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TPTB are no longer using Fear Tactics against the public... They are using something better.

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posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 12:41 PM
Good topic.

For what it’s worth the ideas of some early Gnostics such as St. Paul and Jesus place your ideas into perspective.

After the first Council of Nicea the Roman rulers decided to incorporate the fledgling persecuted Christian movement into a government controlled entity and by doing that the "salt lost its flavour". Any person thought to have the truth of Christ’s and Paul's teachings was hunted down and killed.

After all the servant, Christ, suffered and died warning all that any who followed his ideas would also suffer persecution.


The kingdom described by Christ is a bottom up structure. Blessed are the meek as they will inherit the earth. (And all of its God given riches)

The first will be last and the last will be first.

Even the warfare was different. Instead of hate, killing and death to overcome Paul suggested to love those who persecute you and accuse you falsely.

Because the tools of warfare used by Jesus Christ are the Helmet of salvation (we are bought with a price...the blood of Christ), the shield of faith, the sword of the words of Christ (i.e. you are forgiven, you are healed, I will give you living water etc)... and we are to abide in faith, hope and love. (Agape)

Paul said that love, kindness, gentleness are tools of the human spirit to be used to advance the unseen kingdom.

He noted that their is NO LAW with which to crush the kingdom principles of love, peace and kindness.

For example agape is said to never fail.

Anger...which Paul was guilty of ...thwarted his effectiveness (read Acts account of Paul before the Sanhedrin) for which he then publicly apologized.

The ideas of earthly kingdoms, domains, countries are a top down structure.

The structure laid out by Jesus Christ (whoever you may say he is) is a bottom up structure.

This is the key to viewing many principles such as letting he who is least among you to be first and whoever is greatest to be humble.

The bottom up structure of Jesus Christ and the Apostles flies in the face of Rome and strikes at the very heart of the structure laid down by the powers, principalities and spiritual powers of the air of whom all creation groans and travails against as we are or were under the thumb of this structure.

St. Paul says not to be led by those who say do not touch, do not eat for the Kingdom of God has given to man all the things of the earth for his enjoyment. At the same time one is not to be given to the pleasures of the world which will enslave a man or women.

All that is in the world...the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life are not given to us by God ( or whoever whatever you perceive as the force behind the concept of goodness) but they are given to us by the powers that be.

These three principles are a means of control as are the ideas, which may seem to be in opposition to but are merely the other side of same coin that is the ideas of forbidding wine, beer, sex within a loving relationship, free movement or passage to any place on earth etc.

The realization of the power behind St. Paul’s ideas as well as Jesus Christ's ideas brought the Roman government to realize that they must incorporate and control the spiritual movement.

The apostles spread the good news as far as Viet Nam and Northern Europe...that is that man is free, and that man (man includes woman...the other man lol) can operate in a bottom up structure free of control. It marries into Buddhist traditions as well.

The conflict between these ideas still goes on within the walls of Rome, Europe, Asia, Africa and with in the structure of the America's.

Peace is the desire of every man unless he is enslaved with desire. Desire unbridled leads to violence. Violence is destuctive both to the giver and reciever. Peace heals both giver and reciever.

Be at peace.

(PS...I am in no way even close to walking in these principles in the way that Paul or Christ or Bhudda walked in them)

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 03:59 PM
And all we need to do is to change ourself. By realize who you are and always stay positive and loving in all situations, you will change the world, its unavoidable.

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posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 08:21 PM
I just do not get that mad anymore.

I am at the point where I really don't care at all what happens.

See, I didn't build this civilization. I didn't create this world. I don't own any of you.

I could care less what you do to yourselves or each other.

I just don't care.

Go ahead, ruin everything, I don't really mind. It's your bad not mine. And since I do not care, my suffering will be very limited.

In fact, I find most of this rather enjoyable. I'm kinda glad everyone is screwed. We deserve it. Karma has it's way of balancing things out.

So thats why I don't really care enough to be angry anymore.

There are powers in the Universe greater than me, and they will see things right in the end. It's not my call anyways.

The forces of good will win so I do not care about all this BS that much anymore. Well I care, just not enough to get upset.

I am learning that not being mad about it gives me a better perspective anyways.

Learn to laugh at our mistakes rather than freak out over them.

BTW, Little alien man Yoda speaks truth. Don't get mad. It ain't worth it. Not like your the bad guy anyways.

Let the bad guys get mad. It's their downfall, not ours.

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 09:06 PM
Im a bit beyond anger at this point, im not really angry just waiting to see what happens next, calmly waiting. I dont think i have been desensitized ive just had a long long time think and plan what i will do when TSHTF. I see the lies in the media all the time and it makes me laugh, i still wonder how people still buy into this crap. I always wonder what they will try to pull next.

I dont know whats going to happen in the future i just live my life one day at a time, enjoying the time i have with loved ones. If the day ever comes when government or organization ever decides my family or friends need be locked away or euthanized i promise you those they send will encounter anger and wrath on a scale they have never seen before. By my last breath i will defend those i love. On that day I believe Alfred in Batman said it best. "Some men can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn. "

Until then ill just calmly watch events unfold and hope those that still sleep will awaken.

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 09:12 PM
amazing and philosophically view you have there brother. It is hard to control your emotions. Its funny cause we always perceive the "TOUGH GUYS" the one's whom get angry and beat others up, shoot, kill, go threw hundreds of men killing/beating them up to do what they came to do... HEROES..we idolized them, and thought it was AMAZING...

TO GET ANGRY, is honestly the simplest emotion anyone can produce in my eyes.
ITS MUCH HARDER, to stay calm in the face of fear, death, and pain..
the real heros are those who do NOTHING when anger is trying to be provoked.

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 10:06 PM
reply to post by FritosBBQTwist

This one's a laugher: we've been told and sold the bill of goods that Bill Gates, Michael Dell, and Sam Walton are the Horatio Alger's of the modern day. Unfortunately these Zionist hagiographies omit all the critical details of the corrupt Zionist financial structures that created and enabled these Zio clowns. The technologies and businesses that Gates, Dell and Walton supposedly "invented" out of thin air were a combination of pure intellectual theft aided and abetted by easy money through corrupt Wall Street bankster capitalization. As Lee Iacocca proved, anyone who can get their business capitalized for pennies on the dime can indeed write the rules and "win" in the marketplace regardless of how inferior their technology in fact is.

Bill Gates was pretty much a non-entity until he sold IBM a cloned OS that was in fact stolen from Gary Kildall. Kildall's CP/M was in turn inferior to the Unix it was based off of. You might say Gates put Windows on top of that but that technology was stolen from the folks at PARC. X-Windows and XFree86 are infinitely superior to anything Gates or Parc currently offers and like Unix are "free." So coming full circle there were simply too many fortuitous coincidences there ... including the smoking gun of the "Bill and Melinda Gates foundation" in the model of the Ford and Rockefeller foundations before them. Today Linux and OpenSolaris are significantly better than anything offered by Microsoft and you can get OpenOffice for free on top of either one and yet somehow every modern day hardware manufacturer (can anyone spell Dell replete with the Enron crooked 'E' thrown in as a reminder) still throws a Microsoft Windows TAX on every system they sell. This Microsoft tax is an insult to anyone with a knowledge of small systems yet amazingly it is unavoidable unless you want to pay another premium to Apple's Steve Jobs, Gate's former partner in crime.

On to Dell; somehow this clown is lauded by every modern day Zionist controlled business school for "inventing" a brilliant business model and supply chain. He too is praised for his many "philanthropies" never mind that it was the crooked Wall Street shenanigans of the Zionist Jewish banksters that made him into THE "name" in small low end systems. His name is akin to an empire in a sea of Chinese commodity manufacturers like Acer, Leading Edge, Gateway, and Lenovo, etc. Wonder why none of them ate his breakfast as certainly there was nothing intrinsic to the "mail order" computer paradigm that was any harder to copy than the OSes and technologies that Gates stole. Oops I forgot; Dell had such a brilliant idea and business model that not even that great inventor of the Internet Al Gore could have thought of that. LOL.

Which seques perfectly into Sam Walton who we're told is just a brilliant purveyor of cheap commodity goods from of all places China that have put everyone on Main St. out of business or has them making McDonald's wages. We're told Sam is just a "good old boy" from the "sticks" with the country evoking Walton name to boot; so who would have figured that it just so happens he's yet another rich Zionist in sheep's clothing counting his sheckles. In this environment what we get to vote for is either liberal PC Jewish leftists from the Democratic party or Zionist Republican war mongers. What of Lee Iacocca's empire created with the public's dime? It was bought by the Zionist Stephen Feinberg a secretive Wall Street bankster for mere pennies on the dime!

posted on Oct, 9 2009 @ 10:00 PM

see... look at the cover of Time Magazine

(the lower left corner)

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 10:00 PM
I like this thread because I have realized since OBAMA won thee has been so much hate, by supportes and opposers because thats excactly what the elite wanted.
Hate will leave to violence . violent americans go to concentration camps easy as that, we are going about it the wrong way, the way that they want us to go.

think about it, they think its too late, their agenda is in place and people who revolt are minority who will get angry and start violence and are easier to kill off because they have an excuse.

I believe we need to infaltrate from inside. and not focus so much on the infantry puppets liek OBAMA and the house because those are the ones that are suppose to make you angry and take the heat so The real GOVERMENT is safe behind doors looking at a bunch of monkeys with guns trying to shoot any one responsible but completely will fail because
they own the militaries and private securities

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 09:06 AM
reply to post by Doomsday 2029

Yes I think you are at point with conditioning here. Just quote from youtube posts under trailer:

"This has got to be the coolest movie ive ever seen! I didn't even have to pay to see it at the movies, it is free at WatchTheatreReleases. com "

Ufff it isn't common that Hollywood style movie is for free. Or em I missing something?

posted on Nov, 18 2009 @ 09:34 AM
reply to post by IchooseFreewill

"I believe we need to infaltrate from inside. and not focus so much on the infantry puppets liek OBAMA ...."
Yes and no. Of course we need to attack the network behind instead of puppets at front, but I'm afraid that it is impossible for us to infiltrate them. It was long long time ago I realized that there is no reason to fight pigs - they are at "lower" state of consciousness and I should help them not beet them - they are usually not evil by nature/nurture. We need to beet those behind who are really evil (they are psychopats, they don't realize difference between good/evil) - but how? That's the question.
Only viable strategy (I think) is to reveal the big picture to as many as possible. Then we can ridicule puppets as puppets every time there open mouth and shot down fake agenda with questions of real life. Do not hesitate to interact with corporate slaves and use ridicule on them. If you attack people directly, then they are at defending state and they don't think about your point. But to be ridiculed - it really hurt and may provoke thinking.


EDIT: typo
EDIT to add:
TPTB use is very fluent in dialectics. It is one off bases of thinking at general. So they try to invoke fear by some monster? Hey - your mother didn't teach you there are NO monsters? And you claim that you can hold this office? Heh? You are just clown!
Are they pushing anger by arrogance? So call them very politely and publicly arrogant liars + describe the base of lie and arrogancy in simple terms to them and your vicinity.
Do you hate them? Then you must "love" them - as me with pigs.
Do you see it? It is pretty simple. There is thesis X antithesis = synthesis. The whole is shifting on higher level. That is dialectic - their main "philosophical" tool.

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