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Population Control - And we never saw it coming

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posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 04:05 PM
I have kept my tinfoil had hidden safely away, under lock-and-key, for a LONG time. But today, I heard it calling to of course, I had to see why.

I have been following the Healthcare Crisis/Debate for the duration of the political season...busy getting informed, counting votes and generally becoming mired in the process we call legislative activity (and I use those terms loosely). As I watched the Public Option Amendments get voted down in the Senate Finance Committee today I had an interesting thought (ok...this is where the tinfoil hat started to talk).

Many of those who have taken delight in attempting to unravel the mysteries of the PTB's (be it Bilderberger, Illuminati, etc). Along the way, we (at least I) have on many occasions seen a desire from these groups to "control the population" at a "reasonable level", for XXXXXX purpose (insert your favorite reason here). What I realized today, is that, for all intents and purposes, we are witnessing the enactment of A form of population control...all above board...and arguably socially accepted...If you are poor, unemployed or "weak" (pre-existing condition), you are not insured and therefore your days are "numbered". Only "contributing members to society", who are strong are worth saving..i.e., no catastrophic medical condition that renders you penniless (in spite of your health coverage).

A long winded way of stating the obvious...the PTB's control the corporations...inclusive of the insurance companies...and under the guise of being "profitable", they are weeding out those they feel are "undesirable"...

I know...I know, it's random...but it made you think...and no, you will never get back the 3 minutes it took you to read this...


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