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Brian Hill's Logic about Forced Vaccines

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posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 12:37 AM
Brian Hill's Logic about Forced Vaccines

Since YouTube wants to take down videos cause they don't want me questioning vaccines

I decided to post this video with my sense of logic

lets start with number 1

If the vaccines are totally trustworhy then why force them on those who are informed and don't want them

This is number 2 of my logic

There are those that choose not to take the vaccine but by argument anyone who doesn't take the vaccine is a public risk then are they really???

Third logic

By argument they do work (which they really don't) and we decide not to take it then how are we a risk to those that did take the vaccine???

Fourth Logic

So if those that take it by arguments sake are safe from the virus then why force those that don't want it to take it because then if they are safe and there are people that don't want them then they know the risks on their own bodies

This forced vaccination program makes no sense and you should send this to everybody in the military

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