature solar systems. He also writes that…man is composed of molecules in motion and that motion generates a form of electricity which - uniting with the "electricity" delivered from the Overself - gives sentient LIFE.


Well I have done a bit of online referencing to the book suggested by Kangxx, and even though there is not much available, short of amazon ads, there is enough to suggest to me that he HAS done his homework.

My interests lay in the vibrations he spoke of, and thru his suggestions, he has directed me to some things of interest which coorolate to my interests.

Thanks Kangxx !!

(continuing my reading now)


posted on May, 22 2004 @ 04:01 PM
Is the 'Overself' what some would refer to as the 'soul or spirit'?

Just curious.

[Edited on 22-5-2004 by mrq]

posted on May, 22 2004 @ 09:28 PM
This sounds a bit like the Christ/antichrist scenario in Revelation, but with an alien twist. Who knows how Christ might return and take his chosen few to Heaven.

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 05:04 AM

Originally posted by junknewsie
This sounds a bit like the Christ/antichrist scenario in Revelation, but with an alien twist. Who knows how Christ might return and take his chosen few to Heaven.

Well, I guess you are close to it ! When Kang tried to "explain" the teachings of Jesus Christ, he put some wrong meanings to it. And he mixed it with New Age teachings as well. But don't mind ! He does not know it better. As I mentioned earlier, you cannot blame anybody for those kind of stories, since these people are "really believing" what they are saying due to deception.

This some kind of "Avatar" who "is to come" really seems to be the Anti-Christ --- at least a person who will not do any good to humanity. And also there is no way to compare Jesus Christ to be the same (physical) person like Buddha or that Jesus was just another reincarnation of the Avatar ... LOL !

By the way, kanga, God (as mentioned and to be experienced throughout the bible) is a God of love and careness. That is true ! But he also is a God of righousness and against evil. Jesus basically said, that there is a evil part in this world, but he also said not to fear, because God is in control.

And yes, God "created" demonic power .... but not as you think ! Read the bible and you will find out, that God created Angels .... and after some time there was a major leader of the Angels who wanted to be like God. He was in Rebellion and causing a lot of trouble, and that was why God kinda threw him out of heaven ! God created them to be good, but some chose to become evil ! Anyway, since God is the creater of all heaven and earth (and not some kind of allien race) he is able to deal with this evil spirits.

I know it is so easy, and even exciting, to talk about Aliens, it seems to show a new hope for this messed up world we are living in today. But is the "easiest" or "most accepted" way always the right one ?

I don't want to persuade everybody to become a christian, even though I believe it is the only way to survive end time, but at least I would like for everybody to think about other possibillities, even if those possibillities are not the ones "we like".

Greetings and blessings,

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 05:53 AM
.... thought it might be interesting as well (to be find on ATS blogs) !



posted : May 22nd
from : Dr_strangecraft
subject title : Blueprint for World Domination

I. Destabilize
A. Tear down Family, the State, the Church, any source of security; make earth’s people suspicious of their own institutions.
B. Once public Athiesm is achieved, a “return” to spirituality (based on 'feelings' instead of morality)
C. Introduce Foreign Religions and relativism
D. Introduce Drugs and the obssession with sex
(This stage was completed ~1975)

II. The Alien Presence
A. Convince the public that aliens are watching
B. Use media to convince everyone that aliens are benign. Begin cautiously and escalate: first "Close Encounters," then "ET," "Cocoon," and finally "MIB" to convince the public that the aliens mean well.
C. Engineer a world catastrophe
D. Land at the White House “Just like in the Movies”
(current status is item II-B)

III. Contact
A. The aliens solve a World-wide catastrophe, one that threatens all life
B. The aliens explain:
1. That they created Life on Earth
2. That they created all World Religions
3. That Mohammed, Buddha, and Christ were aliens in disguise
C. The aliens set up a One-World-Government
D. Those misguided people who remain believers after the aliens have “explained away” Mohammed, Moses, Buddha, and Jesus are mentally ill and a danger to the public.
E. The aliens will give Earth their cold-fusion, their teleporters, their food replicators, and their pleasure-amplifiers, but on one condition:
F. All who receive the alien technology must
1. Acknowledge that Aliens created both Earth and Humans
2. Join the Alien-led One-World Government
3. Convert to the new Alien One-World Religion ( which for some strange reason, will still be headquartered in Jerusalem, where the Dome of the Rock now stands )
4. Bow down before the Alien LEADER, who is actually Satan in disguise.

If this looks like some kind of joke, then you don’t know much about Pop-culture. Most Americans do think we’re being studied by a “superior” civilization from “outer space”. There already IS an alien religion. Its followers Do believe that the aliens, or “Greys” invented all World religions. You’ve seen their big-eyed, bulbous heads everywhere. On TV. At the grocery, on half the products you buy. On review-mirror air fresheners.

The two most common themes in popular culture are “Aliens” and “Angels”. It is only a matter of time before these motifs are combined. The emphasis is on a superior intellect, ( not GOD ) who will solve all human problems. Angels, like aliens never call people to live moral lives, but only to get in tune with the mass of humanity, to feel the coming earth changes. The "NEW" religion, instead of requiring people to formulate their own moral compasses, will absolve all those who follow the "dear leader."

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 02:04 PM
Hey found your picture Kangaxx

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 03:48 PM
here's a contradicting thought:

it is said in revelations that the anticrhist will come, disguised as the good - and will then follow to collect more souls under him, to follow him.

now, im not sure if the aliens are the antichrist, or itf the government is, or maybe this ENTIRE thing was devised by the antichrist to make us think we would be saved.

right now im feeling quite skeptical about this. anybody with info to back me or, or prove me wrong, plese send me a U2U or some sort.

posted on May, 23 2004 @ 03:50 PM
oh ok thanks little citizen didnt see your post there

posted on May, 25 2004 @ 01:21 PM
Thanks for all the info Kangaxx

Everything that you have said make sense to me, is like I already knew, I do not know why but since I was 14 or 15 years old (I’m 40 now) I read a book from the heloim, after that everything seems logical, all the things since that day till now have come to me, I do not know how or why but everything seems different. I have tried to speak to some of my friends about the way I see things but sometimes they look at me like from another planet or crazy, but for some sounds logical what I told them.

I have witness several UFO’s in my life but I have never felt in any danger or feel afraid I look at them as normal as they can be.

It is very depressing some times when people do not understand what you are trying to say to them, that’s when really start to feel like you are out of your mind or something, but I have always tried to do so no matter what. But not very often in the past years, you see I am a teacher from a small town and to speak like that in public is like you are asking for trouble, so I only speak with family members and friends.

I do not know why but I was waiting for this day, I fell like a necessary step for humans to able to upgrade to a new label of consciousness.

I think the problem with humans is that they still think they are the kings of the universe, the only ones, the superior race, and all that arrogance has to come to an end and for the smart humans to see the truth.

When the human race is ready to accept that is not the only form of an “intelligent” life on the universe or for that matter on this earth, than I think the aliens will be ready to show up and have no fear that any government will try to destroy or attack them, because I think they can destroy us like an a minute if they want, but I also think they are afraid of us because of our nature of aggressiveness, and all they want is help us, talking about the good reptilians.

Any way, I just wanted to thank you for all that you have post and see that is not my imagination.

Thanks friend and good luck!

posted on May, 25 2004 @ 07:44 PM
not your imagination Spain.......nor Kangaxx...nor mine.

Since I was a small child THIS is the 'scenario' I have believed to be true, and I havent a CLUE where I got such ideas.
I live in the USA ....was RAISED to 'believe' otherwise, but noone has been able to convince me OTHERWISE.

This 'prediction' of kangaxx has solidified for me the reality of ideas I had previously thought were just my own. I am also 41 yrs old now, and this IDEA has been with me for YEARS now.........and I dont KNOW why....this just resonates with me as FACTUAL.

[Edited on 25-5-2004 by theRiverGoddess]

posted on May, 26 2004 @ 07:55 PM
i always knew something was wrong with the mankind

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 02:11 AM
This is my first post on this ATS Forum.
It took me several hours to read through all threads in this special topic of Kangaxx.


- Where are you from?
- What ethnic are you?
- How old are you?
- And, your sex?

You are very good in making up all these stories, you did best on Hypnotic Writing which draws many attentions on this forum.

I quite agree with "WEIRDO" who said: "KANGAXX is feeding you what you want to believe".

Regarding to your English problem. (English is not my first language either).
- It seems you purposely put some mistyping, wrong spelling, and grammar problems.

I would say people who has English problem will catch up spelling quickly from Forum. Your first thread showed very bad spelling, but the following threads were getting better and better. But until now you still purposely type "UNDERSTEND", instead of understand. It is obvious you purposely want to show readers and your fans, or to identify yourself as someone who has English problem.

Did you make some $ by doing this Hypnotic Writing or just for the fun of yourself?

Well, Kangaxxx good luck on what you are doing as many others doing in this forums writing very interesting and attracting stories. You do have a vast knowledge of your topic to attract so many fans who wants to believe in it or just to spend times.

Where there is a follower, there is a leader. Where there is a listener, there is a storyteller. Where there is a lost mind, there is a religion leader.

[Edited on 30-5-2004 by CinLung]

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 12:31 PM
Kangaxx has not offered any new information that cannot be found on various apocalypse/endtimes websites. The Greys are us travelling back from the future to alter the time line so that the lesser evolved of us don't evolve into them after 2012. No, they are not. They are cloned slaves of the Draco reptoids doing their dirty work for them. No, they are not. They are demons from hell trying to take our souls. No, they not...... and so and so on. Why should we believe Kangaxx's ideas rather than any of the other speculations by abductees that masquerade as 'the truth'? What proof can HE offer us? None. Either you believe or you don't, it seems. I prefer to find the truth for myself.

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 12:57 PM
I am interested in your words and would like to know your take on Angels. Are Angels alien beings? Where do they come into your experience/belief?

posted on May, 31 2004 @ 05:22 PM
dear friend Raphael:

sorry but as i have stated later i can't unswer more questions now mate.
i only write to you know to say that you have chosen a very good and beautifull name...
Raphael is just great, good energy on it


posted on May, 31 2004 @ 05:27 PM
im sending you a christmas present early , can you tell me what size straight jacket your in ?

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