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ABOUT ATS: Reviewing recently active threads.

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posted on May, 16 2004 @ 11:27 AM
Todays Posts:
Another good link in the top toolbar is the "Recent Posts" link. Very often, when current events are happening fast and furious, we'll see several new threads on a hot topic of the day. Most often this can be avoided by just reviewing today's posts to see if someone already started a topic thread.

The Recent Posts page splits recently active threads into chunks of 75 threads per page. On most days, there are over 400 threads that contain new posts within a 24 hour period. We split the active threads into these chunks to make it more manageable for our members and guests.

Use this thread to post your comments about this information:

[Edited on 16-5-2004 by SkepticOverlord]


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