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Libertarian Stan Jones - old video

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posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 07:10 PM
have you seen it?

outdated 2006 video, but i havent seen it before,

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Libertarian Stan Jones Montana TELLS TRUTH

transcript :

"I had planned another closing message - but I feel compelled to say what I am about to say. Now, I risk sounding like a conspiracy theorist... but it's no longer a theory. What I am about to say is fact: The secret organizations of the world's power elite are no longer secret. They have planned and are now leading us into a one-world communist government. The combining of national government started with the European Union - that union started with trade agreements, then a common currency, the Euro, and now the European Parliament that is feverishly passing laws that... override the laws of the member nations. A constitution was drafted but rejected by a few of those nations, but never mind... they implemented it anyway. Now it's North America's turn. Building on the North American Free Trade Agreement, the NAFTA section of the Commerce Department is busy drafting laws and regulations for a North American Union. A union of Canada, America, and Mexico. The President has attended secret meetings and signed at least two agreements under the Security and Prosperity Partnership program. Information leaked out about the meetings, and now it is all in the open. No Treaty has been signed, so Congress has not become involved. However, money from our Treasury is now being spent for this effort. We will have a new currency - the 'Amero' - and a new constitution, modeled on the Soviet Union's constitution. Our Rights will not be inalienable, but they will be granted by government, who can also take them away. One sign that this is our future is the plans for the super highways from southern Mexico, through America, and into Canada. These plans are not secret any longer. Huge amounts of property will be taken in the name of free trade, peace, and security. You will have a National ID Card with a radio frequency chip in it..." ~ Stan Jones, Libertarian Candidate for US Senate, Montana Senate Debate 2006

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