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ABOUT ATS: Posting and Ending Your Membership

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posted on May, 16 2004 @ 12:24 PM
As stated in our Terms and Conditions, when you post to and our other websites, you grant us the right to use what you post. This means we can use it on our websites and any other format in which we might recompile or otherwise publish the content posted by members. But we do not have the "exclusive right" to what you post -- the material is still yours, and we do our best to protect the integrity of what you posted under our creative commons usage deed, linked to every post you make.

If you no longer visit our websites, either through a voluntary decision of your own or some staff action to terminate your account privileges, we do not remove your posts (except for any that might violate our terms & conditions). This is a very big online community with a great deal of content being added every day, removing valid contributions to our discussions would disrupt the context and potentially confuse readers.

Additionally, we do not delete member accounts if you no longer wish to participate. The reasons are very similar to those for not deleting posts.

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