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We overestimate the power of the world and its leaders.

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posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 05:04 PM
We here on ATS overestimate the power of the world and its leaders. We Need to take a STAND. It has been done, let me show you how another people took power away from so many of you call "The Powers That Be." I want to copy this example and spread the word that December 21st 2011. 1 year prior to the when New Age Starts. We need to implement this plan here in this country. When the advent of technology gave us the internet the TPTB, they saw it as a weapon, a so called double edged sword.

With today's networking tools Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and our individual networks collectively we can pull this off. These are the weapons they (TPTB) fear from us most. We hold more power than they. Humanity has so much to risk and so much to gain. The Future... our future is malleable. We create our reality and we must take it into our own hands. Hold tight to this date. Tell others this will be our New Day of Independence unless our demands are met to make TPTB disclosure all of their secrets. I have a 148,000 people in my linked network on Facebook. What is the population of the United states ? 304 Million? We can do this. What can you bring to the table. Who else is with me? Do this for your children and all that is good and right in world. There is so much to fight for. But why fight when we can win a War and take back power without firing a single bullet. TPTB waged a war for our mind on us the Day after WWIII ended. We should end it. This is plan that worked for these people.

‘However, eighty of their years ago (their year lasts four hundred and two 21-hour-days) They initiated a reform. In fact, the reform was set in motion by a group of four people from a small village on the shores of one of their largest oceans. This group, comprising three men and one woman, preached peace, love and freedom of expression.

They traveled to the capital city of their country and requested an audience with the leaders. Their request was denied for the regime was dictatorial and military. For six days and five nights, the four slept in front of the palace gates, eating nothing and drinking little water.

‘Their perseverance attracted public attention and by the sixth day, a crowd of 2000 had gathered in front of the palace. With their feeble voices, the four preached to the crowd of uniting in love to change the regime - until guards put an end to their ‘sermon’ by shooting the four and threatening to shoot members of the crowd if they did not disperse. This they quickly did, in genuine fear of the guards. Nevertheless, a seed had been sown in the minds of the people. On reflection, thousands of them came to realize that, without a peaceful understanding, they were powerless, absolutely powerless.

‘Word was passed around among the people - rich and poor, employer and employee, worker and foreman, and one day, six months later, the entire nation came to a standstill.’

‘What do you mean by ‘came to a standstill’?’

‘The nuclear power stations shut down, transport systems halted, freeways were blocked. Everything stopped. The farmers didn’t deliver their produce; radio and television networks ceased transmitting; communication systems shut down. The police were helpless in the face of such unity, for, in a matter of hours, millions of people had joined the ‘cease work’. It seemed, for that time, the people had forgotten their hates, jealousies, differences of opinion as they united against injustice and tyranny. A police force and an army comprise human beings and these human beings had relatives and friends among the crowd.

‘It was no longer a question of killing four subversive individuals. Hundreds of thousands would have had to be killed just to ‘liberate’ one power station.

‘In the face of the people’s determination, the police, the army and the Dictator were forced to capitulate. The only deaths to occur during this incident were the 23 fanatics who comprised the Tyrant’s personal guard " Thiaoouba Prophecy by Michel Desmarquet

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 05:04 PM
"Was he hanged?’

‘Why, no. The people were through with violence. He was deported instead, to a place where he could do no further harm, and, in fact their example inspired his own reform. He found, again, the path of love and respect for individual liberty. He died, eventually, repentant for all that he had done. Now, that nation is the most successful on their planet, but, as on yours, there are other nations under the domination of violent totalitarian regimes and we are doing all in our power to help them.

‘We know that all we do in this life is an apprenticeship, offering us the possibility of graduating to a superior existence and even freeing us forever of our physical bodies. You must remember, too, that the planets are categorized and that it is possible for entire populations to emigrate to another, when their planet is in danger, but no-one can do so if the new planet is not of the same category.

‘Being, overpopulated they, having highly advanced technology, they have visited your planet with a view to establish a settlement there - an idea they decided against since your degree of evolution would bring them more harm than good.’

'I know that is not flattering. Im sorry, but I am saying my peace without hypocrisy. They still visit Earth but only as observers, interested in studying, and learning from you, your errors. They never intervene because that is not their role, and they would never invade your planet, as this would be a backward step for them. You are not to be envied - materially, technologically or spiritually.

Other Races of aliens still visit earth. There are some races of people on a similar level of mentality to yours, visiting Earth.

Gray people are from a "planet of sorrows" too, and on their own planet they have completely lost their immune system, as a consequence of their "civilized" activities. Simply speaking they are going extinct very quickly.

They have the technology to come to Earth and they come here to watch the reactions of our immune system, because you just started loosing yours in 1948. They hope, that by observing our reactions they can help themselves. They have implanted about 150 people world-wide,not 5 million as some say, with monitoring devices. People from Thiaoouba watch this activity too and clearly say that there is no danger. " Thiaoouba Prophecy by Michel Desmarquet

posted on Sep, 28 2009 @ 05:27 PM
reply to post by Thiaoouba Prophecy

I'm not worried about world governments and their shallow leaders. I'm worried about those people with ungodly amounts of money who have been trying to usurp these governments from the shadows.

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