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Special Invitation

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posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 02:04 PM
This message is what you have been waiting for. This is the invitation you were destined to receive. The invitation is one you can’t refuse, because you have already been denied or accepted.

However, if you are one of the accepted, you are asked to invite others you care about. All you have to do right now, is try to understand the offer. You will never need one cent to be part of this invitation.

Inside this message is a secret. This is a secret you have been waiting for, and one you will want to pass to your loved ones. It is a secret you have only forgotten, but already once knew. Once you remember the secret, it will not change your life here and no miracle will unfold before your eyes, but you will remember.

Once you remember, you will know the secret path to a private entrance. After you read through, you will know if you were accepted, and only those who are accepted will want to pass this message along.

Please read slowly and carefully.

When you were first inside the womb, what do you “remember”…?

Think hard on this question, as it leads to the secret you have forgotten.

1) Science teaches kids in school that a microscopic cell called a sperm enters the womb. However, the cell is more than just a sperm, it is a living consciousness. In other words, the body you inhabit right now is strictly that, it is just a physical body, no different than any other object. Without the conscious that first entered the womb, this body you inhabit right now, would completely cease to exist. You need to understand this to remember.

2) In order to experience an environment within a planet, the physical body, needs to have senses and functions. Just as if an astronaut travelled to another planet, and needed a whole new suit designed to allow existence in the new planet. The same need for a design occurs here on planet Earth. Your body is just a temporary suit, designed to assist you in experiencing the physical realm of this planet.

3) The amazing process however, comes from the fact, your body began from nothing more than a single invisible cell. So, how powerful is a single invisible cell? Look in a mirror and you will see the power of that cell in action. The face you see in the mirror is designed and controlled by the real you.

4) When a person dies by disease, age, accident or disaster, the body no longer functions. The living conscious that formed the body in the womb, and directed the body throughout, still exists however. The conscious cell, or as some would call a spirit, is not visible to the naked human eye. However, it is there, it is inside your body right now, controlling your eyes reading this and interpreting the text.

5) Your real identity is not a human body, your real identity is not even visible or heard by humans. You have forgotten your true self, and now believe you are this illusion of a physical body. The body is only a temporary robot controlled by the real you. You are really an invisible living conscious entity..

You are a really a cell, this is your true being. Your body is only used to sense the physical illusions of the world you inhabit for a few decades of time. Your conscious not only has the power to create and operate the physical human body, but, your conscious remembers everything you have experienced here, everything!

Now, if you understand this, you are ready to remember the magical journey back to a place you came from. Any day now, or in years from now, you will separate from this physical body suit. This time is soon.

Continued below.......

posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 02:06 PM
Once again, your conscious remembers everything, so prepare for a memory shock. Have you been here before on planet Earth? Maybe! Your conscious is about to remember. Hopefully, you have not been here before, but you will soon find out. Read the rest very slowly and very carefully.

1) Your conscious was not born inside a planet. Your conscious is born inside the universe. From there, your conscious can enter any planetary field, and, inhabit a body to experience physical existence.

2) The law of the universe and all creation is balance. For every action there is an equal and opposing reaction. Therefore, with every birth of a positive conscious, there is a negative birth as well.

3) The conscious knows every truth about the actions it takes while inhabiting a body. Your conscious can not escape the truth. Your conscious is invisible to human eyes, but, is visible to other conscious after this physical life ceases. Your memories are transparent to other beings after you leave the body.

4) If you have wilfully harmed another conscious being by assault, rape or murder, or by lies, deceit and prosecution, the truth is exposed. You can attempt to justify the actions with other humans, but your conscious, it can only remain hidden from the truth until physical death. Then comes self judgment.

5) No man in a church can forgive your sins. No version of a God or son of a God is going to forgive your sins. This is a false reality. The need for forgiveness is only in human religions. In truth, your own conscious reflects judgment on your actions, after you separate from your body.

6) If you have not wilfully harmed another, your conscious will remain clean. You will be free from the contamination that keeps a spirit bound to this planet, unable to return to the universe.

7) Jobs, religion and personal ego are not reason to justify harm against another living consciousness. Those who have wilfully harmed the experience of another person will condemn their own self in spiritual embarrassment, wishing to remain invisible to other spirits after physical death.

8) If one has been attracted to employments in government, law enforcement or false authority over others, and abused these positions, their fate is sealed and this physical prison will continue for them.

9) There is no hell with mountains of fire, seas of lava and lands of brimstone. The only hell is right here, the loss of losing loved attachments over and over again throughout existence. Negative conscious will never reunite. They will find another body to incarnate into, to hide once again from the first birthplace. Many spirits have been here a very long time already, a very long time.

10) If your heart can not harm other human beings or animals, or have only battled in self defense from another aggressing you, your conscious is clean and free to return to the first birthplace. You will return without embarrassment. Keep your conscious clean. Do not let those in positions of falsified authority contaminate your conscious design; they will try before you give up the body.

Now, if you understand all that your conscious just read, you will know without doubt, if you will be returning to the private entrance after physical death, or if you will continue to remain here once again.

Parents trying to control children are out of love. Parents trying to control their spouses are out of love. This control will not cause any conscious to become contaminated. People believing in live and let live lifestyles will return to their first home. Those who seek to control others are designed to remain here permanently. Avoid those who believe in control here, their time is always running out and they mean no good for you. You will remain safe from them as your spirit was born positive and can not be changed.

Now, for the grand design, your memory will now unfold what it has previously forgotten. Imagine being able to fly throughout space instantly. Imagine being able to visit any planet at will. Imagine being able to walk through walls and see the underground roots of trees growing from above ground. Imagine being able to see any loved one instantly by thinking of them. Imagine being able to produce any object of desire instantly by merely thinking of it.

Really try to imagine all this. Try to visualize all this in your mind right now. This way, you will remember what life was like for you before you entered a womb.

Pass this on to loved ones; they need to remember where home really is.

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